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  1. When i searched for (album) "reality bites", i got two hits. I couldnt distinguish which was film and which was soundtrack, but then it shouldnt matter as the resultant interface seems like it should? show all matches across categories but albums are missing from the resultant interface never mind i thought i'd just jump into albums starting R and find the album. but no the albums are not in alphabetical order and pressing * doesnt allow a change to the sort order. Can anyone else reproduce this with one of their albums?
  2. Every time I start the Android app, I have to change the sort order manually for each library. Changing this setting every single time I use Media Browser is starting to get really annoying. I even looked on the Server control panel; but, still couldn't find anything obvious to save the sort order. I'd really appreciate any workarounds; even if I need to hack a setting, it would be worth it to me.
  3. I have a large music collection (600+GB) that is exhaustively organised with the following folder structure: ARTIST NAME - ALBUM NAME\Album Track Name.mp3 I would like to view my music in MBC in the same way, listed by folder structure. The only way I can see to do this would be to edit the metadata in thousands of folders to make sure the "sort by" field was the same as the Folder Name. Can anyone suggest a simpler way to do this? I'm sure I'm missing something basic? edit: spolling
  4. @@Luke - I have a show that just started a new season, and strangely in the server web client Season 2 was displayed first and Season 1 second. I tracked this down to the format of the season sort name changing. The first season has a sort name of "0001" and the second season has a sort name of "Season 2", I edited the sort name of season 1 to "Season 1" and now it sorts correctly. All recently added seasons have this alphanumeric sort name (e.g. new shows like Believe, The 100, Resurrection) - whereas all prior seasons have the four digit numerics. This may be a problem for everyone when the new seasons kick off in September unless some kind of rescan can change the format of all the old ones. I tried to find another example: "The Americans" just recently started season 2, and the sort names there are "0001" and "Season 2" but in this case they appear in the correct order in the web client. Interestingly though - the field "Season number" is blank for season 2, but populated with "1" for season 1.
  5. Hi, long time user - first time poster... With the recent update I found myself enjoying the "Chocolate" gui for the first time. Overall I really like it, and I want to say great job to everyone behind its development (and thanks!) Just a little background on how I use MBC. I have an HTPC in the living room as a settop box replacement (as well as a couple Xbox360's as extenders throughout the house). Although I have a mouse/keyboard available at the main HTPC, I don't like to have to use them if I can use the remote instead (WAF is an issue). Now a couple questions. In the new Chocolate gui, is there any way to "click" on a Director and/or Genre (as you're able to with Cast - and how you are able to in the Classic theme) to show all titles in the entire library with those tags? *I know you can sort by Director/Genre by indexing a folder that way - however, this only searches the folder/section you're in, and not the entire library. And further, I find it quite a bit more combersome to change the index of an entire folder when all I want to do is quickly see other films by a certain director (this is also true with the genre sort, to a lesser extent). I do like the feature, and the idea, that you can index an entire library by these different criteria; however I would still really like the option of the "Classic" way where you could just click the Director or Genre links from within the description page of a title. In practice, I find it far more quick and useful to be able to just scroll down to a movie with the director/genre I want - IE LOTR, and click "Peter Jackson" and/or "Fantasy" (for genre) - and with one click on the director have it show me all of the PJ films I have - or all of the media titles with "Fantasy" as a genre. Any chance I'm just overlooking this functionality in Chocolate? If not, any chance it will be making a comeback? If these "clickable" links can't be added to the description area any more, any chance of adding extra pages/sections to the "Cast" item for other sortable tags like: Director/Producer/Studio/Genre/etc? I see the x/5 Star rankings in the upper left of the description page. Is there any way to make this a numerical TMDB, IMDB, and/or Rotten Tomatoes score instead? In the Classic theme there used to be media detail information - ie, video and audio bitrates, containers, formats, etc. Any option somewhere to re-enable this? I know some of it was redundent, but I enjoyed having it - it was sometimes useful in deciding whether or not to play a title on an extender, plus just fun to see. If using vertical scroll, it's difficult to get to the "control panel" in the upper right. Is there any hotkey and/or WMC remote button that will take you to the control panel? Besides these couple of questions I think the new Chocolate interface is fantastic. Keep up the good work.
  6. We have a "Movie By Genre" available, I see a feature request for "Movie by Year"...I would like to see a "Movie by Date" added that give the movies listed in reverse date order (new movies first). It got me thinking that how about add ability to have a "Movie By..." and let the user select the method. In some cases (Genre and Year for example) it is a grouping but in other cases it might just be a sort "date added for example". Could this be a setting in config that would let the user pick a couple of methods (or 3 or whatever) that is added to the home screen?. Thanks.
  7. Using Chocolate theme not sure that matters, tried it on Neo as well. Example BEFORE Action / Adventure / Animation Media Browser Theater Media Browser Classic Example AFTER Sort order changed for (TV) Animation genre Animation / Action / Adventure Media Browser Theater shows sort order change Media Browser Classic no sort change
  8. JohnnyM

    Movie Title Sort Order

    I noticed today that movies sort by name that have a numeric title are sorted differently in the Web Client than they are sort in MBC. The web client appears to sort strictly based on alpha orders with numeric sorting before alpha characters but the Classic client sorts the numeric first but based on the numeric value. You can see an example in the attached image. All of the sort titles are correct and the theme does appear to have any impact on the sort. I tried ROC and Diamond Is there a setting that I have missed in either of the clients?? I would like for the sort to be consistent.
  9. Hi! I do alot of tv recording and there seems to be a glitch when reading file info for tv recordings. I created a collection/folder that points to my Windows Media Center - "Recorded TV" folder. When browsing through the list, some of the info is incorrect like recording length, date and preview (screenshot). This seems to be random. For instance I recorded the attached file "MB3 - tv rec sample 5.png" last night and It has a screenshot and info but incorrect length. But when I open the file properties in windows explorer the correct info is there. Could it be that MB3 server is trying to read the info while Media Center is recording (writing to the file) and get's the incorrect data? I've tried (from web interface) the refresh button for one file and also for the parent folder with refresh child items checked but it does not fix the issue. It would be nice to see the air date and/or recording date and maybe have a sort option for that. Reg, Arni Thor
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