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Found 7 results

  1. This guide will explain how to setup a Windows Server instance of Emby server with IIS as full transparent reverse proxy with SSL offload and auto-renewing certificates via Lets Encrypt. First, What is IIS? IIS or Internet Information Services is the web server service provided with Windows and Windows server installations. It is industry standard technology and is widely supported and regularly maintained by Microsoft. Second, What is a reverse proxy? A reverse proxy will take requests coming into your server (in this case HTTPS on port 443) and route them to a backend application
  2. Hey, Hoping someone can help me with this. I use IIS/AAR to reverse proxy Emby to be publicly accessible and handle SSL offload. I have had everything working beautifully for quite sometime with one small exception. The client IPs in the Admin Dashboard all show ::1 regardless of where the user signs in from (tested using cellular and my little brothers computer in another state). I have verified that X-Forwarded-For and the client's IP are showing correctly in the logs for IIS however they do not display in the dashboard. My stack is: Windows Server 2019
  3. centuryx476

    IIS Reverse Proxy

    Hello, I was able to successfully configure windows IIS as a reverse proxy using URL re-write and AAR. I also enabled SSL offloading so I can put my Let's Encrypt cert in IIS and manage it through there as well as control the level of SSL Ciphers that IIS can use. Emby comes up perfectly and works.. Right up until you click play on a movie. The playback seems to take forever to load, it eventually does but then another issue comes up. The CPU on the server jumps to 99% and it never stops. From what I can tell of the logs it is doing a Remux of the file and then playing it which is causing t
  4. cptbstd

    IIS ARR 3

    Using arr 3 on iis 8 rewrite reverse proxy. was working a few revisions ago. now when trying to stream a video via the reverse proxy the url is = https://emby.mydomain.co.uk/web/tv.html?topParentId=7c6b1294b30d4c722993e4036d0425ac just hangs with the art in the background. when not using reverse proxy the url is https://mydomain.co.uk:8920/web/videoosd.html Apple TV4 and IOS work fine. ffmpeg-transcode-ea7e8710-67c6-45b5-87d7-d855fd7f5e49.txt ffmpeg-transcode-615d6d08-bcec-433f-807b-fce519b886a6.txt web.config.txt server-63622195200.txt
  5. Hi everyone I tried to update my Media Browser Server to the newest Version v3.0.5518.7 from the previous stable version. But everytime it shows me the 404 error and tries to connect to my local inetpub directory (see the picture attached). Obviously in this path is no Media Browser installation so it fails to load the dashboard and all the other stuff. I tried a complete new installation and everything else, running as a service or direct as an application (the application is loading everytime normal, showing the splash Screen and so on), everytime the same error. I am running Windows Server
  6. Cerothen

    IIS Reverse Proxy HLS

    I have been using the reverse proxy setup for a while now using IIS with ARR and its been working pretty well. I have however been having a heck of a time using the chromecast with this particular setup. The issue that I have is whenever I do anything (browse around the web client or try to play a video to it) there is a popup indicating that the URI scheme is not valid. In my internet travels it appears that this could be relating to the host header that is sent to the mediabrowser client from IIS when it writes the HLS list for the client (chromecast) however I am not certain. I have tried t
  7. Hello everyone. This is very similar to the post here: http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/4871-custom-setup-iis7/ I am running IIS 8 with URL Rewrite enabled and have a subdomain just for my mediabrowser. I have tried to create a rule that would allow the use of http://media.teknik.io/ to work as the mediabrowser address instead of http://media.teknik.io/mediabrowser. Here is my current url rewrite rule: <rewrite> <rules> <rule name="Media Browser" stopProcessing="true"> <match url="^/(.*)$" ignoreCase="false" />
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