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Found 7 results

  1. iOS 2.1.5 Has Been Released This is a follow up release to the recent Emby For iOS 2.1.3. Released, Featuring: Timeline Seeking & Thumbnails release. We wanted to get this out to you as quickly as possible. This release features a resolution to: An Intermittent Loss of Audio Issue that Manifests When Audio is Transcoded. This release also contains a minor fix for: Problem with Scrolling on Certain Server Management Screens. You can now scroll fluently from top to bottom of management screens found on the Emby Server Tab. Please install this maintenance release at your earliest convenience. You can follow Emby iOS development as well as report any issues on our community forum site: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/forum/94-ios/
  2. Since the last LG Smart TV app update I have noticed while browsing TV episodes, the highlight that shows which episode is selected is a white panel behind the episode. The text for episode title, length and synopsis is also white so when I select an episode, the synopsis and length are impossible to read (white on white). The title details change to black. I cannot find any settings on the server or app that will let me change the highlight characteristics. Is it possible to change?
  3. Hi, since the upgrade to Android 9, vertical scrolling does not work anymore. Scrolling horizontally, e.g. through My Media (Meine Medien), selecting items etc. is still working, but without being able to scroll down the app is pretty unusable. While using Lineage 15 everything worked fine. System: Latest LineageOS 16 (OnePlus 3) App Source: Amazon Appstore Is there any solution for this? Greets Alex
  4. adelphiaUK

    2 (related?) bugs found.

    I have found 2 (related) bugs which are the same in both the Android and Web versions of Emby in that when the "Latest Movies" list or "Latest Trailers" list are scrolled, they just scroll indefinitely without any new images / details showing up after a certain number of images are displayed (no overflow cutoff). You then have to scroll back the same number of (blank) pages in the list to show images again. I suspect there is a cap on the list count stored in the apps but there is no check for this value so as to stop scrolling. This is just a cosmetic bug but in case people scroll/slide continuously waiting for images to appear, it will never happen. In addition, I have found another bug but I'm having to figure out how to get logs and report it as it's on the LG TV App. If I go into any section on the TV if forces the server to shutdown and I have to do a manual restart of the server to be able to connect again. I need to go into more depth and investigation on this as it takes time to use the LG App, make the server "crash" check the log to see if anything has been reported and then start the process over again if there is no information regarding the "crash" logged. I'm not sure if this is how I'm supposed to report bugs or whether there is a bug tracker which I haven't managed to discover either in the forums or in any of the apps I use (Web, Android and LG TV).
  5. Skwerl

    Scrolling beyond content

    Hi,guys. I've been scratching my head on this one for ages, now. Are you able to scroll content lists beyond their bounds? For example, sometimes I will flick my scroll wheel (which has inertial scrolling) to move a large distance in an episodes folder, and instead of it scrolling to the bottom of the list (the sane thing to do), it scrolls past the episodes into empty territory. I have to scroll back up the same amount to return to content. This cannot be intentional, but a search of the forum didn't pull any results mentioning this. Does it only behave like this on my machine? Thank you, JNU
  6. Chillout

    'All Movies' Scrolling Issue

    In 'desktop' mode, when browsing in the 'All Movies' tab, when I use the scroll bar to scroll the the right, as soon as I unclick the bar, it automatically scrolls back to the beginning.
  7. leedavies

    ROC v1.2.0.0 now live

    Time for a long overdue big version number change... Smoother scrolling Button press animation improved Next up, getting Breeze and Crystal updated with all the latest goodies...
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