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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, Hope you're well Thanks for software I'm having issues using file splitting/stacking[g] I experimented with deleting file meta and "Locking items to prevent future changes" but files still appear out of order (e.g. part 1 after part 2) when I navigate into season views Please confirm my file name syntax is valid and that it's possible to use this naming feature with television (the docs are for movie)?: Curb Your Enthusiasm - s0e30 - Ricky Gervais Meets Larry David - 2006-01-05 - part 1.mkv Curb Your Enthusiasm - s0e30 - Ricky Gervais Meets Larry David - 2006-01-05 - part 2.mp4 Curb Your Enthusiasm - s0e30 - Ricky Gervais Meets Larry David - 2006-01-05 - part 3.mp4 Curb Your Enthusiasm - s0e30 - Ricky Gervais Meets Larry David - 2006-01-05 - part 4.mp4 Curb Your Enthusiasm - s0e30 - Ricky Gervais Meets Larry David - 2006-01-05 - part 5.mp4 Curb Your Enthusiasm - s0e30 - Ricky Gervais Meets Larry David - 2006-01-05 - part 6.mkv If you have any issues (e.g. questions/queries) happy to help Hope to hear back Keep up great work! Yours faithfully [g] https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Movie-naming#split-video-files-file-stacking https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hRWp9oOeOtxqxGtgQpyk_2d1Nofc57kS
  2. dados

    Canceling file download

    Hi, Is there a way to cancel file download? If I start to download a movie/file but change my mind and want to cancel it always resumes. I've turned off Wifi, mobile data and even restart my phone. But as soon as I have wifi (at home) or mobile connection the Android download manager resumes the download. Thanks
  3. Issue: Not able to play Movies. Getting Error msg "File no longer available. remove from Library?" System: Openelec 8.0.5 ( Kodi 14.2 ) Emby Server Version 3.0.5582.0 repository.beta.mediabrowser.kodi-1.0.1 ( Updated and Force Refresh in Kodi) Using Kodi 14.2. Openelec. Fresh install. Install the mediabrowser.kodi 1.0.1. using confluence skin (default skin). installed Emby only from the video addon. put in the ip address to the server. add profile name to account. ( Reboot ). Kodi Request Password for profile. there is no password. press done. Sync Started.. waited till finish. Reboot server and client. try play video and getting error msg. I had this working before, so i am sure the setup is fine. Log Posted for your Review. Thank you for looking into this matter. also have an option to use Mediabrowser plugin in the repo... is that needed or just emby is all that needed? Its not mention in the installation instruction so i am assuming its just there? log-2015-04-15-10.39.01.zip
  4. Luke

    Strm file guide

  5. Hello all I've a little problem since update 3.0.5445.5 In the dashboard it shows me a failed library scan, caused by an illegal sign in a path. I was searching manually in the directories and had a look into the log files, but did'nt found anything. I can also watch all my videos .. so i don't know what to do. Can someone help me please to resolve this problem? Maybe i've to say, that i've modified some other files to create 3 server with 1 configuration .. Well, all my servers have the same problem and are running now update 3.0.5445.6 - which also don't resolve the problem. In the attachement are the latest 3 logfiles from my mainserver. Thanks for help! Best regards, Yoshi server-63553247999.txt server-63553161599.txt server-63553075199.txt
  6. Sp3kt3r

    Exclude movie or tv show ?

    I'm not sure if this is possible yet but if yes I can't figured out the easiest way to do it. I have a lot of tv show in my library for the whole family. I also share the library with some friends I get request sometime from sister/brother or friends to add a show they would like to watch but I don't really want to see it in my library. I have no interest in those show and I'm trying to avoid having to create a new folder (library) for just those shows and remove access to myself to this library. The way my setup is done is that all my download from SONARR (nzbdrone) is automatically extracted to my TV folder which after MB take care of the METADATA etc.. I'm trying to find if there's a way to remove the show from MY list without having to click WATCHED/PLAYED icon. If I do that, trakTV will add the show to my traktv.tv list. A neat feature would be to have an icon for "NOT INTERESTED" on the TV show poster. I have the same problem for movie request that I have no interest watching and I like using the filter NOT WATCHED and I have all those movies listed. Thank you for any suggestion and if the only choice is to create another library and movie those tv show and movie in this folder well.. at least I asked
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