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  1. H3kt0r

    Emby Trakt-plugin not working

    After purchasing a premiere-subscription I installed the Trakt-plugin. However the plugin refuses to communicate with trakt-server. I have double- and triple-checked that the trakt-credentials are ok. I have the a Kodibuntu-mediaplayer with Trakt-plugin installed (attached to sama trakt-account) and it updates watched-unwatched-status without problems. Emby-server plugin is running on a FreeNAS jail with an openVPN-connection. Im able to ping www.trakt.tv from within the jail. Any ideas where to start the troubleshooting? Emby-server Version 3.0.5913.0 Trakt-plugin 3.0.5924.38172
  2. BAS

    Can't configure trakt

    Tried multiple browsers, just get the spinning circle when trying to configure. Was wondering if anyone else is seeing this. Server 3.0.5913.0 Trakt 3.0.5810.33434
  3. futrader8

    Trakt not syncing

  4. I've noticed that when something I've already watched is imported into Emby, the Trakt plugin seems to be removing the watched status from trakt.tv. I know the plug-in isn't setup to automatically mark items watched on their first import (which still makes no sense to me), but it shouldn't be marking previously watched content on trakt.tv as unwatched. Is anyone else having this issue?
  5. I just started to use emby and I most say that its looking good so far. I'm having some issues though, one in particularly. First some background. I use docker to run emby and have mounted my media to the container, emby is run as a user that have full access to the directory. 1. I can't get the trakt plugin to work. especially watch-state sync from trakt. (most-have) logs: http://pastie.org/private/uhf6mwewxtmxzwpydbm5oq It's alot of "Failed to match" for movies there but i can't see anything about shows. However it seams like it syncing something with all the 2015-11-26 22:34:20.2
  6. Most of the time when I watch a TV episode on my Chromebox with the OpenELEC version of Kodi installed, it is marking the episode as watched twice. The two entries in the watchlist show different times. One seems to get marked with when I start the episode, while the other is when I finish. I do not have the Trakt plugin installed in Kodi, so I know that's not causing the problem, so I'm wondering if it's an issue with the Emby plugin?
  7. tr0nllam

    Trakt Community Ratings?

    I'm looking for a way to replace the TVDB community ratings with the ratings from Trakt. While you may only get 10-20 people rating an episode on the TVDB, Trakt will often get 1000+, so I would obviously prefer to have the Trakt information displayed as the TVDB ratings are essentially useless. I know the current Trakt plugin doesn't have this ability, but is it something that is may be implemented in the future? If not, does anyone know of an alternative solution? Are there any media managers that would export this information to an nfo?
  8. Hello, Longtime Plex and Kodi user trying to implement Emby as a hopefully much better database manager for Kodi (currently using MySQL). Right at the moment, I'm trying to find the Trakt plugin, when I browse to plugins > catalog, I can't seem to find Trakt anywhere in the list even though it's listed as a popular plugin in the wiki. I've rebooted, restarted and shook my monitor to no avail, which section should it be in? Thanks for any and all help.
  9. Hi, I installed trakt plugin and entered login data for the emby user I'm using. But when I browse through the TVShows I don't see any of the watched flags although they are set on trakt.tv site. I don't get any errors in the notices and when I try to add trigger for a scheduled task nothing happens and the dialog with the settings does not close (see the attached screenshot). How can I check if Emby server indeed connects to the trakt.tv site and if starts to sync data? P.S. I noticed in the dev console (Google Chrome browser) this error message: An invalid form control with
  10. CBers

    Trakt 2.0

    I assume people that are VIP Trakt users have seen the proposals for Trakt 2.0 ?? For those that aren't VIP users, here are the highlights that were originally posted 8 months ago (I only found out about this today): Here's what is planned so far: Re-architect trakt to support millions of members New website design Mobile web New search algorithm and results New recommendation engine Private messaging Full localization support of the website and all media content (when available) Social logins from twitter, facebook, google+, etc Discover and invite friends from your social networks Imp
  11. jayTcold

    Trakt.TV Plugin and Twitter updates

    Hi Everyone, First off, Emby is sweet, been using it for years, in the early days as an add on for WMC and now loving the client/server stuff (became a lifetime supporter a couple days ago). For a while, I had the Trakt.TV plug in installed and working, then it stopped working and I never got around to troubleshooting it. I recently rebuilt my media server, and am re-doing my Emby server stuff. I remember that Trakt.TV had some integration with Twitter, and it was shooting out tweets whenever I completed a show or movie. I can't seem to figure out how to get that enabled, e
  12. smailpouri

    Where do I find the trakt.tv settings ?

    Hello, New to Emby (long time plex user), I've been looking for the trakt.tv settings but I can't find them anywhere. Do i have to download a plugin ? if yes where ? I didn't find the plugin in the plugin section either. What Am I missing ? OSX server, the EMBY version is from yesterday so I'm assuming is the latest one. Cheers.
  13. Twisted

    Infuse App

    Has anyone tried the Infuse app? Is it any good? I was looking for a guide to pint it to Emby, but it does not look possible. Has anyone tried this? http://firecore.com/
  14. This has been discussed a little before quite some time ago. Difficult to search for so not sure on current status... I'd really like the option to login as multiple users at once. E.g. watching something with my wife. Both users are watching so both should get updated to watched (and synced with trakt etc). Should be easy to sign out a particular user e.g. one users signs out half way though a movie and the user finishes it - it's watched for one and resume (from when the logged out) for the other user.. Also when multiple users are logged in, when looking at things such as 'un
  15. Everytime that the Sync Library task runs a part of my library shows in the "Recently Watched" history in the trakt webpage, so every time that the task run either scheduled or manually it ads 5 movies and 7 tv shows (every episode of it) to "Recently Watched" most of the time are the same shows and movies. This is a expected behavior? Its not a big deal but it causes trakt stats to say thing like i've watched 8.5k minutes (50 days) of tv shows this week.
  16. @@Redshirt I use both MB3 and Plex media servers, with trakt plugin on both. both work with trakt in their own right, and most of the time if i watch something on one, the other platform is updated. However I have some episodes of various shows, on my trakt profile with status 'watched'/''scrobbled by plex', , which MB3 does not changed to 'watched', even when i manually sync using the mb3 task. Any ideas how a show can be watched on traktt, but MB3 not update itself when a sync task is run.. any ideas how i might troubleshoot. The sync task doesnt error 2014-09-05 23:54:03
  17. CBers

    Trakt app

    Does anyone use, and could recommend, a Trakt app? I've looked at a few, including Series Guide and Traktoid, but wondered if there were better ones. Thanks. .
  18. yardameus

    trakt not syncing today

    Not sure if it's just me or the Trakt site, but trakt isn't syncing with my library, the task just times out. I noticed there were xbmc/plex/mediaportal users synced with Trakt, but no MediaBrowser users. Hadn't tried syncing in several days, so I'm not sure when it started.
  19. ginjaninja

    Trakt: Content Scrobbled Twice

    Doesnt seem to be causing a problem but some scrobbled content seems to be scrobbled twice. Playback in Roku and Web Browser, both exhibit issue, regularly enough but not all the time it seems. Dont think its causing an issue
  20. ginjaninja

    Trakt Logging Progress on Music

    2014-08-28 17:54:17.2608 Debug - Trakt: Playback Progress 2014-08-28 17:54:18.4564 Debug - Trakt: Playback Progress 2014-08-28 17:54:19.6400 Debug - Trakt: Playback Progress 2014-08-28 17:54:20.8476 Debug - Trakt: Playback Progress 2014-08-28 17:54:22.0603 Debug - Trakt: Playback Progress 2014-08-28 17:54:23.2573 Debug - Trakt: Playback Progress @@Redshirt Version 3.0.5352.42702 Trakt, Version=1.9.5238.19477 Hi Redshirt should trakt be logging activity with music files? is the plugin using up unnecessary resources? thanks for great plugin, really useful.
  21. DuffMan

    Trakt General Setup Questions

    Hi I have had some problems recently where for some reason I have to reinstall my MB server and lose my watched status, so I decided to configure trakt Seems easy created an account and installed the plugin. I noticed there was 2 scheduled tasks created, but with no triggers set, one to pull form trakt, and one to push to it. I configured both for 1 hour, it synced my library and I was happy. I also noticed that when I watch something, trakt seems to know what I am watching instantly.. ie there is no 1 hour delay on what have been watched and what haven't. Problem is that som
  22. Glyde62

    Removing Shows from Trakt

    There are some shows I have removed from my library but they are still showing on Trakt website Is there a way to remove them from my list?
  23. I have the complete series of BSG (2003, not 1979) and I use the trakt.tv plugin. I am having a problem with Trakt picking up on the wrong TV series. I have the files named as Battlestar Galactica - S00E00 - Title.ext and would like to keep it this way. I would also like to be able to keep the name of the series in MB to be Battlestar Galactica with no trailing parenthesis if at all possible. My collection on Trakt thinks that I have the 1979 version instead of the 2003 reboot. Is there any way to fix this?
  24. Simply as the topic says. Where did the trakt.tv plugin go to MBC? Is it no longer needed?
  25. Looking to see if there would be a way to sync my collection information on Trakt to my profile on here. I would like to have it show in my signature.
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