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#28823 Forum issue has now been resolved

Posted by Abobader on 18 October 2013 - 11:15 PM

All forum issue been solved now, Some posts been lost, so please re post them.


We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.



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#257942 Centralized Authentication Functionality (LDAP/SSO/HTML Header/RADIUS) [DEVEL...

Posted by Untoten on 17 October 2015 - 10:35 PM

             CURRENT STATUS:

             SSO: Not yet planned

             LDAP: Development COMPLETED - BETA AVAILABLE



>180 direct endorsements

>30 MONTHS (>2.5 years)







This would greatly expand Emby's usage, and possibly more enterprise level adoption, user templating, user groups, SSO, etc.  There are also users who have completely abandoned Emby and ended subscriptions due to the lack of this necessary basic functionality.

Note: SAML2 is also part of this request. (header auth is also acceptable, at a minimum.)


Context: I am trying to use something like openfire as a Instant Messaging solution which already supports LDAP and SAML2.  So this would allow the current user of emby to seamlessly use web-based instant messenger with the same username and password as Emby without the need to enter them into a form.  This would also allow universal login to be shared with my home PC's, Spiceworks, Ombii, Organizr, etc.  The multitude of possible flexible functionality this could add is truly incredible. THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE, myself and others cannot manage a userbase with proprietary passwords for a single service (with no self-service password reset/recovery), when things that have only months of development implement it within days, easily.


  • LDAP - Development Completed - BETA AVAILABLE!
  • SSL is NOT actually needed, but Emby team insisted on it anyways: 
    • Simply offering a toggle option for auth to send plaintext or encrypted passwords would work just fine.
    • It is ironic to claim the need to be overly security conscious of user passwords, while lagging behind on basic SSL.  
    • If SAML is implemented, a SAML request/response can just be signed by an x509 and it is just as secure as TLS using SSL.  
    • SSL does not need to be natively supported, as it is perfectly possible to run it through an SSL reverse proxy tunnel and have the same effect.
  • SSL Feature Request: https://emby.media/c...rt/#entry322526
    • As of now username and password is encrypted client-side as security as SSL is not natively implemented.  
    • Emby team has said this impedes the adoption of both SSO and LDAP.  
    • Please see our SSL request topic; like, comment, and endorse it to show how many people would enjoy/gain from this basic security.


Ways to satisfy this FR:

  • Direct LDAP connector
  • SAML2 connector
  • General SSO functionality (SSO Header, etc)
  • Allowing user header auth
  • NGINX auth support
  • RADIUS Authentication

Other features that are inherently possible if this is implemented:

  • Self service passwords
  • Ability for users to invite users/guests
  • Expiring Accounts (after  duration/trigger)
  • Unified credentials for many services
  • Corporate level authentication security
  • User groups
  • Mass User management


Update 1: I encourage others to work on this but I am currently seeing what I can do to develop a solution to this myself.  If you have experience in this LDAP/SSO/SAML2/SSL/.NET contact myself, @Luke, @ebr or the Emby team to let them know, any help is greatly appreciated!  By everyone!


Update 2: I know there is always the question of "well how many users actually want/will use this", so I compiled a list of some of the other threads/sites where people request this (to apparently no effectiveness in motivating the team).


Update 3 (18 MONTH UPDATE): This request has now hit 18 months in age, NO progress made thus far whatsoever. ( :( )


Update 4: This FR is now the 4th most liked post ON THE ENTIRE FORUM and the 3rd most liked FR ON THE ENTIRE FORUM (ever), the 1st most liked active FR ON THE ENTIRE FORUM and over 4000 views. Counting endorsements besides those on this thread show over 115 direct requests/endorsements for this basic functionality.  Lets get this moving guys, this is getting to be a bit much.  Almost 2 years waiting on this now.  



Update 5 (9/20/2017): This feature request is now the MOST DESIRED REQUEST EVER MADE TO EMBY, sadly, that has not merited any progress at all.  The staff has been working on things they believe Emby users want or may want, but it is clear what people want.  We can only hope now our wishes are respected instead of being told what we want and having our requests dismissed.

Update 6 [2 year update] (10/17/2017): Two years and not a single bit of progress has been made.  TWO YEARS!!!  To say this is disappointing is an understatement.  The entire reason I went from Plex to Emby was because of local user management.  THIS IS THE ONLY REASON, so naturally I wanted to have complete control over my users, but after TWO YEARS, still nothing.

Update 7 (3/6/2018): DEVELOPMENT HAS STARTED!!! Check Luke's recent comments, if you want to test it out, download the latest beta and install/configure the LDAP plugin to test and give feedback!!! 


Update 8 (4/6/2018): Development on the LDAP connector has completed from what I gather, not sure if this is only a beta or a primary release; SSO is still a plan for the future but has not been touched.


Progress made by other users (looks to be nearly, if not fully complete):



Exploits shown by other users against Emby (emphasizing the need for a centralized authentication solution):



Related FR that could be helpful:



Any of these could be interesting to have compatibility with:


LDAP/SSO/SAML Requests (~180 endorsements) [>12,000 views]



#ADFS #SSO #LDAP #ActiveDirectory #MSAD #SAML #SAML2.0 #SAML1.1 #PingFederate #OKTA #LemonLDAP #JASIG #authentication #auth  #TLS #SSL #Usergroup #usertemplate #header #authheader #headerauth #security #hardening #authhardening #authenticationheader #externalauth #centralauth #centralizedauth #centralizeddb #exploit #authexploit #security #loginhardening #authenticationhardening #accesscontrol #.NET #SelfService #RADIUS

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#338065 Forget a series in Next Up

Posted by ebr on 13 June 2016 - 09:29 AM

To gauge interest...


What if you had the ability to "Forget" a series for the purposes of Next Up display.  That is, it would no longer show in Next Up - unless you watched another episode.


Sometimes you maybe watch a series for a while and, even though there is more of it or more is made later, maybe it isn't as good as the earlier seasons or maybe you just don't have time for it anymore.  So you'd like it to quit showing up in your Next Up list so it is less cluttered and you can focus on the series you are actually watching now.


If you start watching it again, the "forget" would be forgotten and it would start to show up in Next Up again.

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#208311 Emby: Latest Versions

Posted by CBers on 13 May 2015 - 12:30 PM

Here is the latest list of versions for Emby software across the server and clients.

Emby Server
Stable: v4.3.1.0 (2019/12/18)
Release Notes
Beta: v4.4.0.9 (2020/01/24)
Release Notes

For other platforms, please refer to the download page.

Emby for Android TV
Google Devices
Stable: v1.7.54g (2019/10/12)
Beta: v1.7.78g (2020/01/26)

Amazon Devices
Stable: v1.7.54a (2019/10/12)
Beta: v1.7.78a (2020/01/26)
Stable Release Notes
Beta Release Notes

Emby for Android
Stable: v3.0.40 (2019/05/08)
Release Notes
Beta: v3.0.96 (2020/01/26)
Release Notes

Emby for WMC
Stable: v3.0.307
Beta: v3.0.317 (2018/07/01)
Beta Release Notes

Emby for Kodi
Stable: v4.1.18 (2019/12/14)
Release Notes
Beta: v4.1.18 (2019/12/14)
Release Notes

Emby for Roku
Stable: v3.0.193 (2019/07/02)
Release Notes
Beta: v3.0.203 (2019/12/14)
Release Notes

Blue Neon Night: v4.30 (2018/07/25)

Emby Theatre
Windows Desktop
Beta: v3.0.10 (2019/11/01)
Release Notes

Emby Theatre UWP
Windows Store (PC & Xbox One)
Stable: v1.1.213 (2018/07/10)
Beta: v1.1.165 (2017/10/19)
Release Notes

Ember UWP (Xbox One, Windows 10 HTPC, Tablet and Phone)
Stable: v4.5.292.0 (2017/12/22)
Beta: v4.6.568 (2018/12/09)
Public Release Notes
Beta discussion thread

Emby for Samsung Smart TV (Orsay)
E-series - H-series TVs only
Stable: v2.2.3 (2017/10/28)
Beta: v2.2.3
Release Notes

Emby Theatre for Samsung Smart TV (Tizen)
Release Notes

Emby Theatre for Samsung Smart TV (Orsay)
Release Notes

Emby Theatre for LG Smart TV
Stable: 1.0.20 (2019/11/19)

Emby for iOS
Stable: v1.9.0 (2020/01/13)
Stable Release Notes
Beta: v1.7.6 (5) (2019/05/03)
Beta Release Notes

Emby for tvOS (Apple TV)
Stable: v1.4.3 (2019/12/05)
Stable Release Notes
Beta: v1.4.4.05 (2020/01/23)
Beta Release Notes

Emby for PlayStation
Release Notes

I will keep this post up-to-date as much as possible, but please send me a PM about anything I haven't updated, or is missing.

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#133852 Web client to remember "Tab"

Posted by Vidman on 24 September 2014 - 07:47 PM

Whenever you select option from the main menu, the web client defaults to the first tab ie under movie it goes to suggested...under TV and channels it goes to latest etc
Can each one remember which tab was selected so that if I have shows selected under TV and I go to movies and back to TV it will still have the shows tab selected rather than going back to latest?
I hope you understand what I mean?
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#153019 Set simultaneous connect limit for users

Posted by drfiggins on 28 November 2014 - 04:51 PM

Is there a way to set a simultaneous connection limit for each user.  I share my server with family and a few friends and sometimes I see a couple with 2 or more active streams from different clients under their user and I would like to limit this to 1 connection per user for them.


Thanks and keep up the excellent work.


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#27284 Automatic Boxsets management

Posted by sfnetwork on 14 October 2013 - 07:13 PM

ok, I'm making this request official.


Everything in Media Browser server is done automatically for the user except one thing: Boxsets


MB server has already all required information (movie UNC paths, boxsets collection path, etc...) and has access to create data already in it.


Would it be possible for the server to manage the boxsets folder structure automatically (the shortcut way)?


The way I imagine it, when scanning a movie, when MB server sees that it's part of a collection in TMDB, it would create the "(collection name) [boxset]" in the boxsets UNC path (since it already know where it is based on the collections types) and add the shortcut of the movie folder in it (it also knows that since it's in the movie details). The rest would work like it already works right now (boxset metadata, etc...).


Am I missing something obvious or this would be awesome?

XBMC does it automatically already but it's "movie set" (basically just a grouping without metadata) same for Plex.


We would stand out a lot with a feature like this... 


Come on! give this request some love!

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#22408 How to Report a Problem

Posted by Admin on 27 September 2013 - 11:55 AM

This community is here to help you. Here are some guidelines on what information you should supply when reporting issues. Make sure to check out our wiki for more useful information.


Note: Please don't PM the developers or administrators with questions unless specifically directed to do so.  This forum is the best way to get and give help.  We will not be able to respond to PMs for general support.  Thanks.


General Emby Issues

  • Please create a topic in the community.
  • Describe the problem in your own words, including what you're trying to accomplish, and where you're getting stuck. Please mention some specific examples.
  • In your description, be very specific about the steps you took and what happened with the system.  Describe it like you are talking to a blind person - because you are. We cannot see what you did or what happened so be as specific as possible.
  • If you saw error messages, please tell us what they were. If the problem is difficult to explain, please include screenshots that demonstrate the issue.
  • Please attach the server log from the time frame the activity occurred. See the section below titled Emby Server Logs. Please supply the full and complete log file, and avoid attempting to extract relevant sections. Everything is relevant to us. When you attach the log, please also discuss what actions you took, and what the results were.

Media Playback Issues

  • Please create a topic in the community.
  • Describe the problem in your own words, including what you're trying to accomplish, and where you're getting stuck. Make sure to indicate which Emby App you're using. If you're using a browser, then please indicate what browser you're using.
  • If you saw error messages, please tell us what they were. If the problem is difficult to explain, please include screenshots that demonstrate the issue.
  • Please attach the server log from the time frame the activity occurred. See the section below titled Emby Server Logs. Please supply the full and complete log file, and avoid attempting to extract relevant sections. Everything is relevant to us. If a server transcoding log was also generated during playback (in the server logs folder), please attach that as well.

Emby App Issues

  • Please create a topic in the community.
  • Describe the problem in your own words, including what you're trying to accomplish, and where you're getting stuck.
  • If you saw error messages, please tell us what they were. If the problem is difficult to explain, please include screenshots that demonstrate the issue.
  • Include the version of the server that you're using. This information can be found on the front page of the server's web dashboard.
  • Some apps have their own logs (see EMC and Android TV section below).  For others, they may send logs to us automatically if there is a crash.  Please tell us as much about the scenario as you can to help us locate them.


Emby Server Logs


There are multiple ways to access Emby Server log files.

  • Logs can be accessed directly within the server's web interface by navigating to Help -> Logs.
  • Additionally, the front page of the Emby Server Dashboard contains the path to your logs folder.

If you're having difficulty using the web interface, logs can be found at:

Windows: %appdata%\Emby-Server\logs

Emby for WMC Logs


Emby for Media Center (including configurator) logs are found in
If you have a crash ("Invalid Application" error) in EMC/WMC, we will need the .net error from the Windows Event Log as explained here.
Emby for Android TV/Fire TV and Emby for Roku Logs
These apps have the option to send an app log to us electronically.  You enter the settings page and turn on the "Debug Options".  Now there will be a new tile on your home page settings row labelled "Send Log".  Reproduce your problem and then use this button to send the log.  Then add the following information to your report in the forum:
  • Exactly what you were doing and what happened.  Include the name of whatever you played if it is a playback problem
  • The time you sent the log (in Eastern Time please - UTC -5)
  • The name of the Emby user on the local server that was logged in at the time
How to Post Log Files


When posting in a thread, click "More Reply Options", then click "Attach Files". Zip files are permitted but not preferred - please only zip log files if you receive a file size warning. Alternatively, you can upload your log file to Paste2 or a DropBox account and then post the link in your topic. Please avoid linking us to log files that require us to sign into a website.
  • If the problem is occurring in the Emby Web app, please remove any custom CSS you may have created and see if the issue remains after that.

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#318984 Google Drive as source

Posted by tatumana on 04 April 2016 - 08:50 PM

Please click "Like this" and share it if you want to support this feature. Thank you ! :)



There is a Kodi addon call "gdrive" from ddurdle who can read videos (original and transcoding version) directly from Google Drive. Why not build on this idea to integrate Google Drive as source directly in Emby Server ?

In addition, Emby could generate automatically the STRM files from one or many Drive folders. And transcodings are already available with Drive so no need to transcode with Emby server.

What do you think ?




Three reasons why this feature will be useful and awesome:


1. Cloud is the future and today the cost is affordable. I have a Google Drive Unlimited for $50/month (ie $600/year) and I have unlimited space that is secured against crashes. Knowing the cost of hard drive and the cost of power consumption, its a very good deal.


2. Google Drive transcode video file. This provides different stream quality like Youtube (1080p, 720p, 480p and 360p) and the "image quality/compression ratio" is very satisfying. I can play 720p video on my poor 4 Mbits DSL.


3. You don't need to have a big server. Personally, I opted for a little dedicated server (Kimsufi 2G) for the cost and I can leave it run 24/7! Furthermore, me and my friends can watch movies from anywhere!





Basics features that should be included:
  • GOOGLE APPS OAUTH2 for activation and permission
  • playing transcoded version (MP4 360p, 480p, 720p & 1080p) directly into Emby's app
  • playing original file (avi, mkv, mp4) directly into Emby's app
  • import embedded subtitles
  • porwerful script module for multiple folder scanning and STRM generating

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#448764 Include Collection information on movie's title screen

Posted by Diedrich on 11 May 2017 - 11:38 AM

I'd like to request the display of whether or not a movie is included in any collections.

When you navigate to a movie's title screen, you would see any collections that the movie belongs to. The name of the collection would then be a hyperlink to that collection. If the movie is not included in any collections then none of the text in my mock-up would be shown. Here's the mock-up:

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#196223 Hide Empty Folders

Posted by Macburp on 08 April 2015 - 11:45 AM

One of the nice things about MBC is that empty TV folders (after the latest show is deleted) are hidden. This makes Emby look very smart.


I know @ebr wants to get rid of this feature from MBC as he sees that this is better as a server feature that can be applied to all clients. I agree. So what does it take to get this useful feature into the Emby server?


I'm hoping that asking nicely is enough, I'm also hoping that enough other users consider this feature useful enough ot include in the server.


How about it, @Luke?

#157064 Import playlists

Posted by hedgehogg on 12 December 2014 - 09:15 AM

Making this official now:

Can we find a way of either reading already created playlists eg for WMP or iTunes or import those playlists into MB.

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#39477 Emby Theater

Posted by Luke on 17 November 2013 - 07:48 PM



I know you all have been waiting for it, so we're going to make this available to our loyal Emby Premiere users. Although we're not ready to call it beta yet, it's closer to beta than alpha.


Everyone is welcome to download and browse around, and the full-feature set is available for Emby Premiere users. Since we haven't whipped up an installer yet, we're posting a portable test build here for you guys to play with. Just unzip and run from anywhere. This build will expire in a few days in order to force you to come back and download a new version, at which time we'll have the installer ready.


Currently the app requires an internet connection which allows us to host assets online for easy updating. Right now this is a period of rapid change and development, which is why this model is easiest for us. At a later date we will add offline support.



  • A responsive UI free of scaling. The app is rendered crisply at your native resolution, even at 4K.
  • Designed for a 10ft use with a remote, but works well with a mouse and with touch
  • Nearly all core Emby features and media types are supported
  • The audio and video players are based on DirectShow, which is still the high end option for Windows users.
  • Supports audio bitstreaming
  • Several methods of hardware acceleration are available - QuickSync, Cuda, and others.
  • Video refresh rate changing
  • Supports Madvr - Madvr is embedded and can only be enabled or disabled. Over time we'll expose more Madvr features in the settings screens.
  • Once again supports video backdrops, which are quite a fun feature
  • Supports input via video game controllers
  • Backdrop screensaver
  • Your local movie extras
  • Localization
  • Graphical in-video seek thumbs
  • Sign in Options - remember login

Short term roadmap (not ordered):

  • Live TV Recording management
  • Photo screensaver
  • Filtering, sorting, view changing
  • Graphical remote control seek menu
  • Coming up next

After that:

  • Play with more vertical designs
  • Offline support
  • More touch features - this app will be great for big screen tablets


Let us know what you think. We've only had a small group working on this, so you can probably expect to run into small bugs throughout the app. Please post them here and we'll get them resolved.  And a major thanks to everyone in the dev and test group that has helped with this.





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#346473 Smart Playlists

Posted by Pelon on 15 July 2016 - 08:30 AM

Be able to create playlist based on a certain criteria, like genre and or year, in order to create a dynamic playlist that it refreshes automatically when new content is added.


This way you can for example, create a tv comedy playlist from the 90's, or a new sci-fi Movies playlist.


Some other criteria for rules could be the rating, watched/unwantched, score, tags, language, audio codec, etc


The possibilities could be endless

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#431627 Server - Integrate Trakt Recommendations

Posted by Jdiesel on 15 March 2017 - 03:22 PM

While Emby already has recommendations built in based on previously watched items I find they are not all that helpful. They seem to be based on genre only, for example, because you watched a comedy here are other comedies in your library. I do like how the also directed by/appear in recommendations work though.


What would be great is if Emby could incorporate Trakt's recommendations as they are much more sophisticated. Trakt's recommendations are not only based off of what you have previously watched but also what your Trakt friends and other Trakt users have watched. It takes user ratings and trending/popular media into account. Ideally Emby would include full Trakt integration allowing users to rate media after watching, view lists and recommendations, and view upcoming media all from within Emby but for now I think recommendations would be a nice addition. Trakt has the potential to give Emby that community feel and allow users to discover new media, find something to watch, and recommend media to other users.




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#428758 User Groups

Posted by dcook on 07 March 2017 - 10:12 AM

Feature Request:


Have User Groups and all settings applied at the Group Level


That way you can just assign users to the appropriate Group and all settings will be inheritated.



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#212641 FR: copy user / user templates

Posted by rabbit1543 on 26 May 2015 - 08:14 PM

When setting up a new user I think it would be great if I could copy an existing user. Even better if you could copy certain aspects of a user like views , library access , parental settings
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#543902 Emby Server & Theater - Additional Extras/Special Folder Types for TV Ser...

Posted by funwithmedia on 10 February 2018 - 02:49 PM

As I mention in a related post, I love the additional subfolders for Movie Extras (eg, Shorts, Scenes, Interviews, etc.)! It would be awesome to extend this functionality to TV Series as well. Specifically to add support for many/all of the same folders supported for Movie Extras, eg,

  • extras
  • specials
  • shorts
  • scenes
  • featurettes
  • behind the scenes
  • deleted scenes
  • interviews
  • trailers

As well as any additional folders that get added in the future (eg, hopefully Galleries).


Support Placement of "Extras" Folders Within Each Season Folder, Plus A Naming Scheme to Link A Particular Extras Folder with a Specific Episode (eg, "\Season 1\E1 - Deleted Scenes\" for episode 1 deleted scenes):

I want to clarify that it would be great if these various "extras" folder types could reside within each Season folder. So for example, within a Season 1 folder we could then have an "Extras" folder, a "Deleted Scenes" folder, a "Featurettes" folder, etc. And furthermore, that we could designate a particular folder to refer to a specific episode (eg, "\Season 1\E1 - Deleted Scenes\" for episode 1 deleted scenes). See more below, particularly why I think this would be so useful: https://emby.media/c...es/#entry587195


Thanks for your consideration! :)


PS - If this is something you might like to see implemented, be sure to "Like" this top/first post (as well as any subsequent posts in this thread that highlight particular aspects of what you are interested in) -- "Liking" the top/first post helps the Devs to know how much interest there is in a given Feature Request.

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#705555 POOL Multiple m3u Tuners - No Double or Duplicate Channels

Posted by pir8radio on 20 February 2019 - 10:08 AM




REQUEST: Properly pool multiple M3u IPTV sources, so when adding more than one with the exact same M3u emby treats them as one source with however many "Concurrent Streams" you set for each.    






Basically  once M3u #1 has used all 5 of its tuners, I then need to start using the login info that is within M3u #2...  once those 5 tuners are used (now all 10 tuners), then emby issues "no tuners available". This is how emby treats HDhomeruns today, so it can't be to difficult. 









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#376499 Please replace "Play All" with "Play Next" for TV series

Posted by AdrianW on 15 October 2016 - 04:20 AM

Please change the default "Play All" button that appears at the top of a season folder to "Play Next" - I've lost count of the number of times we've accidentally pressed this and started playback at season one episode one.


There's about one single use-case for the "Play All" button - you want to watch an entire series from the beginning. Every single other use-case would be to start watching at the first unwatched episode (i.e. "Play Next").


This has been suggested before here: Episode playing and some suggestions - with at least three users (including me) agreeing with the op. 

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