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Emby & Thecus N7700


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Hi guys,


I'm really happy to have found a webpage that can helps on that.


I'm a N7700 owner and wanted to install that emby magical program. The problem is that "emby-server-thecus_3.5.3.0_x86_64" and "emby-server-thecus_3.6.0.71_x86_64" don't work with my NAS.

Here it is :


Module will install/upgrade ,please do not reload or close admin UI
Module Name: [ Emby Server ]
Module Version: [ ]
2018/11/27 06:23:49: Module is installing ...
2018/11/27 06:23:49: Firmware mode (N7700) does not match.
2018/11/27 06:23:49: Install module fail.


Do you think it's possible to force it or there is no way ?


Many thanks for your help guys. Have a nice day.

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