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Found 8 results

  1. Hi @Luke, I'm experiencing issue on my emby installation (Terramaster f2-210). I was on 4.7.6 and everything was fine, then I decided to move to but this seems to broke playback capability (especially on 4k streams). So I moved back to 4.7.6, but still the issues remain, so I checked and found out that ffmpeg process is feasting on RAM, even when the Emby Server is stopped (see attached screenshot). I also attached an emby server log: you can find a correct playback of 1080 stream (txt line 455), and a failed playback of a 4k one, previously working (txt line 891). Hope this will help in solving the issue, thanks! embyserver.txt
  2. Hi I am a longtime Plex user but wanted to give Emby a try because I am experiencing some instability problems with Plex. I decided to give Premiere a chance (mainly for the hardware transcoding ability). I have been searching on here for an answer but did not find anything that explains the problem in my case. I have a synology DS918+ with 4GB of RAM. During playback Emby uses about 550 MB of RAM when 1 or 2 transcoding streams are active (CPU +- 20%). But suddenly it goes up to about +-1.3GB of RAM usage and it does not go down anymore (unless I restart the package). It's the mono-sgen process that uses all of it. In attachment you can find 2 logs from two times this happened. In between those two logs I stopped the Emby package and restarted, everything went back to normal. My tests are as follows: 1. First play movie via hardware transcoding on laptop 2. keep an eye on ram and cpu usage (everything normal) 3. start transcoding movie on iphone app 4. everything normal And then it starts to get weird, i have the feeling that mu ram usage goes up when i stop the stream on iphone. Can somebody please help me because this is concerning me as I share my emby with a friend and I need to make sure when he streams, my hardware won't be stressed to much without my knowledge? Thanks in advance Regards emby log.txt emby log 2.txt
  3. Kimballslice1890

    Issue with Server / Feature Request

    First I would like to thank the development team for keeping to their word on a few of my other posts. The new server update is MUCH faster and snappier as promised. I am having a few issues now though, can't say if they are related to the new update or adding my HDHomeRun Prime to my Emby server a few weeks back. Everything on Emby runs extremely fast except the Live TV section when trying to load the Guide. The TV Guide takes a very very long time to load and can cause the server to hang up for other users that are online. In relation to this, I am subscribed to Schedules Direct. First issue is when it is updating the TV Guide, the server becomes unusable and extremely slow and unresponsive. Is there a fix for this? -Also can a feature be added where I can schedule what time of the day (say 4AM when no users are on) to schedule the TV guide refresh if there isn't something that can fix this. Also a new issue I noticed with the new server update. I recently bumped my server from 8GB to 16GB of RAM and noticed the server was using 14GB of that available RAM. I then bumped the VM from 16GB to 32GB of RAM and noticed the server once again was using 31.9GB of RAM. Which as a result caused the server to be slow and unresponsive. I currently run my sever on a VM with 1 Dedicated Xeon e5 2660 with 16 threads on the VM. 32GB of RAM. Dedicated 500GB 7200rpm hard drive to the VM and a dedicated gigabit NIC to the VM on FiOS Gigabit internet. Machine hosting the VM is 2x xeon e5 2660 and 128GB of RAM so dedicated resources aren't an issue.
  4. I am a new Emby user ... I have been using Next PVR with Kodi for almost a year now, but I was looking for something a bit more reliable and "wife" approved. My particular interest is for PVR use, and I have 3 Silicon Dust HDHomerun tuners I use. I have a Prime that is connected to Comcast, and for OTA I have the Connect and the Extend, a total of 4 OTA and 3 Cable tuners. I tested Plex for about 3 weeks, but I wasn't all that impressed with their PVR features, since it is only in beta for now. So I started looking at Emby. Reviews were very good, so I decided to give it a try. I installed an Emby Server on a machine that has Windows 7 Professional, Intel Core i5 3.2Ghz, 4GB memory and a 1TB hard drive. Setup was pretty easy. I played with it for a couple of days and was so impressed that I signed up for Emby Premier so I could test the DVR and live TV. I added my tuners and used Schedules Direct (I already have an account with them for my Next PVR server) for my program listings. I played with the live tv on several devices, including Android tables, Android TV boxes and and Apple iPad. I also scheduled some recordings, both one time and series. Everything worked very well. So I stopped all my recordings on my Next PVR server and transfered them over to Emby. Everything looked to be going great! I had finally found the perfect PVR/Media Server! However, this weekend it all fell apart. I'm an avid Nascar fan, so I had set up a recording for the race this past Sunday. I also began watching the race live on my main TV, being broadcast on my local OTA station. My main TV has an Android TV box hooked up to it, so I used the Emby app to tune to my local station. The Emby app launches MX player to play the channel. All went well for about 30 minutes. Then the picture froze. Hmmm. Cheap Android box, I thought. So I rebooted it and went back into the Emby app, but it couldn't communicate with the server. So I go over to the server and it's SUPER SLOW, and the hard drive light is solid green. I hit CTRL-ALT-DEL and after about a minute the task manager was up and I see the Emby server is using almost 3.7GB! So the hard drive light being on was poor Windows trying to swap in virtual memory to take up the slack, which slowed the machine down to a crawl. So I rebooted the server. Back to normal. Server is using around 330MB. Restart the recording, restart the live TV. Same thing happens in about 20 minutes. Rebooted and tried it again. Same thing. Gave up and watched the race on my TV's tuner. So today I stick another 4GB of ram in the server, for a total of 8GB. That should make Emby happy, I thought. So I ran a test. I opened up a live TV channel (OTA, HD, 1080p) on my Android TV box. I looked at the memory usage of the server and it's around 350MB. So far so good. After a while I see the server's memory usage is going up. WAY UP. I watched it over a period of time, and after an hour the server usage was 7.5GB!! What is going on????? So I shut down the stream and watched the server's memory usage and it went down to 7.4GB and that's it. Of course, the server is dead slow right now. I assume the only way to get the memory usage back down is to reboot the Emby server. So, should I consider this normal???? What the heck is Emby doing with all that memory during a live stream? The CPU use during the stream is only about 4%, so the machine is not being strained at all. I certainly hope this is a bug, because if it isn't then Emby as a PVR is a bust, for me at least. I can't figure out why a live stream would cause the Emby server to require so much internal memory. Is it attempting to buffer the stream internally? I guess I was spoiled with Next PVR, it barely uses 150MB during it's operation. Using the current version of Emby ( Thanks, Chuck
  5. Hello everyone. Starting about a week ago any movie I Direct play on my windows 10 Machine through the Emby Theater Application runs the Ram usage so high that the movie pauses and the computer becomes useless. It only has 4 Gig of Ram, but does Emby really require that? I have tested 1080P no CC, 720P no CC, and 480P no cc. I have also tested all 3 with 5.1 DTS, 5.1 AAC, 5.1 AC3. I have verified that it is Direct Stream and it's not Transcoding anything. The same movies work fine through WMP when access over DLNA. They also work fine on my Android tablet, Roku, and AndroidTv Emby Application. It however does not work with the Emby theater app on the Win 10 Machine, nor my Xbox One. I can attach logs if anybody would like to help. I could not find anything when I went thru them. But any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. masterxilef

    Question about RAM usage

    Hello all, I'am running emby-server on an old netbook I had laying arround with an atom N450 processor and Ubuntu Server 14.04 32bit, as I have no need for transcoding atm it is perfect for my needs right now. Been running it for a couple of months as a backend for Kodi and working great. However, yesterday I upgraded the 1GB stick of RAM with a 2GB stick, the max the processor/mobo is capable. So because I upgraded the RAM I had a question, would I benefit from upgrading to a 64bit os, seeing as the processor is capable of it, but I was running 32bit ubuntu because of the low RAM. To find out, I decided to install a spare hard drive so I could install 32bit ubuntu, install emby-server, see cpu/ram consumption, then do the same with 64bit ubuntu and compare. However, as I was doing that with 32bit ubuntu I encountered something peculiar that I don't know if it's normal. I installed emby-server but haven't set up anything on the web ui just to see how the process acts with htop and discovered that after it starts it begins to consume more and more RAM till it's about 900MB, and then kinda restarts the process and begins doing it again. Because of that, I haven't tested 64bit ubuntu. So my question is, is that normal behavior for emby-server, maybe mono on linux, or maybe there's something wrong with my setup altought it's a fresh installation. I attached what I think it's the latest log at this moment, and I think it's showing an error but I don't really know. Thanks. Edit: What would you recommend, use 64bit ubuntu or stick with the 32bit? server-63593298069.txt
  7. DruTheFu

    Emby Server and my RAM

    I have been using Emby Server for a few weeks now, installed on my Win 8.1 machine (AMD Phenom II X4 955 quad core 3.20 GHz, 4 GB RAM), currently with about 515 movies, 125 TV Shows, and about 45,000 songs. I've noticed that since I migrated from a MySQL implementation and began using Emby Server to share to my two Kodi devices and multiple mobile devices, that Emby Server consumes a good deal of my system's RAM, upwards to 1 GB when it appears idle and I'm not streaming. I know I may not have the most current or beefy system, but things are no longer snappy and quick to open/process with Emby Server running. I'm sure an upgrade in RAM would not hurt I've read the system requirements on the Emby Wiki (https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/System%20requirements), which state Minimum Requirements — no transcodingIntel Core 2 Duo processor 1.6 GHz or better At least 1GB RAM for Windows/Mac OS X Recommended Configuration — transcoding HD Content:Intel Core 2 Duo processor 2.4 GHz or better If transcoding for multiple devices, a faster CPU may be required At least 2GB RAM So are these specs listed for minimal system requirements, or the requirements that Emby Server will consume? I've tried searching the community for any related threads, and read that it may be an idea to remove Music from the Emby library may help the situation. Does anyone have any other suggestions aside for the RAM boost? Thanks
  8. Koleckai Silvestri

    Extreme Memory Leak

    I've been running the latest beta for a while and memory hangs around 271.200 Megabytes. Not even sure how a 32-bit program can eat 6 GB of RAM. Could be a plugin though. I only have the Rotten Tomatoes and XBMC Metadata Plugins installed at this time. Windows 7 Premium, 8 GB Ram, Intel i5 2500K processor (quad-core).
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