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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there, apologies if this has been covered but I can't find an exact solution. I've been using the Android server on an old shield box to host my music library and everything is working fine, except that after an hour or so, I can't connect to the server from any device (or web interface) without rebooting the shield. The server appears to go offline. Any ideas as to what could be causing this, Kind regards
  2. Sicorius

    Server Hang

    First of all, good morning. I am having issues where the home page portion of the server does not want to load, even after server restart. All I get get is the waiting circle and nothing else loads. This happens both in a web browsers and within the Android apps. The setup side of the server does load and allow me to make settings changes. In addition, the reporting side does not appear to be working either. No data is displayed. I have been a Premier member since this weekend as I am looking for alternatives to Plex and if I cant get this resolved within the month, I will have to cancel emby. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Sicorius Update: This happens regardless if I come in through emby.media or via IP address.
  3. It started acting up between 5-6 pm local time, restarted shortly after 7 pm. She was trying to watch Jeopardy on KMEG 14.1 but it wouldn't give her a stream on one of the SHIELDs. unresponsive.zip
  4. This problem has been going on for a while and I upgraded the server from HDDs to SSDs to try to speed it up but it didn't help. This is an issue regardless if the device is connected via wireless or wired. It manifests in two scenarios: 1) Cold booting Android TV device, go straight to Emby, and it can take up to a minute to get the user list. How this usually presents: a) spinning dial sign in with Emby Connect screen c) back out of app (not using Emby Connect) and run Emby again so it retries with the manual data d) repeat steps 1-3 or presented with user login screen 2) The device was put to sleep with Emby running (e.g. it is sitting at TV show info screen). In this scenario, Emby is completely unresponsive with no spinning dial, error message, or anything until reconnection is established with the server. In both situations, providing the user with more information would be hugely beneficial. I propose the following stages: 1) Waiting for network connection... Do I have an IP address? 2) Network connection found... I have an IP address. 3) Attempting to reconnect with Emby Server <(address if available)>... Does an Emby Server exist at the location I've been instructed to check? 4) Logging in <username>... Yes, try logging in as the last user.* At any point in this reconnection sequence, allow "abort" which takes you back to the Emby Connect/manual login screen. If the above times out, additionally offer a "retry" button to restart the connection process. * More broadly, it would be nice if each application/device had a setting to choose between multi-user and single-user. Some devices tend to get used by more than one user so the login screen should always be shown; some devices tend to get used by one user so it should always automatically log in. I think the web UI has this feature but Emby Home Theater and Android TV do not.
  5. ipodfreek

    Emby Process Freezes

    Has anyone else had this issue? I run Emby as it's own profile on my iMac. It stays logged in so Emby can be used on our TV's. After a period of time, the process seems to completely freeze, and I cannot connect to the server to watch movies. I have to come upstairs to the iMac and force quit the Emby process in Activity Monitor. Once restarted it works fine for (I think) a day or so, then dies again. I'm now running version 3.0.5724.4, but it was doing this in previous versions too. Anyone? Thanks. I've attached three recent log files. Thanks again! server-63578044800.txt server-63578116287.txt server-63578044796.txt
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