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Found 7 results

  1. SpaceCabbi

    Considering Emby can it...

    Greetings been using a alternative media server for years, But now i finally need to find something better. Looking at Emby looks nice but from a technical point i have a few questions if i may. Emby uses sqlite3 afaik this is really troublesome for large media servers (12TB) even with db on dedicated zfs pool no compression etc. it still is shaky at best imho, mind you this all from experience with my current server wich might be just using sqllite3 wrong not an expert on DB's. How is the performance/stability on emby with large db's, And are there alternatives mysql ? How does Emby deal with meta data ? (large directory structure ? Or more centralized) Can it handle unlisted extra's ? ea: \series\show\season 1\extra Just map and load the files matching them would be nice but since the almighty tvdb rarely matches is not a req. backup for just server/metadata not media files ? Thanks for any input or details it would be helpful.
  2. I'm looking for some under the hood info - from advanced users that have built a multi-client environment. My existing system is pretty basic, as I like to keep things simple, and in the event of a problem I don't have to muck through a maze of "how did I do this again?" I have a Synology NAS - that provides all the storage for my media files. Using all the built-in 'add video' sources within Kodi - linked to my NAS. I've also enabled a MariaDB10 app, on the NAS to support the MySql feature within Kodi - so all my clients (multiple FireTV & PCs (Windows,MAC)) sync to the same dB. This all works quite well, however a bit complex configuration on each client to maintain if I make the same change or add a source, etc. So here's where my questions begin... I've installed Emby Server on one of my Synology NAS boxes, actually, this particular one is an Xpenology device. I chose that one because it has much more HP than my official Synology boxes. I've also purchased a lifetime Emby account. I've built a Kodi (18.1) client on one of my Fire TV televisions - from scratch. Installed the basic Addons that I require for my use ... OpenSubtitles, Trakt, Lyrics & Backup. I've also just installed Emby/con - addons. After running and testing - to the Kodi local dB all seems to be working well. I'm not sure how the updates to the local client dB updates, and if there is by directional flow when it comes to Trakt data, and partially watched positions, etc... Would it be better to switch to using the Mysql as a common dB source for my clients as I did before? or just stick to the Kodi local dB file dB? I'm thinking using the Mysql dB would be a bit redundant and just complicate things. That I should just let Emby do all the dB work, and keep the local client dBs updated. any HELP, feedback and or comments would be welcome. So far I'm pretty impressed with Emby server.
  3. All, As I'm one of these users that has a lot of movies (5k) and series (35k ep) published through Emby server, I was wondering is there is a possibility to get a server version that uses MS-SQL or MySQL as backend. Next to the fact that I'd be able to use multiple servers for tasks, this, for me, would have so many more advantages, I couldn't even list these all. Name it an enterprise version or something. I'd definitely be willing to pay extra for it Cheers, Rob
  4. tired dad

    Emby AND shared MySQL database?

    I have a silly question... I know Emby controls the play state and metadata for movies for Kodi, and that I can install Kodi with the Emby plugin on multiple machines. For each machine, do I have to configure the user(s) and do a full scan so there is a local Kodi database on that PC, or can I used advancedsettings.xml and point all machines to one Kodi DB so I don't have to create a local copy on each? Or... is all that irrelevant? I was pretty sure that even with Emby, you have to have a local Kodi database on each PC, which then gets synced via Emby each time you start up. Hope that's not too confusing of a question...
  5. Just wondering when this will be implemented or if any work has been done on it so far, the only other thread I found was from last year and didnt really say too much about it. I would like a way to authenticate users via an external mysql table if possible. Thanks
  6. hi all I installed mb3 and xbmb3c, great that there is linux support now for this awesome piece of software. I was wondering though I have an extensive media library in xbmc or I should say better in mysql, which i use for several xbmc clients. the mysql library I filled using the xbmc scrappers, it is not the smallest library as the data is larger then 30TB. With one xbmc client, I use mb3 and xbmb3c to access my files via the mb3/xbmb3c server (http share) but I would like it to use the mysql library (so I don't have to scrap via mb3) but how to enable that? thank you in advance!
  7. Version 3.0.5289.18702 there seems to be a significant performance bottleneck with persons and artists views in the dashboard, and its not related to cpu or disk subsystem performance. perhaps the database is the constraint along with the query. (roku and android clients dont seem affected but then their views have more spurious entries) all my content is stored locally on 5400rpm hdds my.application /ibn is stored on SSD (across 2 partitions of same ssd) all my views are 500 large (500 for movies, albums, persons and artists) q6600, 4x3.2ghzcpu 6Gb ram win7sp1 if i click (in dashboard) (views configured 500 large) home - movies - movies....the 1st 500 movies are shown <1second home - movies - persons....it take 20seconds to show persons.. likewise albums <1s artist or album artists >20 seconds. It is 100% reproducible for me and make no difference how many times the query is run (ie same after all images are cached etc the cpu and hdds are not breaking a sweat when viewed in perfmon. 2014-07-06 11:45:56.0530 Debug - HttpServer: HTTP GET http://localhost:8096/mediabrowser/Artists/AlbumArtists?SortBy=SortName&SortOrder=Ascending&Recursive=true&Fields=DateCreated&StartIndex=0&ParentId=ad14e238b35e6a32a39d2ef9c1a779f3&Limit=500&userId=59543acb15f7ccd6012f4447c75b0cf2 2014-07-06 11:46:18.9273 Debug - HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to [::1]:55920. Response time: 22874.3084 ms FWIW the time for artists query grows somewhat linearly as the the number of objects increases, but even with 20 objects it is slow 2014-07-06 12:11:55.0781 Debug - HttpServer: HTTP GET http://localhost:8096/mediabrowser/Artists?SortBy=SortName&SortOrder=Ascending&Recursive=true&Fields=DateCreated&StartIndex=0&ParentId=ad14e238b35e6a32a39d2ef9c1a779f3&Limit=20&userId=59543acb15f7ccd6012f4447c75b0cf2 2014-07-06 12:11:56.3852 Debug - HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to [::1]:56748. Response time: 1307.0747 ms 400 albums <.2 sec 2014-07-06 12:15:55.5739 Debug - HttpServer: HTTP GET http://localhost:8096/mediabrowser/Users/59543acb15f7ccd6012f4447c75b0cf2/Items?SortBy=AlbumArtist%2CSortName&SortOrder=Ascending&IncludeItemTypes=MusicAlbum&Recursive=true&Fields=PrimaryImageAspectRatio&StartIndex=0&ParentId=ad14e238b35e6a32a39d2ef9c1a779f3&Limit=400 2014-07-06 12:15:55.7699 Debug - HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to [::1]:56753. Response time: 196.0112 ms whole log https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/84611964/server-63540244767.txt
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