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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Chief @@ebr, I have a question for you that may save me a day in restoring an image. please help. I have a server on Windows x64 and Emby classic release code... Currently, when i try to login with user that have password, it fails.. Users without password it works fine. Luke kindly suggested i upgrade to Emby Classic release code, which I plan to do, but if it is not going to work, then I will have to go back to my release code, which means spending a whole day restoring the most important machine in the house. (i always prefer to run release code, but if the beta version will solve the problem, then i will accept that.) Since you know about Emby Classic the most.. Question: Does the Beta code handles login differently than the release code of Emby Classic?? (the reason i ask is, i remember you saying there is almost no difference between the two.) If it is not, then I will accept this as a limitation of the Emby classic and server, and will lock down my setup as Server and Emby Classic, which will see me through another year or two, by then the integration will be much further than today (i hope). Otherwise, if it works, then I will finalize my server with current and Emby Classic Beta... Thanks (and sorry we crossed swords on the integration issue)
  2. I have all of the users on my Emby server established with Emby Connect accounts hoping this would be easier since I'm dealing with non-tech savy individuals. But I'm having an issue with users being able to connect remotely. All of the users have the same permissions and access, but they are getting this error message in one form or another an all devices (apps and web browsers) But I can log in remotely without issues, using either my Emby Connect email address or username. I've actually even temporarily changed the password of an individual user and signed in as them, when they were unable to from a Chromebook Browser or Android App. The error that they are seeing is after they log into Emby Connect and select the icon for the server and select "Connect". The Emby Server.txt logs doesn't even seem to recognize that these users attempted to log in. Any help would be greatly appreciated. UPDATE: I purchased Emby Premiere thinking that maybe it was a device count limitation. This proved to be of no effect. Now a device and user that were able to log in before are unable to log in now.
  3. Ok, I've recently downloaded the server to my windows home computer. Everything worked fine, the program is arranging everything almost exactly the way it should and I can fix the tiny flaws. The problem arrives when I'm not at home and I'm trying to access the emby app. Now I get asked to log in every time I open the app and when I try to connect to the server I get this message (see picture)* This happens EVERY time, also on my phone and when I try to go online to find emby connect there. Same issue. Same error message. Even though all of these worked when I was at home. How do I fix this? Do I have to leave my computer on so that the server is turned on when I leave the house? That seems a bit goofy, doesn't it? Or does emby connect require that the server in question is nearby so that you can access it via Bluetooth? Please help! *the language on my computer is Swedish, so I don't know what exactly the English version says, but this is how I would translate it: "Failed connection. We couldn't connect to the chosen server at this time. Please make sure (the server) is turned on and try again."
  4. Hi I am trying to use Media Browser Theater but it cannot log in. I enter the username and password and after about 15 seconds it displays the message "Login Failure Unable to connect to remote server" I installed today and the program was working but no longer does after restarting the computer. Media Browser Classic through WMC is still able to log in and play media. The media browser service is running from the same machine and is version 3.0.5518.7. Media Browser Theatre version is 3.0.5531.26414 I can't figure out what is wrong, any help would be appreciated. theater-63561712923.txt
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