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Found 13 results

  1. I just got my custom intros working. But when i use my phone to connect (WAN and LAN side), it won't show the intro. Either it will hang until you force the movie to start, or sometimes it will throw an error stated below: Playback Error No compatible streams are currently available Anyone know anything about this?
  2. jasonborn

    Trailers not playing before movie

    Hi folks, Today I started a movie and no trailers were played before starting the movie. In my case i configured Cinema Intro's to play 2 trailers before each movie. Any suggestions? ps: when I play a movie through a broswer, it works fine and trailers are played before starting the actual movie. Kind regards, Update: also my second Kodi is not playing trailers before the actual movie anymore
  3. jjhtpc

    Intros per folder

    I have created a decent number of custom Intros some of these are somewhat folder specific (kids movies) and it would be great if you could assign Intros based on folder. Essentially if f:/kids movies play an intro from f:/kids intros
  4. Here are some Codec Intro's I've created, they were created mostly so far using Clipmaker from panzoid. These are not professional quality, just something I've started playing with. I'll keep adding more as I make them for myself. The music came with the original community creations over there, I may mess with the sound later, but for now it works. This is something I'm just playing with for now, so I can't say it will ever get much better. I'll keep hosting these as long as my server is running, and people don't mess with the server. Since these are not copyrighted if it becomes a problem I'll move them to amazon cloud or something. These are 100% free for community use. Naming is as so: h264.* will likely be the one I'm currently using. h264-*.* will be alternatives. Just rename correctly to use the one you want. ** your browser may try to stream the links, just right click and do "save link as..." or whatever works in your browser. I may some day setup a legit server or webpage, but this was quick and easy for now*. Below link won't change.** So anyway, here's the link: Codec Intros And here's a Amazon Drive link to the same files: ACD Here's the Wiki doc on how to do intros: Here And the short instructions: Create a folder (OUTSIDE your Emby libraries) and put the codec intros there. Go to Server Dashboard > Playback, then under Codec Intros put in the path to the folder you just created. Make sure the one you want to use is named correctly (h264.mkv, ac3.mp4, etc) and update your libraries in Emby. Boom, pow, you got codec intros. I'll update this as things develop. I want to pin down Luke or ebr on exactly what all the codec names it will hit on are, so I hope we can get this info here in this thread. I'll update this post with new info as I find it.
  5. I am having a strange issue when trying to use random intros. Windows version: 8.1 x64 Both standard Cinema Mode and Advanced Intros exhibits the following behaviour: Works perfectly for random trailers from local library. Works perfectly for specific intro file. Does not work when asking it to get a random file from a directory, this goes for audio intros and random trailers. So basically any time you just put in a directory, not a specific file, it will not work. Says null item.
  6. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Cinema-Intros
  7. From the old tracker http://community.mediabrowser.tv/permalinks/11056/anyone-interested-in-custom-mediabrowser-intros I was wondering if anyone would be interested in some custom media browser intros. I want to state I didn’t do these from scratch I just have the software to to edit and render them. Examples are here https://app.box.com/s/f4499f3ba0d0ade7216e If anyone wants the project files they are uploaded here: https://www.box.com/s/41552dc19217b9e3d476 After several PM’s about it I decided to add a donate button if you would like to throw me a couple bucks for the time I would certainly appreciate it but no one is obligated. If anyone would like some more intro’s made up feel free to hit me up. If anyone cares to donate feel free, paypal is: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=E98MFJ6CY3PDJ
  8. All Clients are running MBC Ver. 2-12.2, Server is on Ver. 3.0.5161.29813. I've looked at the logs and don't see anything in relation to Intro's It's all been working fine but recently in the last week stopped working on all my clients running MBC, however it works properly in MBT, quite stumped.
  9. Ernst

    MBT and intros

    MBT version 3.0.5086.905 Loving MBT, it does everything I want (besides making coffee). There is however one little issue that I find pretty annoying. I have MBIntros installed and it plays the intros perfectly, but when MBT switches to the main movie, the title of the movie is not updated (still showing the title of the intro). This I can live with, however the running time bar is also not updating. It shows the running time of the intro (which is relatively short) and therefore skipping forward in the the time bar is as good as impossible. I hope this can be fixed soon. One small observation completely unrelated: It seems external subtitles are now working (actually from a number of versions back) yet it is still on the to do list. Is this still in development?
  10. The custom intro's configured in MB server are no longer showing up when a movie is played in MBT. This issue started with the update to MBT 3.0.5076.21106 I mentioned this before when discussing the UI issue. Not sure if it is related or not, both issues started with this latest update.
  11. all4dom

    TV Intro's

    Are the TV intros the short video clips that play when the TV series DVD is first inserted into the DVD player or is it the clip with the credits? Thanks Dom
  12. johnchimpo

    [MB Intros] File Name Air by Date

    Within MBC using both Chocolate or ROC MB Intros is executing when I attempt to play any episode of The Daily Show. This occurs from either the EHS or within collection view. Only way to avoid is by pressing the play button while on the poster (of course this does not work at the EHS and TDS has thousands of episodes which makes navigating to them cumbersome). I am using the air-by-date file naming scheme within Sickbeard (SB has been managing this and all my other shows for years) and the show is within the TV collection and file structure. This is the only show out of a couple hundred I have noticed this on and never had a problem previously. The file structure is as follows: \\server\television\The Daily Show with Jon Stewart\The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 2012-11-15 - Andrew Napolitano.mkv Is this now an invalid convention or a bug within MB Intros?
  13. Hey everyone, just wondering how have any of you made your custom intros (is you have one). I'm looking to set up one and have no clue how to do that. Thanks Dom
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