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Found 13 results


    VVC / H.266 Support

    Hey, Just a quick question of VVC Codec (H.266) to see if this will be support by emby once they have released it fully to the public. VVC was released at the end of 2020 for testing on OTT companies etc and hopefully should be releasing it to the public domain fairly soon. of course there soon may be 2 years but would just like to ask if its something that is possible. EDIT : If you would also like to have this improvement/feature please give a like on this post so that the devs can see how much/little demand it currently has Thanks guys
  2. isamudysan

    mkv files and some mp4 files seen as mpg

    put together a new freenas (11.2)...installed emby...and, everyting is working fine except for majority (approx. 98%) of my mkv files being seen and played back as mpg files. along with the mkv files, not all, but some of my mp4 files are being treated/seen as mpg files. now playing videos via the webapp is fine, and it's not my concern. however, playing thru DLNA is a different story. any ideas as what i can do to alleviate this issue. i mean, i had it on my old build, too, but never really tried to solve this problem. now, i need to because the samsung emby is giving me an error (this will be another post so i'm not gonna focus it on here). i have an anime file: [FFF] Hagure Yuusha no Estetica - 01 [bD][1080p-FLAC][73F7748E].mkv. when i look and play this file on my samsung tv, it sees it as an mpg file; and, i assume, emby transcode it as such to the tv. any help and reply is greatly appreciated. thank you!
  3. manuelgarciaii

    Plugin o COdec Adicional

    Hola tengo problemas al querer reproducir unos archivos de tipo WAV. no se reproducen, pongo play y no se reproduce, si hago la prueba con MP3 funciona sin problema, pero con este tipo especificamente WAV puedo escucharlos
  4. I cannot fast forward or rewind using Emby For WMC, and there is no way to skip or chapters, or watch previous chapters. Only pause and play work. I have looked at Media Control but I currently have shark's codec pack installed, and I'm not sure how well having multiple codec packs will play out. Is there a way to completely reset all codec related settings, and possibly look at using Media Control?
  5. Guardian Hope

    Codecs on VMWare for Ubuntu Server

    This is a strange question for me to ask considering that I work with enterprise servers everyday although they are almost always exclusively RHEL or Windows based (you wouldn't believe how many times I typed "yum install" rather than "apt-get"). In any case, I was sort of forced to abandon native Windows version of Emby Server for Ubuntu Server 15.10 with Emby Server installed due to issues with Emby not staying bound to the specified ports in Windows. What I am trying to figure out is what, if anything, do I need to do to make sure that Emby can natively transcode H.265/HEVC and other content when a device doesn't natively support it which is a rarity. Is there any particular codec packages for Ubuntu Server (and I do mean the server version; I don't need the GUI overhead) to get everything working within VMWare Workstation 12 or is everything packaged up in a neat little bow?
  6. Hi, Has anyone been able to find or already have a list populated for what video codecs the Asus nexus player can play natively?
  7. I recently encountered all sorts of issues when setting up MBC and codecs in attempt to be playback all files types including subtitles. I finally figured it all out and took the time to write this guide which hopefully you find helpful. The codecs I use are Shark007 codecs and I can confirm works on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 (both 32 & 64 bit versions). See attached for guide. MBC-Shark007-Guide.pdf
  8. I am just after some clarification around setting up MBS. I have MBS installed on a PC that has all my media on it. I then have another PC in my living room with MBC installed on it. Do I need to install codecs either on the MBS PC or MBC PC to be able to play all file types including .mkv files and also have external subtitles working? I have read about transcoding and not sure how it all works and if I need to configure anything to get it all going.
  9. just got remote access set up and got my brother to test steaming a movie from my server via the web client. it works, but looks pretty grainy, meaning it's transcoding the file. I know you need to have your files shared for direct stream, so i have a couple questions: 1. Is sharing my media over my network on Windows 7 (right click -> share -> share "everyone") enough to make the folder shared over WAN? or is there a separate type of share for WAN? 2. Does the web client have the necessary codecs to play MKV H264 video and DCA or AC3 audio? If not, does it sound like getting my brother to download and use MBT (which I believe has the necessary codecs?) would fix the situation? I'll test it obviously, but I figured I'd ask since I'm posting other questions anyway. p.s. bandwidth definitely isn't an issue for either server or client. Thanks, thebro
  10. hanand


    how to change the codecs of the transcoding and the inside player in chrome ? i didnt see any guide to change the codec to inside player / transcoding my problem that i dont have subtitle at all i want o control it i found article to change codec only to window media player or mce player but what about the fffmppeg that th MB3 use default hot co controll it or replace it Server Version 3.0.5211.41935 ok after reading log i change the font format of the external to utf8 and now i see subtitle on chrome in server in ios apps (latest version) i do not have option for subtiltle on the same movie and in win 8.1 app (latest version) i can chhose subtitle but when i choose it i do no get nothing (no subtitle) server-63533462400.txt transcode-30d2dffe-869b-4ff8-bae9-8b75b2cdcf79.txt ffmpeg-sub-convert-6eab1696-78b3-43f2-bb70-e86fb8c8fa4a.txt
  11. So I am having some sleep wake issues when sleeping the pc from media browser classic. I found a few root causes and hoping someone can help. I kept getting a black wmc screen so whenever I woke the pc so.... 1) I uninstalled the display driver but kept the current catalyst control center. Then I let windows auto detect. Now it shows a version from 4/3/13. I think it says 12.1. Not exactly sure because I'm at work and not home right now. So I did this and also played with regular sleep, not hybrid sleep. It would sleep and wake fine when sleeping from live tv playing, the guide screen, or the main WMC screen. 2) Then I tried sleep from the media browser classic screen. Slept fine, but I was not able to access my tuners after wake. Even the hdhomerun software wouldn't detect the tuners. I had to restart the pc to access the tuners again. I found this to be the wmcserver plugin. I had this issue before but reinstalled it recently thinking the problem was something else. So I uninstalled wmcserver and it's plugin in media browser server and that issue is solved. No more tuner errors on sleep/wake from media browser classic. 3) lastly I tried sleep/wake from media browser classic while playing a movie or show. Sleeps fine but wakes to a black screen, but I can hear navigation sounds if I press keys on the remote. If I press live tv, live tv plays and everything works fine. So now I think I need to find a better codec pack or settings. I'm using shark007 but maybe I need to deviate away from shark codecs. What does everyone recommend for codecs? Anyone else using serverwmc and having it freeze or lock up tuners?
  12. TOP TIP: Before messing with filters/decoders always create a system restore point and only do one change at a time and check the outcome before changing something else. A MUST: ONLY EVER INSTALL ONE CODEC PACK, always uninstall all others before changing packs There are many misconceptions that installing a codec pack will solve all your playback issues when it comes to Windows Media Center (WMC) and in turn MediaBrowser-Classic (MBC). If you think this then you need to read on. When MS released Win7 they incorporated a set of codecs and rules and these were neatly packaged under what they like to call the "Windows Media Foundation" (WMF) So what does this all mean. It means that they installed their own filters(codecs) under the System32 folder which don't allow you to alter the way that Windows 7 and 8 now decode various media containers. Bummer right? Yeah!!! In order to over come these MS niggles we need to disable these WMF codecs to allow for your new ones to do their work. How do we do this... Well lucky for you folks there is a tool available called Win7FilterTweaker (for both Win7 and 8) The FilterTweaker Tool Explained - A very powerful and useful tool!!! Did you know that this tool messes with your system files.... probably not. And that sometimes this tool fails to rename those files back to what it originally was... you probably didn't know that either. So basically you've broken your video playback in WMC and don't know what to do. What I want to do is let you understand what's going on, so you can make your own decisions as to what to enable/disable. (The screen shots below are for my setup. I install and register 2 filters direct into the sysWoW64 and System32 folder, then I use ffdshow to set up my codecs (this is advanced) and the FilterTweaker tools to set the merits of my codecs - that's beside the point, your setup will be different if you don't install the 2 filters). Firstly lets look at the Main Screen. MS Codec Tweaks I want to explain to you about this filter messing with your files. The middle Button in the screenie above (MS Codec Tweaks) is the culprit. Now WMC on 64bit systems runs 64bit not 32bit as is often thought. This still refers to the System32 folder on 64bit systems. So any file mishandling is going to occur in that folder even on 32bit system. If we click on MS Codec Tweaks one we are presented with this screen. I have disabled the Microsoft DTV-DTD Audio Decoder only. Be warned that if you disable the DTV-DTD Video Decoder it can Break LiveTV in WMC. So what has that little tick box done. It's renamed one of my system files from msmpeg2adec.dll to msmpeg2adec.dll.bak in the System32 folder in turn disabling it. Be warned that this may not work for you if you have UAC turned on, you may also need to "Take Ownership" of the files too in order to allow for the tool to rename. You can see I've highlighted the 2 files. These refer to the DTV-DTD Decoders for both audio and video. The rest of the options you can disable in the filtertweaker are also in the System32 folder and are highlighted below. Preferred Decoders - (Also know as filter merits) If you click this button you will be presented with something like this. I can easily prove that my filter merits are working how I want by using a powerful tool called GraphStudio || Download GraphStudioNext 32Bit || Download GraphStudioNext 64Bit All you need to do is download graphstudio, run the .exe file and drag and drop any media file into the big blank grey area under the icons. It will query the file and then produce a graph like this By right clicking on the In/Out nodes and selecting properties you can see everything that the filter is doing and what outputs you should expect. This is particularly useful when trying out new settings within your codec pack. If i change the setting in the filtertweaker tool to LAV filter (effectively changing the merit of the LAV filter to highest, as shown below) I can prove that the change has worked. I AM IN CONTROL!!! see how this is working now. MediaFoundation Button So you need to go down the "preferred decoders" list and assign another filter other than Microsoft in order for the following disabled filters to work. If you don't have another option in the decoder list then dont disable, in the Media Foundation or you will break that container. This is basically useful for MP3's and particularly .mov files(trailers in Mediabrowser). If you don't disable the .mov then trailers may have some issues playing. Also .avi's can prove troublesome with some codec packs. IMPORTANT: If you are new to filters/codec packs DONT install Sharks007 Codec Pack!! Its far to complex for the basic user and is way over the top for any codec pack. You need something with simplicity. LAV Filters seems to be about as basic as you can get but give you maximum playback facilities with some basic options too. Here are a couple of tutorials written by myself(FFDshow) and JonTheHTPC(LAV Filters) Setting up LAV Filters Setting up FFDShow I certainly hope that this has opened up your eyes to Filters and decoders and how they can affect your system.
  13. Welcome to Media Browser Classic! For those of us left still clinging onto Windows Media Center, for whatever reason (even with the awesome standalone Media Browser Theater client available), you still want your viewing experience to be the best it can possibly be. However, despite the various reviews and opinions that external players provide a superior picture quality over the internal player for WIndows Media Center, WMC user often still prefer the "completeness" in preferring the internal player option, when it comes to Media Browser. So, with that said, I offer one of the simplest, yet most high-performing and quality-producing playback filters available to make the most of your media viewing experience - LAV Filters. LAV Filters LAV is a multi-format DirectShow media splitter and decoding suite, based loosely on the ffmpeg project. What it does is allow you to playback the majority of modern media files, without compromising quality or performance. Native Windows 7 codecs are based upon the "new" Media Foundation, which provides support for many formats, but not some of the more popular open source media containers, like Matroska (MKV), for example. Why You Need LAV Depending on the file formats you use, you may not actually need LAV. However, for those of you that do need something other than the default Media Foundation, or are looking for a better performing and less complicated codec pack, LAV can provide that to you, plus all the advanced options you could hope for - all in a single executable that will work with default settings for the average user. LAV supports hardware accelerated playback using the the most common graphics hardware from Intel, Nvidia, and AMD. LAV also has highly-efficient software playback for those of you that do not have graphics supporting DXVA2 playback. LAV is capable of providing bitstreaming of common Dolby and DTS formats, as well as the current high definition audio formats like DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD. LAV also has built-in subtitle support for specific file format configurations. The LAV Guide, Windows Media Center, and MB Classic As you may have been wondering by now, "How do sign up?", well, that's where theHTPC.net's LAV filter guide comes into play. You see, it's not a completely simple process to install LAV filters and override Window's Media Foundation preferences when using the Media Center internal player. However, do not worry, it's not a terribly bad ordeal either. By following the guide, step-by-step, I can assure you that you will have properly configured system with the most minimal risk of "codec conflict" available. This guide assumes a few things, but can be altered depending upon hardware availability. In other words, if your configuration sways from the following a little, don't worry! The Media Browser forums are a terrific place to find out how to make the guide work for you! You have a properly working Windows 7 (or Windows 8) system with no other codecs installed. You have a PC capable of hardware accelerated playback of supported format(s) (i.e. h.264). You have an audio/video receiver (AVR) that is HDMI-equipped and is capable of decoding digital audio configured for passthrough (AC-3, DTS, DTS-HD, TrueHD, etc.). You have the need for displaying external subtitle formats (.srt, for example). LAV supports embedded subtitles, but is not capable of pulling external subtitles into the playback chain. Therefore, xy-vsfilter is an optional installation for supporting this configuration (while still supporting embedded subs!). You are using the internal Windows Media Center player for playback of all media files via Media Browser Classic. If those points sound like you, or are very close, then please, continue on to... theHTPC.net's Guide to Configuring LAV Filters in Media Center, with Subtitle Support
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