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  1. CtrlAlt7

    Play On Xbox One not listed

    I have MBC setup with MBS running as a service. Everything is working fine and within MBS settings I see Xbox One as a listed device. When using the mediabrowser 8.1 app or the windows phone 8 app I don't see Xbox One as a listed player to select. Within file explorer in windows I am able see Xbox One as a listed device and play to it. From my Xbox I am able the launch the media player app and successfully connect to mediabrowser and play files, just vice versa doesn't work. Any ideas on why it doesn't appear within the apps?
  2. StLDreiling

    Xbox 360, DLNA, & the 64-bit MP4

    I only choose to beat this dead horse because the difficulty I'm having in this area stands in such stark contrast to the rapid and amazing development work going on everywhere else around this platform, from the server feature set and add-ons to the mobile apps. MediaBrowser is a stunning achievement and plays a central role in my house. In short, the Xbox 360 cannot "see" the MB3 DLNA server on the network when I access the "System Video Player" app. What it's really looking for, as far as I can tell, is a Windows Media Player Sharing or equivalent service, since Windows PCs and other third-party DLNA servers on my network appear in this list. In lieu of directly accessing the DLNA server using System Video Player, as I do via the "equivalent" Media Player app on the Xbox One with great success, I often use my mobile app or the web interface to "Play To" the console. However, this only works for certain files and file types. For example, Play To seems to attempt to play MP4s directly to the console, even if the files in question meet the criteria for transcoding under the Xbox 360 profile, resulting in consistent failure (the biggest problem with the playback of my MP4s on my 360 is the number of large files in my library encoded with 64-bit offsets). I have attempted to make use of MBC and the Xbox 360 MCE for media playback, as the interface is beautiful, fun, and intuitive. However, it is an inelegant and impermanent solution for a number of reasons and MBC seems to be nearly deprecated anyway. There are other things I need my Windows client PC doing besides hosting a RD connection from my 360 and transcoding video files off a network share. I have attempted to run alternative, third-party DLNA servers that the 360 will recognize (such as Serviio), alongside MB3, but I hate them. For one thing, MB3 is the only DLNA server I know of that discerns the difference between a 32-bit MP4 (which I would want the 360 to play directly) and a 64-bit MP4 (which I would want/need transcoded), which means any other solution will necessarily transcode absolutely everything at great cost to my server's performance. But most of all, by not using MB3 as my DLNA server, I lose access to the amazing plugins/add-ons and content management solutions employed by MB3, including and especially Collections and Playlists. Short of buying an Xbox 360 for the development team or replacing my own Xbox with a Roku, options that have been categorically denied to me by my wife, what can be done? P.S. I'm obsessed with MediaBrowser. As I mentioned on Twitter a few months ago, it's revolutionized entertainment in my home. The first thing I do every morning is log into the web interface to see if there's a new beta release of the server. I'm tech savvy, but not a dev, so if I can be of any help here, please let me know!
  3. Hi, Yesterday my kids were watching a movie that had previously played just fine but on that day it suffered from a problem that I generally have when streaming outside my home on low bandwidth connections - the video would take a pause every few minutes and then kick back in. Very frustrating to watch; it drove my dad bonkers - "Why don't you just put the DVD in?" I have MB Server 3.0.5464.40000, MB Classic 3.0.328.0, and they were playing it on an XBOX 360. So I took a look at the server and found something very odd - Even though the movie was encoded as a 10 Mbps 1920x1080 H.264 in a MKV container, it was playing "direct." Not transcoding. The Xbox seemed to be choking on the file. After that movie we watched another that was encoded in a similar way but at a much lower bitrate. An mkv with an H.264 1916x796 / 4.254 Kbps. This file played OK with no stops but was still playing "direct." My XBOX 360 never played MKV files directly before... Now - I just made alot of changes. These files are not stored on the MB Server they are on a NAS. I just moved them from a NAS that was serving them via SMB to a NAS that is attached to the server via an iSCSI link. So maybe the path substitution was not working properly before but now it is... But I thought that the XBOX would need any MKV transcoded. I also thought the playback filters would prevent the XBOX 360 from trying to direct play any file too heavy for it? Since the second movie worked, I stopped short of breaknig the path substitution to force transcoding. It WAS nice to have fast forward & rewind working in the 2nd movie, but it was not nice to watch the first movie while trying to avoid having a seizure. Does this make sense on any level? Thanks very much to all of the developers who work on this excellent project! Happy Holidays! H
  4. Well, With the holiday season here there are deals everywhere. I am running a media "server" that has MB3 installed. It also has Windows 8.1 with media center so I have MB classic installed as well. This empowers me to connect to my Xbox 360 an extender. I have 2 servers setup and 3 Xbox' as well. My question today is should I plan to move away form Windows media center and use MB only that streams to a box located at my TV? Kids have Ipad mini's and we are streaming to them with no issue, thank you for the app. So with all the boxing day specials what is the best box to use for streams, I assume an android based box. Server is too far away to run an long HDMI cable. Thanks in advance. m
  5. In the forum, I've seen various answers for the blue lines in MB Classic. Is there one definitive solution I can use to solve it? On my PC, I can see Over/Underscan in advanced options, but I don't see that on my XBox. Thanks!
  6. (I originally posted this on the old support forums for MB2 but I think it's still relevant info. Hopefully it can get added to the tutorials.) If you're like me, you use MB over your XBox 360 and if you're like me you've had nothing but issues with your MKV files especially as of late. These are my finds and they are based upon the fact that you have a properly installed MB and are already capable of watching some MKV files on your XBox, these fixes are only to correct specific issues. ***Problem #1*** "ARGH! My MKV plays but it's stuttering like crazy."* (Jerky video playback) ***Solution:*** This is most likely caused by either subtitles or menus added to the MKV file. To correct this. Download MKVToolnix and use mkvmerge.exe to remove the subtitles and menus like this; - Open mkvmerge GUI and load your problem MKV - Uncheck the boxes next to any subtitles or menus. - Make sure the check marks next to the Video and Audio stream are still checked and hit "Start Muxing" The resulting file should play with no issues at this point. ***Problem #2*** "OMFG WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS STUPID THING?!?!? I have audio but no video.* (Audio is playing fine but the screen is black) ***Solution:*** Don't know how or why but this fixes it; - Open mkvmerge.exe and load your problemed MKV (mkvmerge.exe is a part of MKVToolnix) - Click on your video stream under "Tracks, chapters and tags:" - Click on the "Extra Options" tab and for "Compression" select none. Do the same as step 3 for the audio stream. - Make sure the check marks next to the Video and Audio stream are still checked and hit "Start Muxing" The resulting file should play with no issues at this point. ***Problem #3*** "Ok I've tried everything and nothing works. 'Bounces head off desk'."* (No worries, you're not alone.) ***Solution:*** You unfortunately may need to re-encode your video files. This isn't as scary as you might think and as long as you're running a decent computer it shouldn't take more than a couple hours to re-encode your file. Here's what to do; - Grab a program called Handbrake and a program called MediaInfo and install them. When installing MediaInfo select "Text" for Output format. Once you've installed Handbrake change the "Priority level" to Normal in options under the "System and Logging" tab. - Drag and drop your video file onto the MediaInfo icon and remember one bit of info, under the video section, "Bit rate" - Now drag and drop your video file onto the Handbrake icon and change the "Output Settings" to "MKV File" then reference the following links to set the rest of the settings. Video Tab, Audio Tab, Advanced Tab - With all these settings set I recommend saving the profile for future use. Then the only thing you need to set each time is the "Bit rate" on the "Video" tab. - Press "Start" and wait for your encode to finish. I strongly recommend leaving your computer alone until it's done. (If you use my settings exactly, you will see no difference in the video quality of your file and it will play perfectly on the XBox.) *If none of this works for you, maybe you've found a new problem for me to beat my head against the wall about. lol Post it in here and I'll try to help you.* **My Setup Is** - Intel i5-3350p - 16gig of ram - 20TB Raid 0 (Where all my videos are stored) - 256GB SSD (Where Windows/MB3 are stored) - Win 8.1 Pro 64-bit - Shark007 Standard Codecs (32bit and 64bit v1.7.6 at time of posting this) - XBox 360 (I do not use Transcoding and all files play over the 360) - MB3/MB3 Classic - Current Release I find it doesn't matter what bit rate your files are at or size. I play files well over 7GB on my xbox with 5.1 audio with no issues. Make sure you have the "Optional Media Update" update found in the xbox live market place installed on your xbox it allows for AAC audio and a few other things it doesn't talk about.
  7. MASantangelo

    Error when on Xbox 360?

    Hello everyone, I just recently found out about Media Browser 3 from a friend and have set it up at my apartment. It works VERY well and I'm really pleased with it overall. We're having one issue that I can't seem to figure out. Our current setup is as follows: MEDUSA is our server box. It has 2 Shares setup on it, TV and Movies. MB3 is installed there. BEHEMOTH, BALANCE, LITANY are 3 Desktops that connect to MEDUSA MB3 Server through Windows Media Center. They all work fine! XBOX360 downstairs connects to BEHEMOTH as a Windows Media Extender. Media Browser shows up in the list of activities and loads properly. However, any content we click on results in a "Warning could not directly access media. Will attempt to stream." message. Examples of the share UNC Paths are: \\LocalNAS\Admin_Data\My Music \\MEDUSA\Movies \\MEDUSA\TV We are running: (Server) MediaBrowser Server Version 3.0.5115.35703 (Clients) MediaBrowser Classic Version B12-4.1 Steps to Reproduce Error: Turn on Xbox 360 Launch Media Center on Xbox 360 Select Media Browser Select a Library Select a Title Select a File Click Play Wait 30-60 Seconds Error message appears Log files from Server & WMC Client associated to Xbox are here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3zbh0a6i840toge/dz02PcxkIi Any recommendations would be appreciated. I have followed guides here: http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/703-how-to-make-unc-folder-shares/ http://community.mediabrowser.tv/permalinks/1227/which-movie-formats-does-the-xbox-360-support-do-i-need-anything-special If you need any other information please let me know --- if I can get this working I'll be thrilled and I'm sure to consider trying the Android app as well!
  8. Running server v3.0.5099.2102 & MBC v3.0.103.0 B12-19.1 When I send something to the MBC on my XBOX it plays fine. But the XBOX will start to go into power save mode and have to keep awake with the controller. Anyone else having this issue?
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