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Found 6 results

  1. drevokocur

    server disconnecting

    hi, I'm using the latest media server version (windows 10) as well as the latest lg tv webos app. it often happens, while navigating through the the gui of the tv, that the loading icon is shown and the server becomes unresponsive. if I go to the "connect server" menu, it won't find the server which was connected couple of seconds ago. I'm connecting to an internal ip address. the only solution is to either restart the emby server or the lg tv emby app. there is nothing in the log, just a connection from the app and that's it, no other info after the problem occurs - I can attach the log though. the connection between the server pc and the tv is ok - e.g. the plex tv app + plex server are working ok, I can connect to the windows pc via dlna app of the lg tv. so, it comes down to the problem only being in the emby server/emby lg tv app. any idea, what's wrong? thanks
  2. Catsrules

    Music and Bluetooth

    So far I have been very impressed with Emby, for video as well as Music. There is just one thing that is driving me crazy Media does not Pause when a Bluetooth audio device is disconnected. For example, I play music from emby in my car over bluetooth. The idea is when I turn the car off the music will stop playing. This is what other Music/media apps do. However Emby continues to play the music and it switches to my built in speakers and I need to manual pause the music. Is there any way to enable this? I looked around but I couldn't see anything. I think I am at the mercy of the developers on this one.
  3. Good morning, Emby Team. I recently purchased a Sony Bravia XBR-75X580E and I was having a problem where the TV was automatically switching to the built-in Chromecast source randomly and automatically turning itself on randomly and displaying the built-in Chromecast source. I've narrowed the problem down to Emby as it only application that stays connected/reconnects to the built-in Chromecast even after the Emby Android app has been disconnected from the Chromecast and exited. After disconnecting Emby from the Chromecast and exiting the Emby app in Android, after a few minutes the TV will automatically switch back to the built-in Chromecast which displays the black Emby screen indicating that Emby has somehow reconnected and casted to the built-in Chromecast. These are the steps I take to close down the Emby Android app: Stop playback of any media Click the Chromecast icon and select "Disconnect" Click "Yes" at the "Would you like to close Emby on the device?" prompt At this point, the Emby app is still open and displayed on the phone despite just clicking to "Yes" in Step 3 to close Emby on the device, but is seemingly not connected to any Chromecasts. The built-in Chromecast is also no longer displaying Emby which also indicates that it is not connected to Emby at this time. I click the Home button on Android to go to the Home screen, and a few minutes later the TV switches back to the built-in Chromecast and displays the black Emby screen indicating that Emby somehow reconnected to the Chromecast by itself without any user interaction. The only work-around I've found that prevents Emby from reconnecting to the Chromecast on its own is: Re-open Emby app in Android Reconnect it to the built-in Chromecast (don't play any media) Disconnect it again from the Chromecast by clicking the Chromecast icon and select "Disconnect" Again clicking "Yes" at the "Would you like to close Emby on the device?" prompt Force close the Emby app in Android How can I fix this permanently so that Emby does not reconnect to the built-in Chromecast after I've already disconnected from it? It's kind of a hassle (and a first-world problem, honestly) to have to force-close the Emby app in Android to get it to do what it told me it was already going to do but didn't do. Thank you!
  4. Richard Pruitt

    Chromecast Disconnect Option

    There seems to be an issue when switching from Chromecast to Local Render in the Android app. It does not disconnect from Chromecast. I have noticed that, unlike other Chromecast enabled apps, Emby for Android does not have the "Disconnect" option for Chromecast. When switching renderers, it still leaves the picture up on the Chromecast. My feature request is to, please, add a "Disconnect" to the Chromecast menu. Thank you, Richard
  5. During playback on my xbox 360 extender, the movie plays for about 3-5 mins and the crashes displaying the following: "A program on your Windows Media Center PC has caused the Xbox 360 to disconnect. Would you like to reconnect?" After reconnecting it is like the movie or TV show was never played....no resume option. I am running MediaBrowser Classic 3.0.256 (Beta) on a Windows 7 x64 machine, with MediaBrowser Server Version 3.0.5518.7. MediaBrowser Classic log file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gsa5u3auvzss0ja/MBClassic-73201517a1fb10384e4f11b855b96f7eb61522.log?dl=0
  6. I rebuilt my entire server this is a fresh install of Win 7. MB Server 3.0.5416.0 / Media Browser for Roku 1.64 External Roku connects and plays content fine, even though the server reports the user is constantly disconnecting/reconnecting. It also appears that its just dumping a bunch of tiny 15-20 sec transcode clips, the directory is currently sitting at about 700 files. I have my transcode location set to a specific path for server. Help would be appreciated to address this issue. Server Log Transcode Log
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