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  1. RedStripe

    Trailer images

    Media Browser Server 3.0.5264 Question: How does one specify custom images (backdrops, primary, etc) for Trailers in new release? I still have Trailers folder in IBN but images no longer display in MediaBrowser nor MediaBrowseClassic. P.S. Will we be able to specify custom images when using new Trailers plugin only?
  2. After using MB2 for years, I recently upgraded to MB3 and generally speaking everything works very well. The only feature that seems to have been much better in MB2 is the way trailers played. In MB3, when a trailer is started, it goes into 'Buffering' and it takes a very long time to start playing, plus usually in the middle of a trailer, it goes back to 'Buffering' again. It's not fun this way My media center is on a 2.4 GHz wireless N connection, my internet connection is plenty fast and streaming videos from my home server to the media center is no problem otherwise. Is this because the MB2 Trailer plugin downloaded and stored the trailers locally, while the new 'Trailers' feature performs a direct download every time a trailer is played? What can I do to make watching trailers a better experience? Thanks.
  3. The whole function of the Trailers plug-in is to provide trailers for upcoming movie releases. The ability to also download trailers for the movies you own (if they can be found) was tacked onto it but, really, the plug-in is for upcoming movies.
  4. Starlionblue

    Incomplete local trailer download

    I'm using the Trailers plugin to download trailers locally. While some download fine, I have a few that are 0kb and quite a few that 0-20 megs. These seem to be incomplete downloads as they work for the first few seconds, then throw an error. In WMP I get "Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing this file. Unfortunately I don't know quite what to look for in the logs to find these downloads. Is this because a restart interrupts the plug or some other error? Is there a way to get the plugin to revalidate already downloaded trailers to see if they are "correct"?
  5. Slouchmr

    FR: MBT Trailer Streaming

    I know there is plugin to download trailers, however i dont really want waste gb of disk space to store trailers it would be awesome if it had some link to trailers on youtube.
  6. Hi there, Just came across your Breeze theme - by far the best I have seen - well done! I had a couple of small requests though, if it is possible to add: (Splitting them to separate threads as requested) 1) In Poster view under my movie section (just before you click into the movie detail screen you want) it shows the full write-up of the movie on the left hand side panel (the one that takes up about half the screen on the left). Would it be possible to have an option in the view menu to disable or change it to a smaller view without the description (maybe the same one you show in the coverflow? that would sit on top of the posters below). For me I would love to see a full page of my movies that I have scrolling vertically (since I have a lot) rather than half the screen taken by the description. I feel its a bit redundant on this view as you read this info on the next screen before you click play. 1a) Also on a side note to the above panel, I notice that the title in yellow is truncated about 60% of the width of the panel. Most of my titles don't fit although it looks like they would if this truncated at the end of the panel instead of about half way. It does scroll but just doesnt look right. I saw a previous request (I think that covered this) but I am still seeing it on my end. Sorry I dont have any pics to show, but hope the above is clear enough I don't know if the above is possible/easy/hard but would make Breeze the perfect theme for me! Thank you for all your assistance.
  7. Hi, I don't know if this is the future plans, but I really enjoyed the "intro plug-in" that EBR made to MB2. It made the whole experience much greater, and it amazed alot of friends. Will we see a similar plug-in later on in MB3 too? Link to the old plug-in here
  8. swhitmore

    Non-English Trailers

    Hey guys, I'm noticing a few Non-English local trailers being downloaded for English movies. The last one was 'Despicable Me 2'. Is any one else having this problem?
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