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  2. So, a question. When I deleted all my libraries, did I also lose all the stuff that I had organized, or when I add the library's back will that information still be available to me?
  3. Yep, call this a problem solved.
  4. Thanks for following up. Glad to hear you figured it out.
  5. Hi, can you update to the latest version of Emby Server?
  6. Napsterbater

    Firestick Lite transcoding HEVC

    Isn't that the point of the Beta that I am enrolled in? To test the new clients without sideloading? I am seeing quite a few beta update notifications so it seems this version is not abandoned, yet you seem to be implying it is going to be abandoned in favor of the other one.
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  8. ebr

    CoverArt 4

    Hi. Try restarting the server.
  9. NinthWave

    FreeBSD Package

    Thanks for your quick reply. The "ELF interpreter error" was common and it will surely fix it. I just realized the jail is under a VLAN and can't resolve any WAN DNS. I have asked help on TrueNAS to resolve this. I will come back here once this is solved.
  10. Hi there, let's look at an example. Please attach the information requested in how to report a media playback issue. Thanks!
  11. cassete

    Issues with Emby on LG TV

    Olá! Também estou percebendo alguns travamentos no App web lg smartv ao navegar pelas opções. Foi após a última atualização. Ia fazer esse comentário, mas como vc já falou, vamos esperar a correção. E também venho cobrando uma atualização no App, interface do emby há tempos. O plex fez essa mudança e ficou muito similar ao Amazon prime, estou testando o plex, e está também havendo alguns travamentos sutil no App ao navegar.. já disseram que irão corrigir na próxima versão. Estou no aguardo do emby fazer mudança para um App simples e rápido para navegar... E que não dê autonomia para o usuário fazer muitas mudanças...
  12. Does MusicCast with Plex display all items in lists at once, or is it something where there's seven items plus a button to load more?
  13. Luke

    FreeBSD Package

    Does this help? https://metin2.dev/topic/26714-elf-interpreter-libexecld-elfso1-not-found-error-8/
  14. FrostByte

    Reset password on DSM7 Emby server

    Ya, OP is going to need to enable SSH on their NAS and then use something like Putty/Terminal/ or WinSCP to navigate the folder from Windows. I normally use WinSCP, but here's a good little Synology kb to walk you through enabling SSH and using Windows Terminal. It was written for DSM 6, but the instructions are the same for DSM 7 How can I sign in to DSM/SRM with root privilege via SSH? - Synology Knowledge Center
  15. NinthWave

    FreeBSD Package

    I followed the instructions shown here: https://emby.media/truenas-server.html But it failed root@truenas[~/iocage-amd64]# iocage fetch -P emby-server.json dhcp="on" --branch truenas12 Plugin: emby-server Official Plugin: False Using RELEASE: 12.2-RELEASE Using Branch: truenas12 Post-install Artifact: https://github.com/MediaBrowser/iocage-amd64.git These pkgs will be installed: - audio/libogg - audio/libvorbis - audio/opus - converters/fribidi - databases/sqlite3 - converters/libiconv - devel/libzvbi - devel/ocl-icd - graphics/ImageMagick6 - graphics/libdrm - graphics/libraw - graphics/png - graphics/tesseract - graphics/webp - lang/mono6.8 - multimedia/intel-media-sdk - multimedia/libass - multimedia/libtheora - multimedia/libva - print/freetype2 - security/gnutls - x11/libX11 - x11-fonts/fontconfig ELF interpreter /libexec/ld-elf.so.1 not found, error 2 ELF interpreter /libexec/ld-elf.so.1 not found, error 2 + Starting services FAILED ERROR: [b''] Refusing to start emby-server_1: exec_start failed emby-server_1 had a failure Exception: SystemExit Message: 1 Partial plugin destroyed Any help ?
  16. I have got the same problem since I updated. I don't play movies that often so it took me a while to figure it stopped working. At first I suspected ACL but I found this thread. I also get the message about no streams beeing available. So what is the fix ? I am not sure I understand what to do. Thanks
  17. Luke

    Reset password on DSM7 Emby server

    @FrostByte have you done this before?
  18. Hi, I tried many things, but it came down to the MyCloudPR4100 Server, running the new OS 5, changed the required path to the folders on the hard drives!! They used to be \\MyCloudPR4100\... (or the ip address) but now wants /shares/... or that is the way my setup went, I am only slightly above a newbie. I hope this helps someone else. Now to rebuild my Libraries because I had deleted them to trying to find the solution. Thank you for your help.
  19. rbronco21

    Visual Studio Code users here

    I use VS at work and need 3 different versions installed to support old software. I’m not a developer so this stuff mystifies me. Does Code have versions? Do I need an old version to compile plug-ins? I’m looking at Emby’s example here. Are there others?
  20. seanbuff

    HTTPS Remote access to Emby using Chromecast

    Just to add to this, I am using ZeroSSL to secure my Emby Server and have many Chromecast users with no issues.
  21. Luke

    Conversion not working anymore

    Did you try running the convert media scheduled task? The default schedule for this task is every three hours, so based on this, it looks like you may have configured a specific schedule for it: 2022-01-16 12:53:33.027 Info TaskManager: Daily trigger for Convert media set to fire at 01/17/2022 00:00:00, which is 666.44954255 minutes from now. And you may have forgotten hat you did that, and that's why it's not running.
  22. Regarding connections, you may need to ensure ports are open through a firewall. I would suggest taking a look at our Connection Troubleshooter: https://support.emby.media/support/solutions/articles/44001849007-connectivity Please try the steps listed there and let us know which ones succeed and which ones do not. Thanks !
  23. Hi there, did you complete the initial library scan after setting up that library?
  24. mihirrocks9999

    Multi-Cast Support

    Hey I'm currently making a non-docker dependent version of this. It's currently in python with a gui, but would a different file format be better. Like a chrome extension or a .jar/.exe file.
  25. Luke

    m3u list

    Hi there, can we please look at an example? Please describe your issue in more detail: Thanks !
  26. Luke

    EMBY + Synology Server Media: help

    Thanks for the feedback.
  27. Thanks for the feedback.
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