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Is there any way to record actor thumbnails as a link?

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As you can see in the picture below, the actor thumbnails are recorded in 2 different ways, local position and tmdb link.


But what I really want is that all the actor thumbnail are recorded as a tmdb link, yes I would rather load the images every time I explore the series in the library because I don't see necessity having those on my local disk permanently.


Is there any way to achieve my need? :(



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Hi, no we don't currently have any options to force it to always load from the internet.


Sorry to ask but any chance it would be a new feature in the future updates?

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If there's enough community demand for it then yes.

I need it. I believe some guys like me who scrape some no-formal media metadata via NFO file by third-party software also need this feature urgently, I mean show actors thumbnail by NFO link is an important and basic feature, other media platforms like Plex support it long time ago. Edited by MosDos
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