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Found 7 results

  1. Hi I am trying to use Media Browser Theater but it cannot log in. I enter the username and password and after about 15 seconds it displays the message "Login Failure Unable to connect to remote server" I installed today and the program was working but no longer does after restarting the computer. Media Browser Classic through WMC is still able to log in and play media. The media browser service is running from the same machine and is version 3.0.5518.7. Media Browser Theatre version is 3.0.5531.26414 I can't figure out what is wrong, any help would be appreciated. theater-63561712923.txt
  2. In Media Browser Theater we have the ability to tag trailers, and quality of the movie such as 720p and 1080p, but it would be helpful to have a way to tag Extended Cut vs Theatrical release. I maintain multiple versions of the same movie in the same folder, such as the Hobbit 1080p Theatrical Release, as well as the Hobbit 1080p Extended Release. It would be nice if Media Browser Theater would display this as another option as it does with trailers.
  3. I have several collections defined in my library; movies, home movies, documentaries, tv, etc. in MBT the only ones that show up are movies, tv and playlists. I'm wondering if only collections that are of type "movies" will display in MBT. The ones that do not show are set to types "home videos" and "mixed". Is this the case? I really don't want to set all my collections to type "movies" because I really like the way that the web client and my windows 8 tablet are working. These other collections are accessible if I set up a "folders" view, but I actually prefer not to have that. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. I am still having problems in Server version Version 3.0.5264.17006 and Theater 3.05243.22734 playing back .wtv recorded TV programs with MPC-HC 1.7.5 set as the external player for .wtv files Specifically, subtitles do not display and are greyed out I cannot jump past commercials using the harmony remote. Skip forward is not working. And stop does not return me to Theater. I am getting a lengthy filter list in MPC-HC: iTV MPEG-2 Section and Tables madVR Default Direct Sound Device PBDA DT Filter LAV Video Decoder (internal) Audio Switcher PBDA DT Filter LAV Audio Decoder (internal) Stream Buffer Source However, the recorded TV show will play and 720 is upscaled to 1080 so the video quality is improved.
  5. I was just wondering how the trailers and other channels are going to be handled in MBC and MBT. I know the new server just came out, so I figured it'll take some time. I figured the trailers menu in MBC would disappear, since they are now a channel. Looking forward to all the options that have been presented, and all the possibilities for the future.
  6. Attached is the log, I looked through it and see where it says to mount and play in tmt6 but I don't see any errors. theater-63520374167.log
  7. Good afternoon, I have somewhat of a selfish request to maybe look into later at some point regarding Media Browser Theater. Currently MBKinect has a new ability to control and maneuver the Windows Operating Systems cursor. Very Cool right!?! However, instead of incorporating "user32" libraries from Windows to change the Cursor on the entire system every time MBKinect runs, I was hoping that you guys might consider the following. Media Browser Theater incorporates the use of two types on cursors when using a mouse 1. A Hand Cursor. This could be customized and a bitmap, could be drawn to suit your needs as far as how you would want it to look and customized for a Ten foot interface. It would also be used only over the WPF layer of Media Browser Theater only. 2. A Grip Hand Cursor This would be used on a keyboard "Enter" key press These are fairly easy implementations through .Net . Much eaier than trying to use Windows API Libraries like "user32" and figuring out PInvoke nonsense while using them. Plus, I think it would be a cool idea for the theater as well. People using the mouse is going to happen.
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