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Found 14 results

  1. pacho_1

    Selección de idioma

    Hola, y perdonar por la pregunta que supongo que sera muy simple, pero no encuentro como. Necesito cambiar el idioma de reproducción en Media Browser Classic V3.0.258.0 pero no encuentro donde poder elegir la pista de reproducción de audio.
  2. Have had a search for an answer to this but either I've missed it or am doing something wrong! I recall when adding MPC-HC as an external player through MBC configurator (on previous installs) that there was an option to have the settings for MPC-HC automagically configured for you by clicking a 'configure my player' link (or did it just pop up?). On the last two installs I've tried on two separate machines (WIndows 7 Home Premium 64bit and Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit) I can't see that option when adding MPC-HC (and no pop up has presented itself). Could there be something blocking it or has
  3. I have been persisting with this for a while now, but I think I need to get it sorted: I don't know what is causing this, but my Media Browser Classic is constantly crashing multiple times whilst trying to use it. I currently run the Breeze theme. The software will load without errors and load into the theme fine, but after that I get constant 'Not Responding' errors. I have noticed that Breeze no longer shows some thumbnails for 'Recently Added' and 'Unwatched' items. Also, when browsing through my movie collection, some titles are displaying the incorrect movie cover even though t
  4. Hi all, I recently re-taged a lot of my music genres since they were a mess and couldn't get Genre Cleaner to work (another issue, but not the reason for this post). SInce re-tagging, all my music shows up everywhere correctly except in MBC. The Music category will show recently added items just fine and I can enter into those, however, going into Music shows No Items. Music by Genre shows all the music correctly. I am using Chocolate & Subdude and both show the same thing. The dashboard shows everything as well. MBC 7-14.1 MBS 3.0.5309.26857 MBC lo
  5. I was just wondering how the trailers and other channels are going to be handled in MBC and MBT. I know the new server just came out, so I figured it'll take some time. I figured the trailers menu in MBC would disappear, since they are now a channel. Looking forward to all the options that have been presented, and all the possibilities for the future.
  6. buddyweiser


    MediaBrowser Classic has just decided to stop working. However, it still works on my 360. I think it might have something to do with the registry cleaner that I used recently, though I don't know exactly when it stopped working as I have been using MBT on my computer most recently. Can anyone help me fix this? The MediaBrowser startup screen displays, but then I get an "Invalid Application" after that.
  7. all4dom

    Subs in MBC

    Hi Guys, I have been reading that some people are able to get subtitles playing in MB Classic and some have not. I have not been able to get subs playing and maybe someone could be kind to point me in the right direction. I have a WHS server 2011 that holds all my media. I have both MB Classic & Server stored on my HTPC with LAV filters 0.59.1 & XY-Vs Filter. I used to run ffdshow, both uninstalled that some time ago. My desktop has MBT and Classic & same setup with lav & xy filters. For the episode I am trying this out on, I have my show, which is a .mkv file and there i
  8. lurch9366

    Specials support

    I really like the new chapter selection in media browser classic. Is there any chance specials can be added in the same way?
  9. ColaGuy82

    No Seasons Found

    I am having an issue getting my TV shows working. Attached is a screen shot of my Media Browser classic app with the corresponding file structure for the show the Simpsons. On my Windows phone, and Media Browser Classic, and windows 8 app, they all show I have unwatched videos, but when I open up the shows, it does not show any seasons. I can play TV shows using the Next up feature, but it is not listed under the show. Accessing the show from the web interface works as advertised. Here is the versions of everything I am using: Media Browser Server: Version 3.0.5152.33756 Media Browser
  10. Hi all, So, I sorted out a new media box after my old trusty one died. I found out Media Browser as I know it was archaic and so I decided to build using MB3. Since the change I have had a few problems but seeing all users that are getting on fine I just need some help to get myself sorted. I am unsure what to explain so I will start from the beginning. Sorry if this gets a little long winded. Setup: HP Microline Server (12tb) running unRaid (Located in spare room) Shares set up for Movies, TV, Fitness Vids, Music Vids (drives set to spin down after one hour of non use - this may
  11. Is there a need for MBC to display the Media Center Music Player section after starting to play? I would like it to not do that if possible. Thanks, Tanamur
  12. ThemeVideo Backdrops Bringing ThemeBackdrop Videos and Audio to MBC for All Themes Hey All, i just wanted to introduce the ThemeVideo Backdrops plugin for Media Browser Classic, you may remember something like this back in the days of MB2 and well, we have brought it into the world of MBC. A massive effort has come from @Cheesegeezer on this so please make sure you give him a like for this one. A massive thank you to you Cheese, it wouldn't have happened without you! If you use any of my theme downloaders for MBS and use MBC, be sure to get this installed and wa
  13. -I currently have MB3 server running and my xbox 360 with windows media center has the MB classic installed. For some reason it's pulling in all the episodes metadata and I don't even have my shows in that folder?
  14. I am at work now, so please forgive me for not posting the logs at the moment..... I did a full rebuild yesterday on the HTPC/gaming system. Nice clean win 8.1 pro, TMT 6.5 which finally has Nvidia refresh rate switching. Everything working great except MBC. I will state that MBS works perfect. Streaming to my android perfectly. Symptom: Media browser classic will not launch, giving the error, unable to launch Mediabrowser3, returning you to Media centre. Findings: 1. While the library is being indexed, can't launch at all. Even after the library had finished, for some reason I c
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