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Found 7 results

  1. I recently upgraded my WD My Cloud EX 2 Ultra server to version 5.04.114 that corresponds to OS 5, when i tried to install the emby server version emby-server-western_digital_ex2_ultra_4.5.2.0_arm I received the message enclosed. Is there a way to use my NAS as emby server ???
  2. InsomniaStudios

    WD My Cloud EX2 as Emby Server?

    Hi, new to the forums and trying to get things figured out. I have read a lot about Emby as being a great solution to my media serving and streaming needs, I just have had some difficulty figuring out how to get it up and running and or if it is even possible. As it stands right now I have a WD My Cloud EX2 NAS storing and serving up my media to a series of Amazon TV FireSticks in my house through KODI. I was hoping to setup Emby to run on the WD and install the KODI addon for it in order to keep my media organized / up to date between devices. I can't for the life of me though figure out if it is even possible much less where to start. Does anyone have any experience running / installing Emby on the WD My Cloud EX2? I know you are able to install 3rd party apps manually on to it, is there a specific version to download and install? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Baumingo

    Emby on my old WD Mybook?

    Hi guys! So I bought my WD Drive years ago and it has been collecting dust for the last year or so. I want to make use of it now as a media server but I find the WD app as well as plex not really fitting(with Plex it is mostly the premium fees I want to avoid). Emby would be great for that an I wanted to know if someone knows how I get that running on my WdMybook live Any ideas how that could work or is there a better way? Would greatly appreciate any help! My Drive is a MyBook Live from WD
  4. A quick question - would there be any possibility for an Emby server plug-in for the Western Digital My Cloud series of NAS boxes? I have a MyCloud Mirror (Gen 1) which currently supports my Kodi MySQL database (and the media itself) and am seeing some good things about Emby. So I was wondering if there was any possibility/plan for that NAS series, or would it need something of greater power? If there is a better place to ask this question, please move the thread (new here so still finding my way around).
  5. cTurtle98

    WD red or AV ?

    hello, I have decided to upgrade the hard drive in my emby server from running off the internal 120gb drive to a deadicated drive for my media library. I found this sale on wd drives https://computers.woot.com/offers/wd-1tb-surveillance-internal-hard-drives-1?ref=w_cnt_lnd_cat_pc_11_1 I am going to get one of the purple drives for my zoneminder but im wondering is WD Red or WD av better for emby, I cant find any comparasons online
  6. Yotengrit

    Direct Play to WD TV Live

    Greetings! I recently swtiched from Plex to Emby because of some technical problems and I really satisfied with the software! However, I have a small problem with one of the media players in our house. We have two Asus O!Play and one WD TV Live players. And the WD one wont play .mkv files from the server, only .avis. If I try to play a .mkv files, it loads a bit, than its says that is cannot be played, etc. I checked around in the forum for some information about it, and I found this one. So I edited my WD TV Live .xml file according to this topic but my problem still persist. Can somebody please help me solve this problem? Thanks in advance. PS: I attached the server log file. server-63567557812.txt
  7. Yotengrit

    WDLXTV and Emby

    Dear forum! I'm planning to upgrade my WDTV Live with a custom firmware for extra features and possibilities. But before I do it, I wish to ask around if anyone tried to use it with Emby server at all? Will it cooperate with DLNA DirectPlay? Since even the official firmware is also act out with DirectPlay sometimes. Thanks in advance!
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