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Found 5 results

  1. Hi. First question... regardless of where I'm watching Emby (Roku typically), we always have to go into the menu and go to the FOLDERS option to change the view to FOLDERS. How do i set this as a default on the Emby Windows Media server? It's tedious to have to make this change, every single time we log into Emby. Secondly and related, when we log into Emby, we go to the top menu, and then have to scroll over to Folders, every single time. How do I move that menu option so that it's first? I can't find this on the Media Server to set the order. Please advise, Thanks T
  2. Ability to enable or disable: FOLDERS UPCOMING TRAILERS SUGGESTIONS FAVOURITES on the top menu bar AND change the menu ordering of the options around to admin or user choice.
  3. I am a relatively new Emby user. There are several things that I find confusing when I try to record shows from Live TV. Due to my lack of understanding it's frustrating not to be able to do scheduled recordings reliably. When this feature works for me, it works really well, but it doesn't always work! It's a very good product and potentially a great product but I need help in understanding what's going on. Here are a few of the issues that confuse me: On one night I may use the Guide to schedule a recording and it behaves as expected (i.e. the recorded program shows up the next day in Recorded TV or in TV Recordings with appropriate metadata images, it replays correctly, etc.) The next day, I may repeat the exact same process and the program fails to record. Tuners were available in both cases, Emby was up and running, no network problems, etc. I am confused by the two very similar menu tabs on the Emby console Live TV screen – TV Recordings and Recorded TV. Some of my recorded content shows up in one place, and some in the other, but the content is not always the same in both places. What is the difference in these two menu tabs? It appears that metadata displayed for recorded content in these locations does not update immediately, but usually appears several hours later when a scheduled refresh occurs. Sometimes doing a manual refresh will populate the folders with metadata, and other times it does not. When I set up my PC a few months ago, I installed a solid-state hard drive and used it for the operating system (currently Windows 10). I intended to separate my user data from OS data and place it on the original hard drive that came with the computer – re-assigned to drive letter "E". I set up a folder for Emby on the "E" drive for recorded TV because I didn't want multi-gigabytes of recorded data stored on the system drive. However, when I updated to the latest Emby server the location apparently got changed back to the default location on the system drive (C:\Users|<name>\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\data\livetv\recordings\...). I added the second location back in Emby (E:\Recorded TV\TV\Series\...) and now I can't predict which location the recorded ".ts" files will be saved in. "Sometimes they're in one location, other times in the other location.) Do my TV recordings really need to be stored on the system drive? I would appreciate your advice and suggestions on how to simplify things and increase reliability.
  4. arrbee99

    Video Controls

    Am just experimenting with the Windows 8.1 Media Browser app on a HP Stream 8. It streams movies fine, but if I can ask a dumb question, where do I find some of the video controls ? There's the timeline at the bottom with the sound icon and stuff in the bottom right, and a pause / play icon in the middle of the screen when playing, but shouldn't there be some kind of back icon to go back to the movie info where you press play in the first place ?
  5. Hi, I have some problems I can't solve. I searched for answers on the forum, and only for some of them I found a solution. 1. Movie Theme Songs: Works fine, but not perfect. Because when I enter into my media collection, the song is playing well, and the backdrops image is not rotating as usually, just stuck in the first picture. The above doesn't happen when there is no song theme in the media folder to play. Sometimes when the song begins, he play for a second or two, then returns to the beginning again and work well. 2. Menus: Sometimes, When I scrolling through my collections. I click right or left button to the next film and the selection jumps forward number of movies. The second thing - Is there a way to lock the menu bar at the top end as it was possible in previous themes, so there will not be able to choose the top menus? I'm using a theme ROC, and there are lots pop-ups with messages, it is very bothers and I want to disable this option. Can it? 3. Trailers Is the trailers download and stored somewhere? If not, is there an option to save them? So that will not be required to buffer the trailers every time I want to see? One last thing about the trailers, when I click on the icon of the trailer is played but the video window does not appear. You need to click on the icon "screen magnification" to see it. A lot of questions, but I would appreciate to get some answers, and if there are Unknown problems than it happy to help in improving the user experience. Rafi
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