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  1. Liquidfire88

    Resume expiration

    I think it would be nice to set an expiration date or time limit on things that can be resumed.
  2. I have some Library's that I want to scan often and others that do not change much at all. I would like to have the Scan Library Task changes to be per Library or even per Folder so that I can customize the Scans to suit the Library. This is required as Real Time Monitoring does not seem to work with Object Based File Systems like StorNext for example
  3. I did a search because I was sure that this request had already been made but I couldn't find anything. Anyway, I would like to request the ability to use a backend database such as MariaDB (MySQL clone) or PostgreSQL instead of just SQLite. I can see this being a huge advantage for users with extremely large collections as the fetch times should be faster. Also, it would allow me to consolidate one more database into my existing PostgreSQL install. I know this would take some restructuring of the current backend but in the long run would give you one more leg up on our competitor as I don't believe they offer any such support.
  4. I have a funny problem: In some of the TV shows scanned by Emby, I get thumbnails for each episode of a certain season. In addition to that, a same number of thumbnails with just the picture of the series is also added, 'doubling' the number of episodes displayed for a certain season. Attached a file that illustrates the situation. Only the first ones can obviously be accessed, while the second set just being displayed. Clicking on them does nothing... I already removed all metadata, asked for refresh and even moved all folders residing in the one for that TV show to a different/new folder. Nothing worked for me so far. I should mention that all data is on a Qnap NAS, but I run the server on a Windows 10 PC. Thanks for any suggestion of how to remove those redundant thumbnails Thanks for any suggestion of how to remove those redundant thumbnails
  5. Hello! I think that a section "lastest/recently watched", at least in movies would be very interesting. Sometimes I go on an actor and watch a movie where he played in... and on the tomorrow I want to see related movies to the one I watched on the yesterday... the problem is I don't remember the name of the movie I played! So I have to go again on the actor to find the good movie. Not practical. A special section would great on server side and implemented in interfaces (android/iOS, ET...). It could give only 15 or 20 lastest items played. Its interesting for movies more than series/episode because in series you've already got the section "next up" which cover this feature already. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Hello, Sometimes we fall on the description of a movie and we want to watch it later, not right now. Today I'm forced to use "favorites" but its not exactly the purpose of this section, its more where I find easily movies for children or the great movie where there's an overkill scene of war in it I want to show to my friends when I invite them... So a section where I can park all movies I want to see later is a great thing. Maybe when à movie is actually watched it could automatically be removed from this section. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Drazgo

    Movie queue?

    I searched forum but didn't see anything specific to this... Is there a current option to build a movie queue? Similar to Netflix I guess. TIA!
  8. Not sure if there is something I did wrong but I had no internet this weekend and tried using my emby app on 2 different android devices to watch movies I had downloaded for offline mode, but I do not see a way to get into the interface without internet. It keeps asking me to sign in.... Is this on purpose? In which case, the offline function is completely useless.
  9. We have a Fire HD 8 (Amazon Tablet) with a 200 GB SD Card (all in $80 - $90) for our son. His favorite shows & movies are synched between the Emby Server & the Emby Application on the Fire HD Tablet. A PIN has been set for Offline Access. The Emby App does not appear to permit us to log in to the Emby Server or use the app for offline content without an internet connection (think Road Trip) This would also work great for watching movies on a device like the Fire HD TV (travel box), long airplane rides, evenings at the beach, mountains, vacation etc. where there may or may not be an internet connection available or may not be a need to pay $15 - $30 / day for internet. The current workaround for this is to use Emby for streaming & content synchronization, while using Kodi for offline organization & playback. Emby appears to have all the right ingredients to play offline content when internet is not available?
  10. I might have asked this before. Maybe not. I would like to be able to broadcast a video to every available player at once.
  11. I'd like to have an indicator present on the dashboard to know an active recording is in progress. Reason being is I check there prior to rebooting/updating the server (such as: is anything going on now I should wait for? Is anyone currently connected?) and then I reboot. Many of times this means I forget a LiveTv recording is active, and I forget to check, and I end up with partial recordings. It doesn't need to be detailed to show what or how many streams are active (unless you want that level of detail), just that currently it is actively recording something to indicate I should wait to reboot/update.
  12. There is a great Plugin on Plex for the NFL Gamepass live streams and game rewind features for the NFL GamePass Subscribers. I love this plugin for Plex but would love to tie it in to my Emby setup so I can only use one of them! Please let me know what this would take and if it's doable! Here's a link to the GitHub page for this plugin! https://github.com/41john/NFL.bundle Thanks a lot!
  13. JunkStar

    NFL Gamepass plugin

    https://gamepass.nfl.com/nflgp/secure/packages?ttv=0 NFL Gamepass plugin would be a really big deal. The PC version they have now is terrible and stuttering during playback. I have bought a Chromecast for this purpose only since i need to cast it from a mobile device with the NFL GamePass app installed.
  14. JunkStar


    http://www.kaashoek.com/comskip/ For recorded tvshows / movies. Works great when its setup correctly. Currently using MCEBuddy and Comskip donater versions to accomplish this and i would love if it was baked directly into Emby
  15. nicodelux

    chat system

    Hi @ all, Is it possible to insert something like a chat system ? This option would be usefull if they are a lot of people ont he server Thanks in advance.
  16. runtimesandbox

    Improve Search

    It would be good if the search function could be improved. At basics it would be good if it only searched "films" if you are inside the film category. It would be nice to have some tick box options under the search bar to say I want to search TV or Film or Music etc...
  17. I would love to see an option to integrate my collection of Comics and E-books For the moment i use Ubooquity to make my comics and E-books availble from my server with works good but it would be nice to have everything in Emby
  18. Untoten

    User Groups/Roles

    This would be amazing for customization. Certain trailers for certain people etc. Also, mass user management via inherited attributes of a user group. The possibilities are quite literally endless, but if LDAP/SSO will not be here for a while (https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/26495-ldap-support/), I believe this would help be a small step forward toward a more progressive administrative panel.
  19. Really appreciate the effort for multiple versions so far. I have following scenario I have one movie in 2 versions. Once with DTS audio and 1080p x265-10bit video and once with DTS audio and 720p x264-8bit video. If I want to play this file with native support for DTS everything works fine. If I play this file e.g. in chrome it is trying to transcode the x265 file automatically which is very heavy on my cpu as it does not have hardware support for x265. It would be great I were able to choose which specific version I want to play for this reason. Furthermore: It would be great if there was a naming scheme for multiple versions for tvshows. So far I have to manually select them and "group versions" which is okay but it would be great if there would be a way for emby to automatically register them. Maybe if they have the same series+season+ep group them by default or something like that. ~Cheers
  20. Hello i have some Feature Requests for the Emby server software 1: a way to set the limit the number of simultaneous logins from users 2: with the iptv software to be able to order the channels it to groups or packages and the be able to set witch user can watch what package/group of iptv channels thats all for now thank you
  21. can we please get the following I share my Emby with my brother but he doesn't like the idea of his kids (my nephews) watching age inappropriate content. and i dont want to make too many accounts in my emby. i know i can use the parental control, which I use for my kids. so is there anyway i can set an Age restriction on my brothers account and as soon as he watches with 15 rated it asks for a pin and allows the stream. this will be awesome please make it happen
  22. It would be great to watch the same program as your other family members and friends that you have given access to your library. On the Emby Homepage, it could highlight, what others on your server are currently watching, and give the option to "join-in" (at approximately the same point), or watch the same program from the beginning. Also when others start watching something, there could be a pop-up dialogue to ask if you want to join-in. There could also be an option to sync play/pause/seek states for all users watching the same program. I realize that "sync playback" has long been asked for to have several TVs in the same house play simultaneously, but due to issues in getting things in proper sync is an issue. Please ignore the urge to dismiss this feature under the same pretense. My mother in Ontario will not notice is my PC in Alberta is 30 milliseconds out of sync with hers.
  23. Support for MSSQL/MySql on a separate server for simultaneous access to the database by other servers
  24. When adding new users to Emby it is incredibly cumbersome, as you have to go through all the screens and check/uncheck all the settings you want. And then do the same under the User's Profile setting. Feature Request: Option A: Have User Groups and all settings applied to the Group so any users who are members of the group inherit those settings Option B: Be able to copy or clone an existing user for new users. This way we can setup a template user of sorts and use this to create all new users.
  25. Diedrich

    Scene Play

    Scene Play: A new play option (similar to Resume) where the user can play a movie or TV show directly from a user-specified time code within the media. Why: You absolutely love that one scene in movie XYZ that you just can't get enough of and you want to watch it over and over again - Scene Play would give you instant access to jump directly to your bookmarked time code to play that scene. Or what if you have a major craving to watch just that one scene during the day but don't want to load the movie to then have to search the time code for that PERFECT spot. Important Note!: The other HUGE advantage of this is that Scene Play will NOT save play progress! Therefore, you will not have a huge laundry list of half-played movies just because you wanted to watch the Star Trek: Beyond's Beastie Boys scene while at lunch. It then saves you from having to rewind the video to the beginning to reset play progress to zero. User UI: Media's main screen: Next to the Play button you will have a new Scene Play button. Tap that button and you will get 1. No scenes set 2. Play from scene 1 3. Play from scene 2 4. ...etc This pop-up box would be fixed height and scrollable. While playing the movie (OSD): There will be a new button to tag a time code as Scene 1, 2, 3, etc. Numerical sequencing would be automatic with no user ability to change the numbers (to keep it simple within the code). This button would essentially be the same as the Scene Play button mentioned above, except now the user has the ability to add a tagged scene at the current time code. Play state shouldn't matter (playing/paused) since it's simply grabbing the time code at the time the button was pressed and saving it as a bookmark of sorts. Be the coolest and ONLY media player in town to add this new feature to your user experience!
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