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  1. this is my biggest problem/complaint really... and we see all these people posting about how a scan is stuck (when we all know its just taking a while : ) if there were just an activity page like plex has where it shows exactly what plex is scanning, importing, matching, processing etc.. where it just scrolls by in real time.. switching to the beta and trying to re-import dozens of librarys, 100tb+ of stuff... days can go by where i'm not sure if emby is really doing anything... or why an initial scan of some library is taking like a week : ) : ( it would just be such peace of mind if we knew what emby was actually doing... if it really was stuck... or what parts of the process take so long... i know you can go in and look at the end of the log and try (repeat TRY) to figure it out... whats going on... but it's next to impossible really... and if a scan has been running for days that log is frickin huge and hard to even deal with : ) : (
  2. Probably a long shot but I would love to somehow integrate Emby with say netflix or Prime. Even if I could just add movies that I have access to in Prime, but it would just shortcut to the prime app when selecting play. Sort of like using Emby as a front end. Emby is my favorite, but its a pain having so many different streaming services with content spread across multiple apps/platforms.
  3. Some music albums have no gap between tracks. Some of them are live recordings and have clapping sounds, on others the music really does not stop playing though the track changes. Emby will currently play these with a silent gap between the tracks. I understand the next track is being read and then the casting starts. I would like it very much to have no silence between the tracks. It would be a real improvement on the listening experience. Also, and maybe as a bonus, Spotify and Windows Media Player have a crossfade option that allows to configure from 1 up to 10 seconds the next track would start before the current playing ends. That would also be a very good Emby feature.
  4. It would be a nice feature to show missing items in a Collection much like the current feature in Shows where it displays missing episodes. There are several instances where I didn't even realize sequels were available for a particular Collection until I searched themoviedb. Missing Collections items (meta data) could be pulled from themoviedb.
  5. limit amount of streaming stream per user.
  6. A feature I would find useful would be the ability to stop streams from the server dashboard. There are times when the chromecast streams carry on running even when I know the TV is off. The ability to stop the stream remotely would allow me to easily free up server resources.
  7. I've read other posts about Football, NASCAR, and other sports, where you want a series recording only for certain teams, NASCAR Series, etc. This is not the same as being able to search, but more like a filter in the series settings. I don't feel you would ever get it right, trying to parse the "Title" and present a list of options. My request is to simply allow a filter to be applied to the "Title" of the series. That way, we can control what gets recorded as a user based on what our chosen provider is putting in the title. Having said that, it might be useful to have filters for other data as well. Maybe this could also be used to implement recording some future show that's not in the guide yet, by allowing a filter on the show's name itself. Each of these types of recordings would show under the "series" tab. You could even have a check box to say that the filter is a regular expression, or simply use basic wildcards.
  8. pir8radio


    I'm pretty sure this has been requested in the past, But i couldnt find a thread, please merge with that one if so. I would like to be able to set the "default" theme for all of my users without any behind the scenes hackory. Like an admin setting that allows me to set Theme XXX as default for all users. They can still change it on their own, but it allows me to set the starting point.
  9. Just a thought... A temporary "lock-out" for non-administrative users to allows administrators to perform server maintenance, content organization, and metadata editing. This would be useful when adding mass-amounts of content or would simply like to perform maintenance to the server.
  10. Apologies if this has been posted before, i did search but nothing relevant came up. with plex, when scrubbing (using the bottom bar to jump around the video) you get a thumbnail and the thumbnail changes at every second in Emby, when scrubbing you get a thumbnail that updates about once every five minutes because of automatic chapter thumbnails it's a small thing but it makes such a huge difference - finding a specific bit in a video in emby is quite a task, but quite easy in plex. on a more technical side it looks like plex is sending requests for new thumbnails and then the server extracts them on demand - rather than storing a .jpg for every second as that would obviously be quite costly Thanks
  11. Hey everyone, Would like the option to have content auto delete after it is watched, ie; day after, 5 days after etc. Ty
  12. Reports: I'd like to request the addition of a "File Size" column, please. This would then allow sorting (to let me know which movies I need to watch so I can recover that space [emoji6] ). Thanks!
  13. kenno

    Weather plugin

    Hello All, I would like to request a weather plugin if possible, perhaps a seven day local weather outlook. Thank you, Ken
  14. jmassaro87

    Random Movie button

    I’m sure we are not the only ones, but my wife and I have a hard time selecting a movie most times. We’ve got almost 1000. There should be a button that you can press and it will randomly select one of your “unwatched” movies or if all have been watched then any random movie. Maybe have the feature on each genre? That way if you know you want comedy, you can navigate to comedy and it’ll randomly select a comedy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Hi, Just a thought, but when viewing active devices on the dashboard (The media is currently playing), if when you click on the thumbnail of the media if it could link over to the media detail screen, as its a quick way to get the details media. Unless something else is in the works...at the moment the mouse image changes to the hand with a finger, but clicking does nothing. Thanks.
  16. Good Afternoon Gentlemen, Would it be possible to add an option that would allow the Date Added behavior for new content to be "Premiere or Air Date"? For years, I have used Android clients running Kodi to connect to the Emby Server. The Time Lord plugins run as a scheduled task every 15 minutes, somehow manipulating data that Kodi recognizes. When using Kodi, the Recently Added list always sorts/reflects content by its Premiere/Air Date rather than the File Creation Date or the Date Added. I have recently switched over to using the Native Emby Client Apps for LG & Samsung TV's. Great Work! It's beautiful & much simpler. That being said, I miss the part where recently added items reflect content by Premiere/Air Date. Does this option already exist & if not, would you consider adding it? Best- Darren
  17. Fun4stuff

    Sleep timer for iOS

    It would be nice to have an off/sleep/idle timer so you can set it to stop playing after X minutes. iOS has a native timer to stop playing but it doesn't work with the emby app (like Plex). It turns screen off and stops noise, but it remains in play mode and drains battery quickly.
  18. Similar to the Plex feature, emby should allow for quality to change throughout the stream depending on the at the moment up to date network capabilities
  19. Not sure how this could be done, but would be helpful to announce certain things to your user base.
  20. Hi! I suggest a Premium plugin/feature that would make Emby more powerful and not require expensive high end systems that are hard to scale, just to manage transcoding or syncing a few streams simultaneously, especially going down the 4K/HDR/x265 etc. paths... Most common use case would be if you run Emby server on a weak NAS that isn't powerful enough to transcode, maybe at all. This would definitively make Emby a more economical and feasible solution to many, being able to use already available hardware and not worry about getting a powerful enough server. So, lets make some use of that old laptop or desktop computer, that could be hiding anywhere in the house assuming a decent connection (i.e wired). Create a plugin for Embyserver. Why not call it "DisTrac" or similar? Create a standalone application/app, that basically just runs in the background, in the tray or as a service on another LAN connected PC. OR embed the functionality in to the Theater apps or as a plugin for them! Don't do any fancy splitting/joining, just hand out full jobs to each "node". In theory, it's plug and play with the defaults, get the server plug in, run Emby Theater or the app on a machine in the local network, and you now have more transcoding power, to be used for any client or sync job. Detailed suggested way for doing it The standalone app/or Theater will basically have no settings except for a prompt that asks for the Emby server name/IP (with Theater even simpler as the server is already known). It will be built with an identical ffmpeg setup as what comes with the Emby server, and once registered as a transcoding client with the server, it'll be configured by and execute the commands it receives. Maybe a local setting to choose hardware acceleration, but most settings from current Transcoding page, and any extra features from the plugin page. In theory maybe existing ways of streaming/sending files from the server can be used, and the transcoding client could actually have a reduced copy of the Emby server functionality for making the result available to the main server (both ends client and server but the Emby Server still overall boss) The plugin, once enabled (toggle on/off), will have a simple priority system where all clients are listed, including the server itself. Disconnected clients will be remembered, but removable so that it's easier to manage. It will always fall back to local processing if there is no external client available. Each client (and the server) will have to be assigned a relative "capacity" number for how many typical streams it can handle. Default is 2, and if all devices have this, they will share jobs equally. Emby server running on PC hardware will also default to 2, but if run on NAS or similar hardware, will default to 1. ​There should also be a "hard limit" toggle per device. Higher rated devices will be assigned jobs first, and when there are as many jobs going as there is total available "capacity", any new jobs will keep being handed out relative to the capacity numbers, i.e. 4 jobs for the devices rated 2, and 2 jobs for the devices rated 1. Devices with the "Hard Limit" parameter set, will not be assigned more jobs than the capacity parameter set for it. A sync/conversion job (not live transcoding) will run up to a set number of parallel tasks, but always limited by the total "capacity" number, regardless of hard limit set or not set. Use WOL, like already exists between Emby Apps and the server. A checkbox per device. Choice for how much "capacity" to keep available (0-x no. of unused) before sending the WOL-command to the next computer in line. Prevent sleep if transcoding. If Theatre App is closed, keep running ffmpeg part in the background/tray. In reality probably lots of hurdles . But I think this could be a real deal-winner if it was made possible.
  21. I have seen this chapter.xml request more than once in the general discussion and would like to see if someone skilled can make this happen! some topics related to this: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/47079-disregard-chapter-xml/ https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/35958-chapters-support-for-chapterxml-files/ https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/30968-auto-generated-chapters-at-end-of-the-video/ https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/34135-external-chapter-files/ https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/8681-chapters/?hl=chapters What is it? chapter.xml is a file stored in the video folder that provides direction on how emby divides, names and provides images for each chapter How does it look like? <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <chapters> <chapter mark="0:00:00" title="A first chapter" thumb="movie-chapter1.jpg"> <plot>Plot of first chapter</plot> </chapter> <chapter mark="0:011:13" title="The Second chapter" thumb="movie-chapter2.jpg"> <plot>Plot of second chapter</plot> </chapter> </chapters> thanks for flight for the code. Why is this important? 1) preserving the original file by not converting it to mkv for custom chapters 2) easy to edit (all you need is a text editor.. it is like the nfo file!) 3) currently the interval is set to 5 mins, what if your video is 25.5 mins? is it really worth it to have that last chapter 4) providing this feature will advance emby over other media servers 5) the feature does not sound to be too complicated to implement comparing it to whatever else emby has to offer. But I maybe bias.
  22. Is it possible to move the subtitles above the emby UI when it is showing?
  23. Hi, I am new to emby but I have a question / feature request. I have 2 emby server a) home nas company nas Is there a way of mapping the both together, so that I don't have to switch all time the server and that I have kind of a global search on both servers? Or how do you resolve this? Please tell me that this feature exists, and how to use thanks in advance
  24. Can we get an option to hide the file path (Example: Path C:\MyMedia\Video.mp4) that is displayed to all users and allow it to only be shown to admin users?
  25. I have a couple of profiles that I use currently: Mine (all content) and Kids (limited content. Here's how my structure is laid out: Movies Movie Name (Year) Movie Name (Year).mkv TV Shows Show Name (Year) Season X Episode Name S00E00.mkv I want my profile to be able to see all movie content and all show content. I want my Kids profile to be able to see only specific content that I approve of. For example, They would only be able to see content that has a specific tag on it. Right now this isn't possible, so I have to make new folders and add a new library for kids content for both movies and tv shows. This means that I am consuming duplicate storage space for those items. Is there a better way to do this? I know it's possible to limit what they can see by MPAA rating, but that's not dialed in enough for my needs. I also saw that there's a way to BLOCK things that have a specific tag, but I don't want to go in and tag everything every time I get new content, I just want to be able to tag something if I want to ALLOW it to be viewed by that profile. Thanks for any advice.
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