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  1. This was a labour of love finding these and editing them. A few of the covers never existed so I had to recreate the cover from scratch. Banner is my original design http://www.mediafire.com/download/ih4xna8vi44qku5/Tales_Of_The_Unexpected.rar
  2. Jimmy

    Custom Coverart template in MB3

    Hi ebr, I was wondering if i can use in MB3 a custom template for my movies (for example bluray.png) in order to have my personal bluray treatment like the one we were able to use in MB2. FYI i have use UNC path with the image i want and i choose through indicator overlays tab "select custom image location" but what ever i have made, it never change current treatment ...and if yes what is the necessary steps in order to make it visible. Thanks in advance, Jimmy
  3. ebr

    New CoverArt style

    Playing with a new CoverArt style to work with the more modern clients better. Thoughts...?
  4. heula

    Coverart: Not updating

    When I change things in Coverart I noticed it will not always be updated even after multiple library refreshes. For testing I changed my thumb and episode overlay but it will not be changed. For episodes that is the case in ROC and NEO and for thumbs only Roc doesn't update like it seems. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/901529/Media%20Browser/MB3/Coverart%20not%20updating%201.log https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/901529/Media%20Browser/MB3/Coverart%20not%20updating%202.log
  5. ebr

    New CoverArt beta

    I just put up version as a beta. It just has a couple of things in it: I adjusted the scaling logic for drawing indicator overlays. This definitely helped out the situation where you were putting these overlays on a landscape image and it might also help when you have your DPI set to over 100%. I added a MetroCaseCDs treatment style for things like box sets when you are using the MetroCase for everything else. It will cause all your treatments to re-build on first access to be sure everything is updated properly. Please try it out and post any issues here. Thanks.
  6. Hey hey, I was just wondering if there were more indicator overlays we could add. I've noticed some of the new clients don't show watched status for example. They will most likely be added, but I thought maybe CoverArt could tackle it instead. I like the way Trakt displays watched status and rating, with the 'Watched' in the top right corner, and the rating above it. Would it be possible to add something like this? It may not work for some of the styles, but it would look great on the new flat one, or just a blank style. Thanks, -Scott
  7. Hey guys, Just a quick feature request. If possible, I would like to add an overlay to my 3D videos without adding a cover treatment. Let me know if you would like any more detail. Thank you!
  8. Made an english subtitle overlay for CoverArt in the style of the Diamond Mediainfo Icons by neil18/chip. Also included a PNG of the empty icon for others to make their own language. PNG
  9. crashkelly

    Original CoverArt questions

    Having trouble with CoverArt not applying the selected treatment to my box set collection. Most of the covers are fine but newly added boxsets appear very strange. I have tried refreshing the collection through the web interface but nothing changes. The first 2 screenshots are what the new boxsets look like and the 3rd is what they should look like I am using CoverArt Thanks server-63517023229.log
  10. Hey, I love using Cover Art on MBC, but it looks really out of place on MBT. It would be great to have the option to disable CA treatments. Cheers.
  11. Hey, I love using Cover Art on MBC, but it looks really out of place on Windows Phone. It would be great to have the option to disable CA treatments. Cheers.
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