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  1. Nostromo86

    Emby - Torrent File

    Hi, i would to know if it's possible to create strm file with link torrent inside? Thx
  2. I have a suggestion that I feel could substantially reduce the amount of storage space needed to run emby server. Instead of putting actual video files in a folder, users put the torrent link instead. Emby will identify it as if it was an actual video file and users would not be able to tell the difference between actual video files or torrent links. When a user decides to start watching a file that is a torrent link instead of an actual video, emby will then start downloading and streaming said torrent to the user. When the user finishes watching the video, emby then clears it from cache.
  3. dougstumpf

    Movie Requests

    If these two movies could be uploaded to emby, that would be awesome: The Hunt for the Red October, and Quigley Down Under Thanks!!!
  4. Hi All, I would love the ability to share a single movie or show with someone. Maybe an email could be sent to the person you want to share it to with the URL and a temp username and password. After a certain amount of time the access would be revoked or after the person has watched it. I know you can share a library but its always awkward when you share a library for someone to use so see a show or movie. Its like OK so you've seen it now I'm going to remove your access because I don't want you mooching off my setup. Don't know just a thought, You could call the feature ShareO
  5. It would be great if Emby Server integrated with CouchPotato and Sonarr so we could add new films and TV shows from Emby.
  6. Issue description: I've installed the app on my f-series tv (UA32F4500) but every time I start the app, the screen goes black and the tv restarts. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it several times but always get the same result Steps to reproduce: Installed app as per instructions. Start app, tv restarts. My TV/HTS/BD Player model number Samsung f-series UA32F4500 My firmware version: Other TVs etc. the issue has been reproduced on: My Emby server version: 3.0.6070.0 My current Emby Samsung client version: ( 2.1.3 Othe
  7. nozza65

    Kodi Warning- Protocol Problem

    Hi being a new user of Kodi Jarvis I have been having a few problems opening UK Turk etc and other problems streaming certain programmes films and live tv etc. In regards to UK Turk the following message appears: T:1381425768 WARNING static XFILE::cFileFactory::CreateLoader(const CURL& Unsupported protocol (script) in script://script.navi-X/fanart.png There are 7 other similar titled warnings under this message. This problem has only started since I changed internet provider SKY to BT so not sure if that is related to this problem. Can anyone help?
  8. Hey Guys, I'm sure most people won't run into this in their typical everyday use of Emby... However I recently got a new roommate who also has an emby server and my current process for getting media from his server is to download through the web client then drop it into my server's storage drive. Which works for the most part but I was thinking if I could add my emby server as a sync target for his... Then you could do something where when you click the sync button it tells my server "Go get this file and put it *here*" then when I get on my server it would have an unsorted media or recent
  9. mellomade

    Play To - failing to play Live TV

    So I have no problem playing movies and tv shows over SMB using Play To from either a web browser or the iOS app. However whenever I try to playback Live TV - it will add to the playlist but Kodi throws the following error: ["4929c8bbc7e9cd2cd4d28471be53a7a5"],"PlayCommand":"PlayNow","ControllingUserId":"b4c290d989d242a09bf67ca0b763b7a7"}} 21:59:17 T:140417437787904 NOTICE: EMBY Playlist -> ---*** PLAY ALL ***--- 21:59:17 T:140417437787904 NOTICE: EMBY Playlist -> Items: [u'4929c8bbc7e9cd2cd4d28471be53a7a5'] 21:59:17 T:140417437787904 NOTICE: EMBY PlayUtils -> File protocol is
  10. I love the idea of having the option to watch a trailer from the Description view. However, I don;t like having to waste precious storage space on trailers when I would rather fill that space up with movies. I realize there are major advantages, such as the Cineman experience, to having them stored on your server. But it would still be AWESOME if there was an alternative plug in to give us the option to click on a link/button and watch IMDBs online trailers for our media from the description/details screens on the Web Client/Theater/Classic. So this would need to be a server plugin. If I coul
  11. Is it possible to add an option to show missing movies from a boxset (collection) same as for missing episodes for series.
  12. As tittle states no new content is being added and sync fails here is my log http://xbmclogs.com/pn67d4n5f On version of addon going to reset database see if it fixs it...
  13. denethor

    "Overview" and "Short overview"

    Looks like everything is back on track right now. Thank you guys! I have question regarding to Kodi Add-on in general. I have just noticed that there is a two types of plot/overview metadata in Emby server. "Overview" and "Short overview". Add-on seems to sync short overview to Kodi database. Is it possible to make it sync long overview to Kodi? Or is it a skin thing?
  14. breezytm

    FR - User Groups

    Hey guys, It's been a while. I was readying through the competitor forum recently and I noticed there were a post in which people where seeking users to share libraries with. Then this idea came to mind. What if you gents were to implement user groups. A group is create and assign an Emby account ( automatically). Each member who joins the group become a part of a bigger network. Here's the use case: 1. User A creates a group 2. User A can selects an option to either allow interested user to send a request for approval or auto enroll. 3. User A assigns which library he/she wants to
  15. pir8radio

    Social Media Sharing

    I know this feature was added in the latest Emby... But I would like to be able to share actual media... (wait keep reading please) I understand your worry about sharing movies and music, but I would like to be able to share my personal videos... A personal youtube of sorts... I have just started playing with a drone I bought that does 4k video.. Pretty neat to share those 4k videos but I can't upload them directly to face book or youtube because they are so large (have to convert and what not). And I like the idea that you can choose your trans-coding options through my emby server as
  16. monkeyslapper

    3D Movie Detection

    I am not sure if this is the correct location for this question, but here it is. When I play a 3D movie kodi. Kodi would ask me if i want to watch this in 2d/3d/etc... Now that i am using XBMB3C, Kodi is not asking me this question? Is something i need to enable? Thanks
  17. When using the app with Samsung HTS some of the pixels are being lost on the edges. Things like the clock and Help have pixels on outside edge
  18. josephasmith1

    Cast to Samsung Player

    Great work on the Samsung app. Should the cast button work for this client? It shows up on my android app, nothing happens when I play a file. On the web client, I don't see the player listed as a cast option. Also, the Samsung built-in DLNA player doesn't see mediabrowser either. Just plex and kodi. Note: Casting to Chromecast works as well as Kodi.
  19. I was wondering if there is a way to select the audio track and subtitles track to be played. I know you may go to settings and then there you may change default audio/subtitles. I would also like to be able to do this at the media level just before playing. Is this somethig already implemented or would it be a feature request?
  20. First of all I love MB3 and everything about it. Would love to have MB3 find the shows I'm missing and auto download from utorrent or any other torrent program. Similar to media center master; this is the last feature I would need to ditch mcm. PLEASE.
  21. When starting MBC we have to option of having the user selection screen display. To change users we have to navigate to the user button at the top right of the screen (in Chocolate) - which can be a number of button presses. I'd like to request an option to be able to "exit" from the EHS back to the user selection screen (instead of all the way out to Media Center). I think this would make switching users quicker an easier. One more "back" press from the user selection screen would return to Media Center (unless the "prevent exit" option was set of course).
  22. Posting in the Feature Request forum as requested... Would be possible to add the delete option to the Roku client? In my scenario, I don't need to keep TV shows episodes after I watch them. I can delete them with MB Classic, but not with the Roku client, which forces me to manually go to the server and delete it afterward (or just watch everything via MB Classic)
  23. Sorry this had been asked and answered. Thanks,
  24. I would be nice to have a small white border arround the photo thumbs in MBPhoto. Like this.
  25. I'd like to submit the idea of putting a different timer on my different media libraries in the scheduled tasks area. I currently have approximately 30 tv shows, 50 movies, some different game types that number about 700 each, and then I have a book library of 8000+ ebooks. Now obviously scanning through my ebooks takes the most amount of time, but it's also my library that I don't change very much regularly, just add a book here and there occasionally. Whereas my tv and movies I add and delete quite a bit and need updating on a more regular interval. Another way to approach this wou
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