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Found 9 results

  1. Hi All, Currently running: Media Browser Server: 3.0.5641.4 CPU: Q8200 RAM: 6Gb Video: Nvidia GTX 650 Ti Media storage: 6TB NAS unit accessable via network smb share over ethernet on same lan as media server All was running beautifully up until a few months ago. I run the web client (chrome) on my media server. Now i cant play any media within an acceptable time frame. The player splash screen sits there and my box appears to 'transcode' for >= 30mins for a 45min episode of Breaking Bad or True Detective or whatever. Throttling is on (have tried off) and quality set to auto. I know the system is getting a bit old but this didnt happen before. I can play over VLC no problem (albeit that is direct) and my media server WILL transcode fine to the ipad and android in the home!? Any thoughts would be appreciated!? Transcription log attached. Thanks, TJ transcode-ad47b450-ba7e-4fed-9f46-931c67ef71ce.zip
  2. Hello, I am in the process of moving from Plex to MediaBrowser, and have noticed that the server load when transcoding is rather extreme. Server: MediaBrowser Server Version 3.0.5518.3 Hardware: Mac Mini (2011) with 2.7GHz Intel Core i7 with 8GB RAM running OSX 10.9.5 Client: Nexus 7 (Android 5.0.2) running MediaBrowser version 2.2.03 Network: Same subnet, Nexus 2 meters away from high speed access point with 1GE link to MacMini Symptom: ffmpeg using 372% CPU, Mac Mini getting warm, fan going full speed. The file being transcoded is as follows. Have not changed any default transcode settings. Server set to "Auto". Codec: H264 Profile: High Level: 41 Resolution:1920x1080 Aspect ratio:16:9 Anamorphic: No Interlaced: No Framerate: 23.97602 Bitrate: 10732 kbps Bit depth: 8 bit Pixel format: yuv420p Ref frames: 4 CABAC: Yes Pictures of system load: While transcoding, extreme load: After transcoding, normal load: As you can see it's a huge difference. I have run Plex Media Server for a few years, and it manages to transcode multiple sessions to multiple different clients without getting the same extreme load. Is this due to a horrible misconfiguration on my end, or a bug in how MediaBrowserServer on OSX uses ffmpeg? Attached is what I presume to be the correct transcode log. Please advise - this is my first experience with Media Server, and first day of using it, and as I didn't find this referenced anywhere, I figured this would probably be the place to ask. Thanks much in advance! transcode.log
  3. Hi. I'm using Version 3.0.5641.4 and Control panel show emby server and media browser server entries intalled at the same time. If I try to uninstall any of them the uninstall program just stop working. If I go directly to C:\Users\MC Family\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server there is only Media browser, no Emby. I include the last two Logs. Also, My collection section don't show the images or any info about the movies and hang if I try to click over that section. server-63570076592.txt server-63570095999.txt
  4. Hi All, Im using Media Browser server for Windows and the Square Theme in Media Browser Classic and Square uses a Landscape.jpg to show on the front page for the most recent content and if thats missing will only show the folder.png picture. I figured out how to fix this which is to use the metadata manager and "Refresh" the collection but ive found that doing so re-downloads the movie.xml file and overwrites my existing one. The problem with this is that my wife and i edit out own movie.xml file using Salami`s movie organizer so that i can remove the multiple Genre`s and just have one that`s relevant to the content we have added. Why you ask. Because we only want one relevant genre for our content instead of multiple of the same file appearing in multiple genre headings. My question is, is there a way to fetch just the landscape.jpg files and not any other files the refresh does? Regards
  5. schmitty

    Xbox One DLNA Media Player Preview

    Hi, I am enrolled in the Xbox One Preview Program, and have access to the Media Player - Preview app. The app now supports DLNA, but when I open it, it can't find the Media Browser DLNA server. Is there something I have to set up in Media Browser Server for the app to be able to see the server?
  6. My tried and trusted main media pc has fried its motherboard and I will be installing a new one along with a new CPU. This turns out to be a good thing as I was thinking of reinstalling win 7 and I needed a motherboard with usb3.0 anyway. My question is this, what folders\files do I need to copy so I can save things like play states, configurations, user files and the like or do I have to start from scratch? I will be reformating my ssd for the new install and would like to know what I need to grab before I do so. Thanks for the help and as always the media browser team roocks!!!
  7. gordonj

    Advice on optimum set up.

    I have a Windows Home Server (it is v1 so is 2003) which contains all my media (it's an acer easyStore). The minimum requirements for MB Server are Windows Server 2008. I decided to install a VM on the Home Server with Windows 2008. I only have a max of 2GB of Memory to play with so I am running MS Server with 3/4 GB. I might up it to 1GB (not sure if I can hurt the file serving?). It is functional and has allowed me to try out Media Browser 3. In the beginning I found that images would be very slow to load within Theatre and I am still seeing the odd blank page when I navigate into a movie and also gaps in the DVD covers as I navigate through my list movies. Sometimes you can wait 30 seconds and it will populate sometimes it seems stuck. Sometimes things seem very snappy, sometimes not. My machines are all hard wired. I suppose what I am getting at is, do any of you guys do anything like this in your set up and have any general advice? WHS is serving files and backing up PCs, that is all. I feel that my meagre resources should be able to stretch to running MB Server. At the moment it is merely okay however the family may not understand that you have to wait sometimes. Having one server box on all the time is enough so is there anything I can do to squeeze these 2 servers to the max? Is there anything in Windows Server 2008 which can be uninstalled which will aid performance without breaking Media Browser Server? Is this set up futile? Is Media Browser Theatre caching images and metatdata on the local machine or is it always looking it up on the fly? I do have the option of upgrading WHS to 2011 but I'm not certain I want the pain nor I am sure I want to lose the raid. Sorry for the ramble.
  8. As I currently run Media Browser in every room practically now, using both Media Centre and Android, I love the fact that it plays pretty much everything anywhere, especially my free TV recordings from the Media Centre. I record all my FTA programs on my Media Centre and automatically push through to my NAS so they are available on every television within the house. Works well and I'm happy with the setup. What I was requesting is if it was possible for MBS to organize the recordings very similar to the way WMC does. Currently everything gets pushed to a 'recordings' folder on the NAS which is monitored by MBS and although all shows are available on every client, it just displays as a messy jumble of thumbnails in god knows what order. It makes it hard to try and work out what show I'm meant to be watching next, etc. It would be great if you could select 'Recorded TV' as a folder type and it then automatically categorized all of the 'similar' recordings and gave some nice structure to the layout exactly how Media Centre does it. Even just list the name of the show and the recorded date and list in date order (but grouping by show name). If this is not possible, then if someone has any ideas to get around this it would be great. As I love Media Browser and want to use just a single solution for all my media, it would be a huge benefit to my collection setup. Thanks.
  9. Trialing Plex for a few months, there was a pretty neat feature within their Server software that would be handy if added to Media Browser.... Sometimes when the server picks up a movie cover that is incorrect or can't pick the movie cover up at all, there was an option called 'Fix Incorrect Match' which basically allowed a manual keyword search and also allowed the user to select a source scraper. This would then return a list of results (movie name and year) and the user could select the appropriate movie they were looking for and then allowed the user to override the built in search and (for me) returned a 100% success rate of retrieving all invalid and missing covers. I understand that Media Browser should probably automatically retrieve, however, I have come across this issue multiple times now where I have named the movie incorrectly (only slighty - e.g. Space missing, character wrong, etc) and Media Browser will not retrieve the correct title, even after manually correcting the name of the movie/folder and hitting 'Refresh Metadata', it still doesn't work. I have to manually go in and delete the Movie.xml file plus all files relating to that movie (excluding the actual movie file) and try again. If that doesn't work I have to try manually editing the metadata, save it and try again. Last resort I have been manually deleting the 'TheMovieDB ID', plug in the IMDB ID, save and refresh again - that seems to work. If we had a 'Fix Incorrect Match' option (or similar) it could override all the manual labour involved and link the returned result directly to the movie. Even if the movie was named incorrectly, it would still apply all the correct metadata, coverart, etc. to the right place.
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