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Found 14 results

  1. Hello! I've had this problem for...maybe a few months. When I first started with MB/Emby, I purchased the themes Roc and Crystal as part of a discount sale that was going. A few months ago, I reformatted my computer and - long story short - no longer have access to these themes. I figured I would be able to go into themes and possibly purchase them again, but they no longer show up in plugins in either the classic MB configurator or the WMC plugin. Are these themes still around? obviously, as I bought them, I'd like very much to use them, but I can't seem to find them. In older posts, the links for the MB store go nowhere (404/gone domain name) and I noted that there never seemed to ever be a MB store at all. Does anyone know where I can find these themes?
  2. For the next 24 hours, all my themes are HALF PRICE. Each theme is just 3 bucks each, or you can get a bundle of any 3 for now just 8 bucks, or a bundle of all 4 for 10 bucks. That's a 50% saving no matter what you buy. This offer ends 24 hours from now - be quick and grab a bargain! For more details on my themes see www.crystalmediabrowser.com
  3. Hi, I would like to submit a suggestion for enhancing the Crystal theme. In media detail views, long media names currently overlap with the area where media info is displayed (codec, resolution, etc). I am attaching a screenshot to illustrate this. It would be much more elegant and look more polished if these fields were somehow separated - maybe display the media info on a separate row just above media title? Cheers!
  4. leedavies

    ROC v1.2.0.0 now live

    Time for a long overdue big version number change... Smoother scrolling Button press animation improved Next up, getting Breeze and Crystal updated with all the latest goodies...
  5. I have been trying out Breeze, Crystal, and Aztec. I love them all and would like to buy them. However, a small issue I can't seem to figure out for the life of me is how to turn off the now playing backdrop for these themes. If now playing is a movie, then everything runs nice and smooth. However, if you're watching live TV from windows media center and then start MBC, the background screen gets choppy and the theme moves incredibly slow. I would prefer not to have to stop playback of live TV just in order to use these themes. Is there a setting I'm overlooking to turn this off? Please help! Thanks in advance!
  6. Since the latest update of Crystal (and or MB classic?) I have this issue with the thumb strip view. It stutters a lot, while this was not the case before. All other views don't have this issue. Anyone recognizes this? Additional info: I see the same behavior on the server PC, on which I also run MB classic, as well on my laptop client.
  7. If you tried the Crystal, ROC, or Breeze themes a while ago and your 14-day trial ran out, you’ve missed out on lots of updates and new features. You might like to take a fresh look this weekend FOR FREE. Just download the latest v1.0.10.0 versions and your free trial period will automatically be extended until Monday morning. Plus, Crystal is now just $7. Check out Crystal, ROC or Breeze for more details.
  8. In the Crystal theme (which by the way is pretty cool) the Navigation seems a bit weird on the poster view because of the way the information on the right continue to change back and forth (between director and rating / Genre and star rating). If I arrow right to go up and change the view, if I am not fast enough when the information changes it dumps the focus back to the left to to the rightmost poster. If I happen to be on a folder (so no information that is linkable like director) then when I arrow right from the rightmost poster, it ends up in no mans land (no cursor anywhere the screen just dims). As I sit here an type I was just thinking that if I turn off vertical scroll I am not sure if that would be better...I will try it, but at any rate here's my request. Is it possible to either: 1. Change the layout of the view such that the information does not toggle back and forth (there seems to be enough real estate) 2. Make the items in the information area not hotspots such that an arrow right (when vertical scroll is on) goes to the view menu. Thanks.
  9. I am just converting over from MB2 to MB3 (been an MB user for many years). I was testing out the new themes, etc. and I have to say first off that I am absolutely amazed by all of them...from the default right on up. Nice job by everyone. Now for the question: At some point during my testing of the various themes, one of them (or maybe multiple I don't know) had where the cover would open part way and the disc would spin inside the cover. I have tried everything I can think of in all the different themes to duplicate this and I can not get it to do that again. Can anyone tell me what theme this was and how to turn it on (which setting in the plethora of configs turn it on and off)? Thanks
  10. Hi Lee, You know I love both of your themes! And you are constantly updating them to make them even better. I'd like to request a little more work from you, LOL. Would you consider adding Display Specials Within Seasons as seen here? Thank you so much!
  11. Thanks for the info.... will sort that feature in both themes. This is the first time I've heard about this cool feature of MB3. So it shows you all the episodes in a season, even though you may only have some of them in your library right now? Is there anything beyond just showing the missing episodes? e.g. legal streaming or downloading via Hulu etc?
  12. all4dom

    Crystal Theme Question

    Does the Crystal Theme support the tv video theme plug in by radeon?
  13. pmac

    Crystal Expired

    Hi, still getting used to the new forum, I believe this is where I should be posting this, correct me if I'm wrong.. Starting today, when I try to open MBClassic, it's telling me that Crystal has expired. I purchased it quite some time ago, shortly after it was released, and it has been working fine up until now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Patrick
  14. jamvids

    Crystal Key Not Working

    I have purchased a key for Crystal about a month ago, I thought I would leave it a bit and try again but it still isn't working. Any Help.
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