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BlurN — Blu-Ray Release Notifications

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I've had this plugin installed FOREVER and I finally went back and tinkered with the settings to figure out why it doesn't work.


Nothing looks out of place.

Here are screen shots:



And here's the configuration:



The top part looks corrupted because, as you can see, it continues to "spin" trying to load. I've been able to set all the settings before but they never hold. Its always reset when I go back to configure it again.


The addon is acting like its either corrupt or looking for something.


Is there something I am missing or is this in fact a broken plugin?


Do we assume that this plugin is now dead/not fixable? If so should it not be removed from the plugin catalogue?  :(


Getting the same as above.


@@Luke / @@ebr - suggest you remove this from the plugin catalogue for the time being, or until @@mutu310 is available again.

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