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Emby Theater on Raspberry Pi


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Much of the UI is hosted on our servers. The app runs the content locally on your system in an offline manner, but when you have an active internet connection, it will automatically pull in new changes. So there is nothing you need to do, other than occasionally restart the app. That is why the actual rpi installation is updated so infrequently, we will only have to do that when there is a change specific to raspberry pi.


Thanks. Great to know. Since I had to load each element individually, I was concerned that manual updates would be required.  Really great news, and working very well. 

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I can't remember about the guide but the live tv screen now playing is the same today as it was last night it is only when I go to another tab and go back the screen updates. I will leave the guide open and see is it the same.


Edit: Guide did auto update

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on my Pi2 I installed clean raspbian, then compiled LibCEC from source (for 4.0.x) and made Emby Theater to autostart.

Most things seems to work - ET starts, I can browse movies, play them ... even Emby Server (installed on Synology DS916+) shows that I direct play ...

Problem is, that DTS/AC3 passthrough seems to not work.

On previous setup (OSMC+Kodi17+Emby plugin) when I played DTS/AC3 movie my soundbar displayed DTS/PCM when movie was started.

On Raspbian+ET no mather which movie is started - there is no info on my bar (though sound is played).

I don't think that in this case soundbar is receiving unprocessed stream ...

In log file there is "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" which on OSMC/KODI was making my soundbar to display DTS after movie start ...


What's wrong with my setup?


Less important thing - mouse cursor is not disappearing, but I think that after I setup everything I'll find some tutorials to hide/disable it.

Same is screensaver - if Raspbian one is activated - I cannot "wakeup" with CEC TV remote (keyboard/mouse can do this without problem)


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There is an application called unclutter. I am not infront of pi but from memory I think it is called that.

Thanks for the tip with unclutter - no cursor anymore :)


I managed to disable screenserver as well.


About audio passthrough ... I had to make my hands dirty and just pushed "--passthrough" flag to args in playbackhandler/playbackhandler.js

Need to remember when there will be an update.


So far on my Pi2b overclocked to 1000/500/500 gpumem 256MB it works ok ...

When I scroll video list I need to wait 1-2s for thumbnails, but it's not that bad.

What is nice is that video starts faster then with kodi emby addon.


Now I have two different problems:

  1. my subs are not displayed (external, because embedded in mkv works). ET sees it (are even picked/enabled). When I open same movie on windows chrome from tv.emby.media subtitles are displayed
  2. when I try to play movie with AAC sound, then it's distorted. I suppose that it's because it's passed through as well and my soundbar doesn't like it ?



About subtitles ... weird thing. When I play video, then subtitles are selected but are not displayed. Then I turn them Off, then again On, screen blinks for 1-2s and ... subtitles are displayed. After stopping the video and playing it again I have to redo this procedure to see subtitles again ...

I would love to attach ET log from this, but after changing a line in my autostart logs are not created:

Exec=/usr/local/bin/electron /home/pi/emby-theater-pi cec-client > /tmp/et.log



I need to disable/enable even embedded subtitles (if default was selected).

Next thing is that tv.emby.media on windows displays subtitles with proper font and respect subtitle position (I have Dragon Ball Super tv series which subtitle are placed in different parts of the screen - depends on situation) ... maybe this is omxplayer limitation with Advanced SSA?

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1. my subs are not displayed (external, because embedded in mkv works). ET sees it (are even picked/enabled). When I open same movie on windows chrome from tv.emby.media subtitles are displayed

Omxplayer have limited support for embedded subtitles. Support for SSA and ASS subtitles is implemented https://github.com/popcornmix/omxplayer/issues/402.  

The latest omxplayer code have support for displaying subtitle with correct subtitle position I believe https://github.com/popcornmix/omxplayer/commit/862d94a41e1fdf8599282b8b8a902ca3086ff100 


Who can compile omxplayer like this:

# Prep your system for building packages https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingEasyHowTo
sudo apt-get install build-essential 
sudo apt-get install cvs subversion git-core mercurial
# Clone the latest git source 
git clone https://github.com/popcornmix/omxplayer.git
cd omxplayer
# Install the necessary package
make ffmpeg
sudo make install
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Want to report that the home screen doesnt refresh, guide does refresh i left it on the tv guide before going to sleep and when i clicked back the now playing was the same as it was when i went to the guide.


Overall it is working great on the pi live tv channel change is respectable still slow but it is usable for sd it is around 3 seconds hd little longer about 5. So far no issues to report blank screen has disappeared. There still issue with remote but it doesnt stop me watching anything. I am impressed how fast the video starts from the network.

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Updates are rolling out and you'll soon be able to use MB2-style alpha-numeric shortcuts. Enjoy.



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Last week emby on pi was performing great but now recorded tv takes as much as starting live hd 5 to 6 seconds.  Not sure what is happening but I am noticing slow http response but nothing has been changed on the network. 



2017-03-12 12:12:19.3843 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 500 to Time: 4200ms (slow).
2017-03-12 12:12:19.3943 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 206 to Time: 60ms.
2017-03-12 12:12:19.4043 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET UserAgent: Lavf/57.41.100
2017-03-12 12:12:21.2043 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET UserAgent: Allegro-Software-WebClient/5.40b1 DLNADOC/1.50
2017-03-12 12:12:21.2043 Info Dlna: No matching device profile found. The default will need to be used.
    Connection: close
    User-Agent: Allegro-Software-WebClient/5.40b1 DLNADOC/1.50
    Accept: */*
2017-03-12 12:12:21.2043 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to Time: 0ms.
2017-03-12 12:12:23.7153 Info HttpServer: HTTP POST UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux armv7l) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) EmbyTheaterPi/2.5.32 Chrome/53.0.2785.143 Electron/1.4.14 Safari/537.36
2017-03-12 12:12:23.7153 Info SessionManager: Playback stopped reported by app Emby Theater Pi 2.5.32 playing 2017 - NSW Mell And Cyn 05/03/2017. Stopped at 2933 ms
2017-03-12 12:12:23.7153 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 204 to Time: 0ms.
2017-03-12 12:12:24.0953 Error HttpResultFactory: Error streaming data

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I've pushed an update to the electron app. It's mostly an update to internal changes, so you'll want to grab the latest. Thanks !

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I has been nice if "ET on raspberry" could support burning in subtitles into the video as "ET for Windows" can.


When I use Emby Theater 2.5.40 for windows the dvbsub are burned into the video when Emby server on Ubuntu 16.04 transcode the video. The ffmpeg-transcode log tells me that ffmpeg use this options for burning in the subtitle, which is correct option from the ffmpeg wiki documentation to burn hardsubs into the video.

-filter_complex "[0:1]scale=1280:720[sub] ; [0:0] [sub] overlay" 





When I try to use ET for raspberry (latest from git) to play the same recording no transcoding happens (no ffmpeg-transcode log are generated) .Without the transcoding the subtitles do not show on the video because omxplayer do not support dvbsub. Attaching ffmpeg-transcode log and server log.





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Trying this out on an original RPI I had laying around but no joy. I install the full UI version of rasbian and followed the instructions in the original post but still getting warnings when installing electron520e681296ea343a3edb4b7a287386d3.jpg

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I've added the same header slide effect from the web app so that when you scroll vertically, the header slides away so that you can see posters on the full height of the screen. Enjoy.

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