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Streaming, last minutes are cut off

Maximus Naxsus

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Maximus Naxsus

There seems to be an issue with ¿rendering the last couple of minutes of an episode while steaming to another location.

Playback cuts off and I can't get the stream to continue on any time frame.


Attached, server log Server log is 61 MB!? https://1drv.ms/t/s!Asn6NNog54FdjIVX35DTwZ8UFJE-Dw


Also, see my previous post:


Still not sure if this might be (partially) an new Windows function (probably one of the futures where all so excited about :P, for anybody remembering the Windows 8.x and 10 introduction mumbo-jumbo :D )



As a trail I'll start streaming using the latest Pale Moon browser. In my experience one of the most reliable and least resources intensive for the past 5 years.

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Maximus Naxsus

I haven't tested this browser. I would try a different one for comparison purposes.


Can you make a list of your preferred browser for situation like these. 1 being the most recommend browser in your opinion.

I can highly recommend Pale Moon; https://www.palemoon.org/testimonials.shtml


My preferred browsers;

1. Pale Moon

2. Vivaldi

3. Edge

4. Internet Explorer (yer, really. It's consistent, don't have that a lot anymore these days)

5. Chrome (mostly because of the multiple user 'management')


Thanks for all your effort. I really appreciate what your (trying) to do here. I hope you here this enough around you ;-)

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