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Emby Server on Synology


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Thanks for posting that ImageMagick link.   Cytek should update his instructions to point to that link for x64 installs.  The rest are accurate on the below copied post: 


i thought i'll give you a little update on this one:

  1. I was able to compile ffmpeg with all neded libraries and yasm support for my 1513+ (x64)
  2. I created a PR for ImageMagick (which is also needed for emby to run)
  3. I created a PR for emby itself (which depends on ffmpeg ImageMagick and Mediainfo spk)

so... it looks pretty good for now :)

next step is to compile stuff for other arches and see if that works as well (hopefully) and then wait for the PR`s to be merged and the Packages to be published (which can take some time again)

if someone wants to test the whole thing:

  1. Install Mono from SynoCommunity
  2. Install Mediainfo from SynoCommunity
  3. Install ImageMagick from my Repo https://cytec.us/spk/
  4. Download and Install ffmpeg from here: http://cytec.us/syno/test-spk/ffmpeg/
  5. Download and Install emby from here: http://cytec.us/syno/test-spk/emby/

hopefully that will work :)

NOTE: atm there are only x64 builds available for ffmpeg and emby but i'm currently compiling for some other arches too (which takes quite a long time for ffmpeg) which should pop up as soon as they are done :)

EDIT: @@rvmourik i just uploaded a build for armadaxp can you test it?



I tried the armadaxp package from cytec, but unfortunately Emby just doesn't start:


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Hello All


Emby supported packages for both Intel and Marvell based machines are now available, see here: http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/22921-synology-setup/?p=224173


Migration from the community package is also available, there's a wiki article here: https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Synology-:-Migrating-From-the-Community-Package



- James

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