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Found 13 results

  1. pünktchen

    MPExtended - new version 0.6.*

    Since version of the MediaPortal LiveTV plugin, i highly recommend you all to update to a newer version of MPExtended-Service-0.6.* Otherwise you will miss some features like direct play of live tv streams on mobile devices or cancel of upcoming series schedules.
  2. Hi *, I've another "problem" with the LiveTV Part in Emby (using MediaPortal Plugin) When accessing emby for example via web browser (chrome) the scheduling of reccordings is not possible. When I try record any tv show from the tv guide, the busy ring appears and nothing is happening anymore. Doing the same via Emby LG App on my TV all works correct... a short message saying something like "recording scheduled" appears and I can see the scheduled recording in my schedules. I've also tried 2 times from my emby android app... same behavior as in the chrome browser... doesn't wor
  3. Hi, since updating to Emby in combination with MediaPortal Plugin 1.88 I'm having the problem that the EPG Data is displayed exactly one hour to early. e.g. the daily german news normaly starts at 20:00 emby shows it starting time at 19:00 :/ The Mediaportal guide in Mediaportal Application and the MediaPortal Webinterface displays all times correctly. When I access the guide on emby (and the plugin) the times are incorrect. I even did a complete clean emby installation, same problem :/
  4. Hi, when using the Emby LiveTV section or the menu item "MediaPortal Recordings" to watch my recordings, emby always starts to transcode the recorded file. When navigating to the folder that contains all my recordings (which is a subfolder of a share that is from library type "Home-Videos and Photos") and selecting a file/recording, the TS File is played directly without any transcoding procceses. So... the same file is being transcoded when starting it from the LiveTV section or the menu item "MediaPortal Recordings" and is otherwise played directly (which is correct) when clicking o
  5. Hi, Emby cannot connect to MPExtended. I use MPExtended 0.6.4 (for emby) and Emby v3.4.1. I used to have everything working but now emby cant find any tuner in its mediaportal plugin. I saw other posts recently on the forum. Is this a known issue and do you have a workaround? Thanks in advance!
  6. My Emby Server updated, followed by a notice that my Mediaportal plugin was updated (and that the server should be restarted). Now, I can't start any LiveTV. I have used a browser, android and apple apps to test. I reinstalled the plugin to no avail. Interestingly, MPextended doesn't show the plugin ever attempts to connect. Also interesting is the fact that I can enter incorrect settings and the plugin will report it has connected successfully. I have noticed the thread about the removal (temporarily) and I suspect my problems may be related to that occurrence. Any insight
  7. arnie580

    Issue Installing Plugin

    Hi, I'm new to Emby hoping to move from Plex. I currently have a MediaPortal set up as a backend for ArgusTV, but if Emby can do everything instead from a frontend point of view that would be better. I have tried installing the plugin for MediaPortal through the web interface, however keep getting a notification saying it has failed. Could this be linked to this issue? MediaPortal and MPExtended are both installed and working, set up from using ArgusTV. I am able to install other plugins with no issue. Thanks, Chris
  8. Hi, (*) MPTvScheduler is a MediaPortal TV client for your Android phone or tablet. (*) Features: - Browsing the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) in different views. - Create manual or series recording schedules. - Delete or cancel schedules. - Search in EPG and create schedule from the list. - Watching/streaming live TV. - Watching/streaming recordings. - Send wake on lan signal for TV Server. (*) You need to install MPExtended 0.6.0 Beta2 from here.
  9. Hi, I've been a user of MediaPortal for many many years now but looking to upgrade over to emby with Kodi for a few reasons but mainly because I like the idea of the centralised server and multi-platform viewing. I have extensive databases, with some personally enriched content, that I would much prefer to migrate over to emby rather than attempt to re-scrape it all and amend/enhance the content. Also, getting across my watched status would be very advantageous (sorry, I don't have trakt). I have searched the wiki/forums but surprisingly cannot find any information on importing/migrat
  10. Hi guys, I've been trying to get the MediaPortal plugin working on my Emby server, but without much success I'm afraid... I have tested that MediaPortal is installed correctly, and that all channels are scanned right. I can play back just fine in Kodi. I have installed the latest MPExtended (0.6?) that was modified to work with emby. The MediaPortal plugin seems to import all my channels into Emby (albeit in a random order, but that's not the problem I'm trying to solve right now). Upon attempting to start playback of a channel, I am treated to the multicoloured spinner
  11. Chubby Arse

    Media Portal Live TV Plugin V1.0

    If you are using Media Portal and want to link it into MB3, I've added a plugin to catalog in the LiveTV section. See here for prerequisites and installation instructions. Please post issues here, alternatively post to this topic and I'll intermittently pick them up.
  12. saitoh183

    No Sound in Emby

    Hi @@Chubby Arse and @@e123enitan, I decided to switch to MP since WMC future in Windows10 is up in the air and im also having issues with the back to back recordings (posted on the ServerWMC sub-thread). I have everything wokring in Kodi and when i preview Channels in the TV server config. Im using a Hauppauge Colossus, MPExtended 0.6, Emby server Beta 3.0.5572.0 and MP 1.11 The reason there is no sound is because the output file is coming out as AAC audio instead of AC3 Audio ID : 64 (0x40) Menu ID : 137 (0x89) Format : AAC Fo
  13. elsmandino

    What actually is MB3?

    Hi there, Apologies if this is a silly question but I was wondering is you guys might help in describing what MB3 is exactly. I am a long time user of HTPC software and currently run Argus TV as my backend and connect to it with a combination of XBMC and Mediaportal clients. I was just wondering whether Media Browser is something that fit in with what I am currently using and if so, how? Also, what are its main advantages? I have tried to read as much as I can online but am not really sure what this program does. The various HTPC forums seem to consider this MB3 an exciting new devel
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