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Found 19 results

  1. Hey guys, I am a Kodi/XBMC long time user. I really have enjoyed using Media Browser for greater control over my metadata and artwork. I also use it for our chromebooks and accessing our media outside of our home network. This may not be new news to this forum but I posted a noob guide here including configuring your router for external access. http://gameroomsolutions.com/organize-access-home-theater-media-anywhere-media-browser/ Thanks, Ryan GameRoomSolutions.com
  2. marcelveldt

    Titan skin

    The stable version of the skin is available in the official Kodi repo --> in Kodi just go to add-ons --> skins and install. BETA-versions I provide beta versions of the skin on a regular base, these beta versions are hosted on the Emby Kodi repo. Check this link to get the repo: http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/9984-kodi-beta-repo/ Please note: Official Kodi repo only contains (well tested) stable releases. Allthough extended testing is applied to all of my releases, the beta version might contain a small issue because it has the latest set of features. Please remember (!!) that the beta version of the skin is a seperate addon which you can install. You can have both the beta and stable version installed on your system, keep that in mind (actually switch to the beta). The skin has a very active community on the Kodi forums. As I don't check the Emby forums as often as the Kodi forums the best way to get support and/or stay informed about the latest changes is by checking the Kodi forum: http://forum.kodi.tv/forumdisplay.php?fid=212 If you like this skin and you feel that you would like to help out a little bit then you can buy me a beer :-)
  3. hi all I installed mb3 and xbmb3c, great that there is linux support now for this awesome piece of software. I was wondering though I have an extensive media library in xbmc or I should say better in mysql, which i use for several xbmc clients. the mysql library I filled using the xbmc scrappers, it is not the smallest library as the data is larger then 30TB. With one xbmc client, I use mb3 and xbmb3c to access my files via the mb3/xbmb3c server (http share) but I would like it to use the mysql library (so I don't have to scrap via mb3) but how to enable that? thank you in advance!
  4. CM000n

    Mediabrowser & XBMC

    So, da wir hier nun auch ein deutsches Subforum haben, hoffe ich mal das sich auch einige User einfinden werden. Auf xbmcnerds.com habe ich auf jeden Fall schon einmal eingeladen Wie ihr vielleicht bereits aus anderen Posts von mir entnommen habt, bin ich bereits langjähriger Nutzer von XBMC. Deswegen interessiert mich natürlich vor allem die Kombination aus XBMC und MediaBrowser und wollte einfach mal fragen wie ihr das bei euch gelöst habt? Was sind hier die Möglichkeiten und besten Einstellungen (nach eurer Meinung)? Beste Grüße und schonmal vielen Dank für euer Feedback
  5. HeavensNight

    XBMC4Xbox Profile

    Hi i have problems to share hd contend to my original xbox through XBMC4Xbox becuase most of the content in h264 they are generally too high resolution for the old Xbox hardware capabilities. i spent some days making profiles but none work becuase despite of video trascoding, the bitrate still to high for the hardware. after some time in undestand how the dlna profiles work i made it, i tested some days and is working in all my hd media. i share my little contribution to the community. i choose trancoding 480p instead 720p beacuse the quality of the video, 480p have more bitrate and better codec instead of have a video 720p with low bitrate and other codec to make work in the xbox. <?xml version="1.0"?> <Profile xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"> <Name>XBMC4Xbox</Name> <Identification> <FriendlyName /> <ModelNumber /> <SerialNumber /> <ModelName /> <DeviceDescription /> <ModelUrl /> <Manufacturer /> <ManufacturerUrl /> <Headers> <HttpHeaderInfo name="User-Agent" value="XBMC/3.5-r32977" match="Substring" /> <HttpHeaderInfo name="User-Agent" value="Platinum/" match="Substring" /> </Headers> </Identification> <FriendlyName>Media Browser</FriendlyName> <Manufacturer>Media Browser</Manufacturer> <ManufacturerUrl>http://mediabrowser.tv/</ManufacturerUrl> <ModelName>Media Browser</ModelName> <ModelNumber>Media Browser</ModelNumber> <ModelUrl>http://mediabrowser.tv/</ModelUrl> <SerialNumber /> <IgnoreTranscodeByteRangeRequests>false</IgnoreTranscodeByteRangeRequests> <EnableAlbumArtInDidl>false</EnableAlbumArtInDidl> <EnableSingleAlbumArtLimit>false</EnableSingleAlbumArtLimit> <SupportedMediaTypes>Audio,Photo,Video</SupportedMediaTypes> <UserId /> <AlbumArtPn>JPEG_SM</AlbumArtPn> <MaxAlbumArtWidth>480</MaxAlbumArtWidth> <MaxAlbumArtHeight>480</MaxAlbumArtHeight> <MaxIconWidth>48</MaxIconWidth> <MaxIconHeight>48</MaxIconHeight> <MaxStreamingBitrate>8000000</MaxStreamingBitrate> <MaxStaticBitrate>8000000</MaxStaticBitrate> <MusicStreamingTranscodingBitrate>128000</MusicStreamingTranscodingBitrate> <MusicSyncBitrate>128000</MusicSyncBitrate> <XDlnaDoc>DMS-1.50</XDlnaDoc> <XDlnaCap /> <SonyAggregationFlags /> <ProtocolInfo>http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_HD_50_AC3;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_HD_50_AC3_T;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_HD_50_AC3_ISO;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:audio/mpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=MP3;DLNA.ORG_OP=01;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:audio/L16;rate=44100;channels=1:DLNA.ORG_PN=LPCM;DLNA.ORG_OP=01;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:audio/L16;rate=44100;channels=2:DLNA.ORG_PN=LPCM;DLNA.ORG_OP=01;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:audio/L16;rate=48000;channels=1:DLNA.ORG_PN=LPCM;DLNA.ORG_OP=01;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:audio/L16;rate=48000;channels=2:DLNA.ORG_PN=LPCM;DLNA.ORG_OP=01;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:audio/x-ms-wma:DLNA.ORG_PN=WMA_BASE;DLNA.ORG_OP=01;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:audio/x-ms-wma:DLNA.ORG_PN=WMA_FULL;DLNA.ORG_OP=01;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:image/jpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=JPEG_SM;DLNA.ORG_OP=00;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=00D00000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:image/jpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=JPEG_MED;DLNA.ORG_OP=00;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=00D00000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:image/jpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=JPEG_LRG;DLNA.ORG_OP=00;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=00D00000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:image/jpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=JPEG_TN;DLNA.ORG_OP=00;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=00D00000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG1;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG_PS_PAL;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG_PS_NTSC;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG_TS_SD_EU;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG_TS_SD_EU_T;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG_TS_SD_EU_ISO;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG_TS_SD_NA;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG_TS_SD_NA_T;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG_TS_SD_NA_ISO;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG_TS_SD_KO;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG_TS_SD_KO_T;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG_TS_SD_KO_ISO;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/x-msvideo:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVI;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/x-matroska:DLNA.ORG_PN=MATROSKA;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mp4:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_MP4_MP_SD_AAC_MULT5;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mp4:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_MP4_MP_SD_MPEG1_L3;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mp4:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_MP4_MP_SD_AC3;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mp4:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_MP4_MP_HD_720p_AAC;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mp4:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_MP4_MP_HD_1080i_AAC;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mp4:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_MP4_HP_HD_AAC;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mp4:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_MP4_LPCM;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mp4:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG4_P2_MP4_ASP_AAC;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mp4:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG4_P2_MP4_SP_L6_AAC;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mp4:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG4_P2_MP4_NDSD;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_MP_SD_AAC_MULT5;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_MP_SD_AAC_MULT5_T;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_MP_SD_AAC_MULT5_ISO;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_MP_SD_MPEG1_L3;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_MP_SD_MPEG1_L3_T;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_MP_SD_MPEG1_L3_ISO;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_MP_HD_AAC_MULT5;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_MP_HD_AAC_MULT5_T;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_MP_HD_AAC_MULT5_ISO;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_MP_HD_MPEG1_L3;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_MP_HD_MPEG1_L3_T;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_MP_HD_MPEG1_L3_ISO;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_HD_50_LPCM_T;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/x-ms-wmv:DLNA.ORG_PN=WMVMED_BASE;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/x-ms-wmv:DLNA.ORG_PN=WMVMED_FULL;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/x-ms-wmv:DLNA.ORG_PN=WMVHIGH_FULL;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/x-ms-wmv:DLNA.ORG_PN=WMVMED_PRO;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/x-ms-wmv:DLNA.ORG_PN=WMVHIGH_PRO;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/x-ms-asf:DLNA.ORG_PN=VC1_ASF_AP_L1_WMA;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/x-ms-asf:DLNA.ORG_PN=VC1_ASF_AP_L2_WMA;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/x-ms-asf:DLNA.ORG_PN=VC1_ASF_AP_L3_WMA;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000</ProtocolInfo> <TimelineOffsetSeconds>0</TimelineOffsetSeconds> <RequiresPlainVideoItems>false</RequiresPlainVideoItems> <RequiresPlainFolders>false</RequiresPlainFolders> <SupportsDirectRemoteContent>false</SupportsDirectRemoteContent> <SupportsCustomHttpHeaders>false</SupportsCustomHttpHeaders> <XmlRootAttributes /> <DirectPlayProfiles> <DirectPlayProfile container="mp3,wma,flac,mp4,ogg" type="Audio" /> <DirectPlayProfile container="avi,mp4,mkv" type="Video" /> </DirectPlayProfiles> <TranscodingProfiles> <TranscodingProfile container="ts" type="Video" videoCodec="h264" audioCodec="aac" protocol="Hls" estimateContentLength="false" enableMpegtsM2TsMode="false" transcodeSeekInfo="Auto" context="Streaming" /> </TranscodingProfiles> <ContainerProfiles /> <CodecProfiles> <CodecProfile type="Video" codec=""> <Conditions> <ProfileCondition condition="LessThanEqual" property="Width" value="704" isRequired="true" /> <ProfileCondition condition="LessThanEqual" property="Height" value="480" isRequired="true" /> </Conditions> </CodecProfile> </CodecProfiles> <ResponseProfiles /> <SubtitleProfiles> <SubtitleProfile format="ass" method="Hls" didlMode="" /> <SubtitleProfile format="srt" method="Hls" didlMode="" /> <SubtitleProfile format="ssa" method="Hls" didlMode="" /> </SubtitleProfiles> </Profile> Thanks to Media Browser developers to make this software possible. Best regards.
  6. any chance of developing or option to use existing plugins, like KODY has, icetv, genesis, ororoTV...you know what I mean that would be really cool I love MB and I'm supporter, and would hate to install another Media Center software and switch between to use one or other function ( love the plugins in KODY but hate the movies and video libraries )
  7. I have followed the suggestions given here, also started with adding one folder only but somehow it seems to be stuck at 56% in the logs I do see some errors but not sure if they relate to the error, put the log here http://paste.ubuntu.com/9147494/ anyone any clues? mb3 Version 3.0.5395.0 installed on ubuntu precise my first post pertaining this topic can be found here: http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/13410-xbmc-mysql-library-and-mb3xbmb3c-library-sharing/
  8. Hi all, I was wondering about the plugin for xbmc. So xbmc can use mediabrowser3 as a backend for xbmc, does it offer transcoding on the fly? and how is the media shared between mb3 and xbmc, is it upnp/multicast? I'm searching for a non-upnp/multicast solution that supports transcoding on the fly and can be a media source for xbmc. thx in advance!!
  9. CM000n

    Standard Xperience1080 Skin

    Hi, I'm relativly new to MediaBrowser and just playing around for a few weeks with it :-) But I'm already using XBMC for a few years as my main MediaCenter and would like to combine it now with MediaBrowser. The only thing that keeps me from that is the lack of a XBM3C skin that fullfill my (and my girlfriends) needs). We a using Xpereience1080 and love it. It's a simple and easy to use skin. I see that there already is a XBM3C compatible Xpereience1080++ Skin, but that one is cluttered with unnessecary stuff and don't look good imho So I would like to ask if someone can make a XBM3C compatible Version of the original Xpereience1080 Skin? Greetings
  10. Tolotos

    Collections don't work

    Hello, I'm new to MediaBrowser and added my XBMC library (movies and *.nfo) into MediaBrowser. Unfortunately my collections which are working in XBMC are not shown. Must I configure MB to use the XBMC tags for collections? Yours Rüdiger
  11. Hi all, my Name is Simon and I'm a user of XBMC for years now. Also I'm a very active Member at http://www.xbmcnerds.com/ . That's the biggest german XBMC Community out there ;-) I and some other xbmcnerds Member started recently a Thread to the (for us) new Topic of MediaBrowser in combination with XBMC. So, if anybody of you is interested in that discussion he can follow an participate at: http://www.xbmcnerds.com/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=40454 Hope it's ok for you that I post a link to a other Forum. But for some of us it is still easier to talk in german about such topics ;-P Greetings and thanks for your hard work on such beautiful piece of software!
  12. I want to scorch the earth with all XBMC media knowledge and import the info from Media Browser. I only use XBMC for Pseudo tv in the living room. I use Media Browser everywhere else, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get my xml/nfo data exported from Media Browser and import it into XBMC. I can find the opposite instructions, but even when I remove my movies from XBMC and clean the library, every time I add the movies folder back and set the scraper to scan locally it always re imports my old XBMC metadata. I have options set in the Media Browser web ui to save metadata as an xml and nfo, but it doesn't appear to have a manual back up mode, and I can not locate any nfo files (hidden files shown) from either XBMC, or Media Browser within the movie folders themselves. In a nut shell I want to erase my XBMC metadata from my movie collection and replace it with the metadata from Media Browser and continue to use Media Browser to look up and save the metadata in the future in XBMC. I apologize if this has been explained multiple times. Asking Google the right question on this has been difficult. And thank you for any and all help!
  13. I have recently set up a server for my movie collections thanks to the help of peeps from this forum. I have upgraded from MB2 to MB3. So my initial metadata for movies was collected by Mb2, Mb3 and MCM. As of now I am only using WMC with MB3 but in the future I would like to try Plex and XBMC. What I am trying to do is collect all the metadata that would work with MB3 , Plex and XBMC before I transfer it to my server. My thinking is once I have all the metadata set up correctly then in the future I could also try Plex and XBMC. I have read that old MB2 metadata does work with MB3 and XBMC and MB3 can share the same metadata system. I have read that there is a plugin for MB server that saves XBMC and the old MB2 metadata but have not found it? Can MCM be used? This is the way I setup my folders: HD movies folder, specific movie name (1992) [1080p] folder. In this specific movie name folder I also state all metadata. What is the best way to accomplish this? Thanks in advance.
  14. jhs39

    XML vs XBMC

    There is now a choice between two different meta-data formats--is there an advantage to switching from XML to XBMC?
  15. hi, new user of Mediabrowser Server. I'm looking for a way to have my music collection in order in XBMC, which is lacking of media managing for music... So far, i love MB, seems to be what i was looking for A few (newbie maybe) question that i can't find answer around, -> can't google images be added to the images sources ? -> switch automatic renaming landscape.jpg (seems to be MB default) to fanart.jpg (XBMC) many thanks !
  16. paulsk2

    total noob to mb3

    hi all .ive just downloaded mb3 server on this windows7 pc and im tryin to get my other pc (also win7) on xbmc to connect but im having problems with it is there a quick and easy guide as to what i have to do ? ive added the remote access link that is on the dashboard . ive set it up with a user name and password that ive also put into the xbmc add on but it says cannot connect to server . any help with this would be great , thanks
  17. Hi All, I store my album overview inside each mp3 file in the 'Comment' ID3 tag, so that should anything happen to my metadata, the metadata can easily be recovered from the ID3 tags themselves. I was just curious if it would be possible for MediaBrowser to read the 'Comment' field and use this to populate the 'Overview' field?
  18. Hi there, Apologies if this is a silly question but I was wondering is you guys might help in describing what MB3 is exactly. I am a long time user of HTPC software and currently run Argus TV as my backend and connect to it with a combination of XBMC and Mediaportal clients. I was just wondering whether Media Browser is something that fit in with what I am currently using and if so, how? Also, what are its main advantages? I have tried to read as much as I can online but am not really sure what this program does. The various HTPC forums seem to consider this MB3 an exciting new development. Thanks v much.
  19. xnappo


    RE: http://community.mediabrowser.tv/permalinks/15177/mb3-addon-in-xbmc Hi All, So I went ahead and hacked on PleXBMC over the weekend. I am now able to browse the MB3 server from XBMC. No meta-data, art or playback yet though Total hack-job right now, but definitely think it is do-able with another few weekends of work. Unfortunately I will not have time to continue on this for the next couple of weeks. If any one else is interested in helping, I can throw it up on git. xnappo
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