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Found 5 results

  1. jasonborn

    Cant resume movie where left off.

    Hi folks, When I start a movie, it actually starts with showing 1 trailer. I like it that way. After the tralier the movie starts as expected. But when I stop the movie, and start it again, a message appears if I would like to start the movie at the point where I left it or start from the beginning. Usually I choose to start where I left it, but it always starts from the beginning. In the log I see: Playback stopped reported by app Emby for Kodi Next Gen 7.7.7 playing Hell Hath No Fury. Stopped at 1332000 ms Playback start reported by app Emby for Kodi Next Gen 7.7.7 playing Hell Hath No Fury. Started at 0 ms The second line is a bit strange because I choose to start the movie where I left it. I checked the advanced settings (playback) of the library and did not find anything strange. Any suggestions? Kind regards,
  2. Hello, im trying to watch live tv via the emby-next-gen addon (6.2.15). Unfortunately this fails. When I select a channel on kodi (19.4), i get a spinning wheel, followed by the error message: One or more items failed to play. Check the log for more information about this message. when i try and play the same channel on my android phone with the emby app it plays fine. I even installed the kodi app on my phone to see if the behaviour would be different but I get the same error. the same error happens when I install the emby-next-gen addon from the emby beta repository. I have included the debug kodi log and the debug emby server log. i start the stream at 22:49. sorry i did not find the option in emby-next-gen addon to enable debug logging embyserver-63790325406.txt kodi.log
  3. I have been running emby for a several years. Easy setup and I like being able to watch it remotely. I almost exclusively use kodi on various devices to access emby. On my main kodi, which runs on a raspi4, I use the janitor plugin to clean up watched episodes. Until recently when I made a folder stricture change, it was working perfectly. Since I use janitor and have several tv series I want to keep. I now have more serious than exclusions that janitor allows, therefore I have created a second folder called saved tv. Now just one exclusion to keep track of. I added this second folder to my library. Emby sees the episodes. I have the folder as a source on kodi. Kodi starts to see the episodes when emby is scanning the folders. After the scan is completed, kodi still displays the various series but shows 0/0 for the number of episodes. Therefore I cannot watch them. My kodi is using direct playback since both the server and kodi are on my internal network. Second issue I have is auto organize not deleting folders after it organized a show or movie. This was working before switching to dsm7. The only other issue I have is kodi doesn't seem to get updates from emby server unless kodi is restarted daily. Simple fix with a cron job. Anyone have thoughts on what is going on? Attached pics to help show what is going on.
  4. Hi Guys, I have an Amazon Fire Stick 4K on which I've installed Kodi 19.1 and the video Emby next-gen-6.0.2-build 110 (ex14) plugin. The connection wizard appears and I manually enter my Emby server and login details. The sync completes and playback works as expected. The problem: If I close Kodi then open it again (or disable and re-enable the plugin) the connection wizard re-appears and I have to enter the details again. The only information/error message I have managed to get on screen is if I configure the plugin, select "Add user to session", top right appears Emby for Kodi Your access to Emby is restricted. Steps taken to produce logfile: Open Kodi Login to plugin Add user to session Disable plugin Enable plugin Help, suggestions, questions appreciated 🙂 Edit: Deleted Kodi profile, created new, added plugin build 158 (ex22) but problem remains. logfile-20210727.txt
  5. Recently downloaded emby beta addons and the server I was directed to use requires a username and password that I do not have. The information on how to download and connect came from a random place online and since this is my first time building up a Kodi build I have no idea what to do. Please assist.
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