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  1. That's it! Prob been requested before, if so point me to the thread so I can +1. Cheers.
  2. Scenario: You have a TV show with multiple episodes, and all of them contain audio track and subtitle in two different languages. When you watch the first episode, you select an audio track and subtitle which were not the ones Emby had selected initially, by default. Then, when the first episode is over, and the second one starts, Emby resets the language to its default selection instead of preserving the selections from the previous episode. So, the user has to stop playback and reconfigure the language for every episode. Request: Emby should try to preserve the audio track and subtitle selected from one episode to another, assuming the tracks/languages are consistently labeled in all video files.
  3. I wish Emby Support to create a customized library, this library doesn’t include a media directory, just scan select some movies from exist library’s directories. while setup library, user can create filters, only select some movies, such as: Movies in top 10/100/250 ranks Movies released in 2022 Released by Netflix/HBO/Disney mans so no, thank you very much!
  4. fahad92

    Emby Rating!

    Hi , This is more a suggestion than a fauture request because I don't know the challenges to this and it could be a plugin ( Friends Ratings ) I always wanted to see my friends and family rating to the contents I have in my server. Everytime someone finish playing a media an option pupup on the screen to rate it from 0 to 10 This could work perfectly for a movie but for TV shows it could be after playing a full season? The ratings to be shown on the media page beside the other ratings platforms as a local rating system from family and friends with how many vote. Extra options could be given to show all the local users names who rated the media for everyone not just the admin, Admin should always be able to see the usernames. An option could be given to the users when he/she rate something to accept showing his rating and username to avoid any privacy issues + option to accept and never ask again and it's for the admin to publish all the ratings. Thank you.
  5. come attivo le notifiche in modo che quando inserisco un nuovo film, arrivi la notifica di inserimento a tutti gli utenti. how to activate the notifications so that when I insert a new movie, the insertion notification arrives to all users
  6. hello, everything is in the title: I would like to know if we can add informations to know if the devices are unlocked by the purchase of a license or if its uses the license of my server @ebr thanks
  7. Hi, I would love to see the possibility to be able to select a separate 'Library' in the Reports module. At this moment, when you select 'Movies' it shows all movies in every library. Thanks!
  8. Hi, I would love to see the possibility to only update ratings (IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes) without the need to 'Refresh metadata' (as this will refresh all metadata). Ideally as scheduled task since (especially for new movies) the ratings can change quite a lot. Thanks!
  9. Please implement "Alternate Order" in adition to "Aired Order", Absolute Order and DVD Order for the TheTVDB Episode Matching Thanks
  10. Hi all, I would like to say that this is a server-side issue, not sure how this comes about. I did check for prior reports of this issue, but did not find any. I have a small (sub-)set of my movies that get their subtitles downloaded again and again every morning when the scheduled task kicks in. It happens on less than 1% of my movies. I don't know what makes these stand out. This is how I located them on the filesystem (disregarding srt-files with low numbers up to "2"): find /full/path/to/movies -type f \( -name \*.[3-9].??.srt -o -name \*.[1-9][0-9].??.srt \) -print It is not critical since I can easily nuke the extra files. Just thought it was worth mentioning. Maybe someone else can confirm. I would love to capture a log right now, but I got "viewers" that are constantly showing in the log, and no testing system to turn to. Anyone else can confirm the issue (or point me to prior reports of the problem that I did not find... again...)? Cheerios, Roodee
  11. Will be great if every user can be limited to an amount of devices. I think this feature will be fantastic, especially for those of us who pay for a license since simultaneous streams do not block the login and consume a license even when the user already has their simlutaneous stream limits full. I know this can be done in "Access" tab, but is hard to select device one by one for each user, Why not only add a x number of devices allowed and then user can not login in another device? @ebr
  12. There are a lot of things good about EMBY but one that is seriously lacking is the way that subtitles are currently handled. I love that EMBY can use opensubtitles to just search for them, but when I already have a subtitle file (which matches the file name format perfectly) the EBMY server ignores it entirely. VLC (on any device in the house) and our OLED TV & all of our old media player boxes can see and use those files automatically because of the names having the same pattern, but EMBY ignores the subtitle files. To make this worse there is no BROWSE button to allow the user to select a file they already have. They can only grab subtitle files off of the web. Users should be able to just use the right naming convention but it doesn't work. Unfortunately the normal solutions are two : 1) have the server notice properly formated subtitle file names (as it should and it does not) 2) let the user click BROWSE to get an explorer window that is already in the same directory as the video file) does not exist in this software (which is really odd - senior IT guy here). For instance if I have these files : Supernatural - S06 - E10 - (Caged Heat).mp4 Supernatural - S06 - E10 - (Caged Heat).srt If they are all in "C:\Files\Video\Series\Supernatural" and I create a library that includes the directory "C:\Files\Video\Series\Supernatural" EMBY notices the video file, but not the (perfectly matched in name) subtitle file. The only way I can get EMBY to notice the file I already have is to use the "Edit Subtitles" page and have it go search the internet (opensubtitles) for a new srt & then grab ANY of them. After EMBY has the new file imported it will list then TWO srt files (finally noticing the properly formatted name which was there the entire time). But then you have TWO srt files, so you kill the one you just imported. This is currently the the most reliable method for getting the server to notice an existing and properly named srt file). As a senior I.T. guy, this really gets me. Why exactly did nobody ever think to just put in a BROWSE button? (and here's an idea) maybe actually *check* to see IF the EMBY server really is automatically using existing subtitle files when they are properly formatted named and in the same folder. EMBY does not do this. It is supposed to. The server has no idea that those srt files exist & it is not a result of the name format not matching. I have several drives of media where EMBY fails to use the existing SRT files and everything else in the house finds them just fine. TO get those subtitles working my only choice is to manually import a new SRT for every one of those files.
  13. jameskitt616

    Server Federation Idea

    The Idea was to use the built in API key feature of Emby to connect/authenticate two Emby Servers. If Server A receives a API key of Server B, it allows Server A to display and cache the remote contents (only File names, Pictures (Metadata) etc. NOT the actual Video/Audio etc Files) -> maybe also with a API limit? so it does not Spam the other Server to death (cough cough ombi.io). Now since Server A has access to Server B's library, it can just display the remote contents in the existing Libraries (since they are tagged by 'Content Type' it should be no issue to merge them into existing 'Movie', 'TV Shows' ... folders). The Merge mechanism should be a bit smart: e.g. if Emby detects the same Movie locally and on the Remote Server, it only displays the local content and hides the remote, unless other quality/bitrate whatever?... To the End user this still looks like the files are stored on the current Server they use. Now if the user (Server A) playbacks content from a remote Server (Server B), instead of connecting to Server A), the client connects automatically to Server B and steams from there. I can think of multiple ways how to handle user management/auth. - Either there is no User management and if a user from Server A playbacks something from Sever B, it just uses the API key which got used to connect those two servers, for authentication. And there is some basic Settings for that like in the User settings (max simulations streams for remote Servers, max bandwidth per stream etc) - A Remote User management. When connecting the two servers (Server A imports contents of Server B), Server B imports the remote Users of Server A and creates a local dummy accounts (ofc there needs to be some sort of Scheduled Task to redo this process) It should be possible to connect multiple servers. This is the Simplest way i could think of some sort of "Server Federation", please let me know if there are any massive flaws, or things i've overseen. Would be glad to discuss the idea. P.S. i don't know if i explained it understandably, so if there are questions, please ask.
  14. I won't say names, but I noted there is a working implementation for tone-mapping DV5-stuff. So I tried and yeah, finally the right colors, no more need to keep two versions, decide between dv and hdr10 or to wrangle videos around... So, can we have those ffmpeg-patches too, pretty please? Thanks in advance.
  15. 1. I want to browse all the actors and directors information ,just like browsing the poster wall. 2. A more humanized [collection] 3. Add/remove tags in batches, I want to be able to select multiple movies ,and then add/remove/modify their tags uniformly.
  16. I have recently noticed some changes in the emby web app. In the TV mode, It allows you to choose between vertical and horizontal scrollable pages and i wish this feature returns in the android tv app and as a bonus i wish it features add to watchlist option for randomly displaying titles on the home screen.... Here are some images to illustrate my ideas
  17. I found that thetvdb has podcast listing on it as well. This appears to be a much more organized way to display podcasts in Emby. However, right now, Emby does not recognize mp3 files when it a TV library. Can you please fix this? Thanks!
  18. maxiniedermeier

    Sort Movies in a Collection

    Would it be possible to add a little dropdown Menu in a Collection where you can select the order of the Movies (e.g. "Release Date" or "Chronological") If I remember correct i had seen such a possibility on TMDB I Couldn't find such a Request in the Forum
  19. Hello Guys, Would it be possible to add new themes so we can customize the look and feel of the emby app a little bit more. I really like how embuary looks for example. the emby app looks similiar to embuary but only if i go into the recommended category. Would be cool if we could make our movies and series categorty look like the recommended area on the homepage or embuary instead of the boring grid view. for comparisson some screenshots.
  20. As an alternative to the Music Brainz and Audio DB links, it would be great to have a field to add Discogs links. I did try to see if I could use an unused Audio DB link, but it didn’t work. So, just any blank link would do, then over time I can add links. Any chance? Thanks.
  21. NthrnNYker58

    Recording on user basis ?

    Well, here's a possible feature request (unless it already exists and I don't have the correct way to implement it)...... Well, here is my issue ...... I have 7-8 'emby connected' users that access my Emby server --- on that server, I have a bunch of tuner cards that pick up my local OTA stations (58 of 'em), as well as a BUNCH of m3u streams that I distribute to those users. All of those users (Family & friends - strung out across the country) like to record OTA content, as well as content from those m3u streams. Unfortunately, those users are a mixed bag --- young single adults, as well as more settled, middle-aged adults with young kids ... and sometimes, their ...ahem.... 'recording preferences' do not coincide..... ie; R-rated content or worse vs. Peppa Pig. Some of those users have complained to me about questionable content being placed in the in the same recording folders that their children have access to. So, my question is ---- I know that common (global) recording folders are located @ the LiveTv/Advanced tab and can be modified from there ---- what I was wondering if a few modifications -- feature request, if you will --- can be made to modify the location of those recording folders on a 'per user' basis rather than globally ? Setting up different recording folders for each user so that other users cannot access or even see was the easy part and very doable ----- I just don't know how -- or if a method exist ---- that would direct recordings to those segregated recording folders on a per user basis. (plus it gets REALLY complicated to cull no-longer-wanted recordings from 8 users) Would that be something that might be doable ?
  22. Just like introskip, is there a way to scan for Credits as well?
  23. Hi is there anyway I can add other subscription services to Emby? Plex has upgraded to this but I am still committed to Emby and would like to stay that way. So can I add things like Hulu, Paramount Plus, Binge etc
  24. When managing a library composed by 3D movies too it would be good to have the ability to transcode and cast them as 2D on the fly due to the fact that not all the medium has support for 3D. It would be a small parameter on FFMPEG transcoder and would allow to have one library for different kind of tvs. Right now you are forced to have a 2D library only if all your devices are not 3D compatible.
  25. Currently, when you have "Remember subtitle track selections" selected, it only remembers the selection after you actually play the video. It would be more convenient if it remembered it from the time you set it on the movie/episode page, without making you have to play the video to save the selection.
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