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Found 5 results

  1. Is there somewhere to host community-made metadata files that you guys are aware of? Like, a website where people can share sets of customized NFO files and images - or partial set, that only selectively override what you would scrape from tvdb/tmdb? I've been customizing a fair bit of mine. Sometimes custom image sets, sometimes a whole folder, or making a series of movies into a "Show", or the like. Sometimes adding metadata to fanedits. I'd be happy to share the metadata with other people as I change my own server. Obviously different people like to organize their collections different ways, like how I don't care to separate films and shows, and prefer to use a "Show" setup for each franchise (each library is a broad genre). If Emby could handle epubs, cbrs/cbz, and PDFs, all my comics and ebooks and RPG Books would be getting loaded into Emby as well. But sadly, Emby does not do book formats - I have yet to find a good Emby-For-Ebooks to run on my media server. A random example - Nobody is going to get this same kind of setup by just using the auto-scraper (though the auto scraper was part of my process. I grabbed as much as possible with it before I started tweaking and organizing). These custom setups were rather un-shareable in Plex, but thanks to nfo files and images in folders, the same cannot be said for my custom setups in Emby. I could zip up the folder and leave out the video files, and womeone else could plug in their own videos and go. Another example: An audiobook trilogy, as part of a broad "Forgotten Realms" audiobook "TV Show" (the main page of which still looks ugly, I just started loading things into this one today). So - have you guys come across a website for sharing community made metadata sets and the like? Are there multiples worth comparing? If yes, which ones do you prefer and why? Thanks guys.
  2. Using Win 10x64 pro and Emby in FireFox / Chrome: If I select MOVIES, FAVORITES, "Sort by IMDB rating" is listed. "Sort by COMMUNITY rating" is on the sort menu for Collections but listed as "IMDB" elsewhere. If I go into a GENRE and use the sort function, it is "Sort by CRITIC rating" and "Sort by COMMUNITY rating". These "sort methods" should be unified to match in all areas of EMBY as it can be a bit confusing when renamed elsewhere. From what I was told, IMDB rating is NOT really IMDB rating because it is pulled from TMDB which is always outdated and hardly accurate after it gets ratings from IMDB (or maybe users?). Seems a bit not quite right to call those IMDB ratings, unless they are coming directly from IMDB. Even if the choices are unified a bit and match in all menu choices, I would very much still LOVE to see a deal worked out that would allow EMBY or a plugin for it, to directly update IMDB (COMMUNITY rating) / Rotten Tomatoes (CRITIC rating) without having to rely on a second hand account of what those scores might be. Not holding my breath on that though. At the very least a plugin that would update them from the available sources (such as TMDB) if not directly without having to re-fetch ALL metadata would even be a step forward. Thanks
  3. I'd love to figure out a way to solve a problem with scraping in Emby. I am finding that Emby never scrapes all of the actor images for movies that I import. And I'm not talking about indie movies, I'm talking about AAA movies with big name actors. It will always find some, but never a complete list. So part of my work-flow for importing a movie is to go back through and manually search for actor images and cards and fill them out myself. I'm a completionist, and having gray cards for actors is a no-go for me. Hopefully I'm not alone in this though. I think that the issue is that the current databases that Emby can scrape are limited. We can't scrape IMDB, so we're left with databases that are incomplete. How about we create our own Emby database and leverage the work that people like me are already doing? What I'm envisioning would be an opt-in sort of thing. I realize that not everyone would necessarily want to share their custom images and/or metadata. But for those of us that would be comfortable doing that, we could create a new Db to potentially fill in the gaps. Over time it could become much more complete than what's currently offered. I'm not talking about replacing the TheMovieDb or Open Movie Db. This would be something to compliment those and to fill in what they lack. It could even be something like this: You upload an Actor Picture and you're presented with a checkbox to add it to the Community Database. You check it and that image is uploaded and connected to the profile in the database for that actor. The same could apply to any Metadata that is currently scraped in Emby. Anytime someone creates something, they get a checkbox to add it to the Community database. By default the Community Database could be the last option for scraping data for content. So if it's not found in the official databases, then the Community database is scraped. I hope this makes sense, and I'm hopeful that I'm not the only one that would be interested in contributing to something like this.
  4. Is it possible to get some clarification on the openess of the code and continuation? First of all: I was not able to find some kind of trial for the premium version. I suppose it is possible to set up some kind of 2/3 day trial so one can test the DVR features etc over a weekend. I prefer that then to get one of the hacked versions.... (and I never paid for a trial). I read quite some confusion on the openness of the code. Is it possible that Emby specifies which parts are open (and to which version) and which are closed? (in accordance with GITHUB's policies etc). Personally I would love to have something open even if I pay for it initially to get into the community. Maybe you can make it 'community open source'. I saw concerns about the restrains of the lifetime license; if it was community sourced that issue would disappear. Emby could also promise that once a new version comes available for where an upgrade of the license is required that the existing code will be available for the lifetime users. (this would of course limit the active involvement of the community during the normal lifetime). In both situations you could specify that all code that was proposed by users can be used in the next version without the version being open (of course the code itself would be usable in the initial product where the code would be available for existing users). I think that would benefit both Emby as the user community. One of Emby's advantages is that it is/was at least partly open and I think that there is quite a group of people that prefer to pay for/support that instead of a totally closed source variant. The restriction of the number of devices can also be an issue for personal use. If you have a family of 5 and when each has a phone, tablet and pc you are already at the max and cannot have the general TV etc connected. Maybe an idea to make it unlimited for personal usage or at least extend the number of devices for personal usage?
  5. I just want to say thanks to Luke and all the other developers out there that are hammering away day in and day out on updates, squashing bugs, responding to the community, and just being all-around great guys. Your time, talent, and effort means so much to me and the community. This includes those who help out on the forums with support issues, and all the other stuff behind the scenes. I have to say... you guys impress me all the time with your expertise, care and concern, and even how patient you are.
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