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Found 10 results

  1. edejaeger

    Sonos Connect no more listed in Play To

    Hello, I do not know if this issue occurs since Emby Server v3.0.5882 but it is a recent one (it worked correctly with v3.0.5870) : my Sonos Connect is no more displayed in the Play To drop list. It is still discovered from the Win10 built-in feature and I can still play music directly from Windows Explorer, so it is not an issue from the network layer (including the firewall) nor from the audio gateway, also nor from my ADSL box. Could you please help me (and all those how are having this problem) ? Many thanks by advanced. B.R. Eric D. J.
  2. Quiffster

    DLNA and DLNA "Play To" device detection

    DLNA too unreliable now.... I've been a user of Emby for a long long time since the old Windows Media Centre MB add-in days. Back then i would use Serviio for DLNA, and MB3 for windows home theatre. But once MB got DLNA to a pretty mature state, i turned Serviiio off, and settled for MB/Emby (even though it still doesn't handle playing music well to older devices). On my Samsung TV's - i use the Samsung Emby app - its great, lovely interface, streams well, works pretty well most of the time. However for all my other devices including our main LG TV, and the kids Sony Bravia's - We've always used the Emby Android app - and 'Play to' DLNA functionality. Until recently anyway... I cannot recall when - but somewhere around Feb/March this year - there was a release which changed the DLNA code to such a degree that it now renders Emby useless for all my non-Samsung App devices. 1. "Play To" hasn't worked for many months, and there is evidently some kind of issue which is not with my home setup. For example, when using the android app, if i choose my LG TV as the Play To device, then select some media - the little green "Play" arrow doesn't even appear. On other occasions, when it does appear - pressing it just does nothing - no error - no nothing. 2. Normal DLNA use: This has been intermittent between releases. Most often the Emby server doest appear as a server on the TV's DLNA server list. For a few releases - the server appears, and can sometimes make it all the way through a tv show without dropping off with a server error, and not appearing in the list again..... Interestingly, i did find that after every server update - if i go into the DLNA devices list in the web admin, and delete every device listed - i can often get the Emby server to re-appear on the TV's. (PS - a delete all button would be a great addition to that config tab). So... as of 3.0.5980, and with a full delete of all the "Devices" from Emby - Play To predictably still doesn't work, but at least the server shows up on the LG again - and I'll set the family down to watch a movie.. I'm happy to supply log files etc, but it feels like a point solution or identification to what i suggest is a more fundamental problem with a code change way back earlier this year. I'd also consider going back to an old release from say Dec 2015 (is that possible by the way), but i'm worried that a recent database change / upgrade would mean that that isn't possible?? Until then, I'll keep my fingers crossed and upgrade every time a release comes out, in the hope the issue gets sorted.... If anyone else is suffering the same problem - perhaps you could Like or follow the posts and we can see if this is more pervasive than just the odd system with a error..
  3. Hello. I am having an issue with Play commands to remote devices. I want to use the Emby Server Web Client or an app to tell my HTPC what to play. I have no trouble getting the video to start, however, the video stops if I ever navigate away from the page. For example: I select a client, send a movie to play, playback starts, then I click on an actor to see what other movies the actor is in, playback stops. Playback also stops if I hit back, or go to any other page in the Web Client. Display Mirroring is disabled. I can reproduce this behavior from any client to any client. Examples I have tried are: - From iOS app --> Emby Theater - From Web Client --> Emby Theater - From Web Client --> Other Web Client Not an issue on the Emby App for Windows Phone (but this app is different from the Web Client)
  4. Hi, Since the update to 3.0.5871 (I've tried the betas too) I can no longer use the android app, nor the web client to play media to my LG TV. The app and web offers the TV as a target but pressing the green play arrow button has no effect at all. In fact, even using the web client, sometimes the play button doesn't even appear. Happy to post screenshots and logs, just wanted to see if others are experiencing the same issue? Steve.
  5. Hi all, I've spent many time searching on the web for an answer to my problem and found nothing. Obviously, it is not a bug in Emby so I won't open a bug report. The facts : - I've installed Emby Server on a Windows 10 PC and it worked flawlessly with the browser client for a couple of hours, especially the "Play To" on dlna devices (Samsung Smart TV and Yamaha Amp, both connected to network) - For easier machine uptime, I've installed Emby Server on another Windows 10 (x64 family) PC which is directly connected to TV and amp - When installed, Emby web didn't show my TV and my amp in Play To but found others applications like Kodi - I made a new fresh install of Windows 10 on the machine. Get avast, Chrome and Emby server running : TV and amp were back in Play to (hurrah !) - After doing more software installations on this PC, TV and amp vanished again from play to (argh !) What I tried : - Checked all network config : no problem (and indeed W10 can access and cas to these devices) - Unplugged and plugged the devices and reboot computer - Reinstalled again W10 from scratch (3 times) but never get back my devices in Play to - Installed other DLNA chrome apps for testing : they can't detect these two devices too - All other castable devices are OK from this computer (e.g. Kodi or other browers) - TV and amp can access Emby Server by DLNA from their side - TV and amp are visible on network and I can cast on them from the culprit computer with W10 self play to (from edge or WM) - Installed again Emby on the first computer : devices are invisible The Emby Logs don't say anything about Play to after enabling full debug. I've tried many, many, many things (disabling firewall and antivirus, running the whole with admin rights, plug and unplug devices...) but it still looks like Windows is preventing Emby Server or Chrome from detecting these two devices despite IT can see them. It's really frustrating and I clearly missing something but what ?. Hope someone will have some ideas or the key to this problem
  6. Hi! EDIT: Emby Theater just crasht. After starting it up again I found Emby Theater back in the Server Browser window. I hope this sticks. After an update, uninstalling and reinstalling the latest Emby Theater free version, I can't play file from my Server Browser UI to Emby Theater. I don't really know where to start to debug this issue. The reported version is 3.0.5859.23399. My source is the provided zip file by Luke (http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/29908-previous-version/) Any help, comment or suggestion would be much appreciated! Take care, Naxs
  7. HelgOmat

    DLNA Devise missing

    Hallo, i want to use "play to" with my Philips-TV (PFL7606K/02). The problem is that it's not shown in the device list. Conversly the TV can see (and access) the server, and with BubbleUPNP the "play to function" works fine. I tried to create a profile, based on infos BubbleUPNP was displaying and infos from other forums as well. I think the identification is ok but there im stuck now. The log file mentions something about "PhilipsIntelSDK" my config "Philips PFL-XXX6" is mentioned (seems to be applied) but there is also something about "TIMEOUT" and it's never the less not shown in the devicelist for "play to". Unfortunately I can't do much with this informations but I have attached the whole logfile for all of you, who are able to read it. I am really looking forward to your replies. server-63583035647.txt Philips PFL-XXX6.xml
  8. When I try to play any video via DLNA to my Samsung smart tv I get message "please check your network connection" and file can’t be played. When I firstly installed media browser all was fine but suddenly I started getting that message. Could someone help me sort this problem? My TV is properly connected to network.
  9. psmc

    choose a client error

    Having problems playing all files via "choose a client" to SAMSUNG LED & WDTV dnla (see pic). If i use the phone to play to samsung tv (see pic) If i use the phone to play on wdtv i get the error "this is sharing content from windows" on the tv screen But Playing to WMClassic works fine & switches to remote view after selection. PS... Samsung tv & media browser tv app work fine & plays the same files no issues Playing the files direct on the phone also works fine. If i use the PC to 'right click & play to' wdtv the files play ok too. This seems confined to the green logo dnla items only.
  10. Got a beta update a few days ago (3.0.5267.16902) and the original issue i reported has returned (all was working w/ the prior 3.0.5267 release)... samsung UNEH5300 related post: http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/7544-playto-samsung-uneh5300-file-not-supported/
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