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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, so i reorganized my YT Backup/downloaded library to include more metadata. I am basically using <Videotitle> - <Uploaddate> - <YTVideoid>. but instead of registering for example 2022-05-14 as full date it detects it as from the year 20220514. Any idea how to fix it or define certain positions in the file name as year / month / day bc when you count the letters from the back of the file name the yt id is 11 characters on every video then space - space and then the date Regards :)
  2. Sorry guys... I posted this under Emby Classic mistakenly... it is a server issue... opps Hello.. I have recently upgrade to the latest server against my better judgement. The upgrade went fine without major drama... however, it created a miss afterwards, and I believe it can be avoided with better planning. So, i have my movies sorted by Date Added using Created Date. this worked fine for many years. After the last upgrade... all my movies carry the date i upgraded (20 of Feb) as the date that all my over 7000 movies added... (basically, leaves date added completely useless). I remember i had similar issue years ago, and the server changes the behavior of Date Added from Date Created, into Something else the guy who writes the code chooses. So, I went to the library setting, and changed that behavior. (if you are upgrading, keep that in mind.. i don't know how to flip this before you start the server??) Nothing changed yet on the metadata of all the movies even after a scan... Question... Can I fix this, or do I have to re-install my Disk Image from last month??? p.s. This would not be an issue if the upgrade process looked up the Date Added preference on the old setup, and maintained it instead of changing it... otherwise, let us not call it an upgrade, and call it a fresh install...
  3. Good Afternoon Gentlemen, Would it be possible to add an option that would allow the Date Added behavior for new content to be "Premiere or Air Date"? For years, I have used Android clients running Kodi to connect to the Emby Server. The Time Lord plugins run as a scheduled task every 15 minutes, somehow manipulating data that Kodi recognizes. When using Kodi, the Recently Added list always sorts/reflects content by its Premiere/Air Date rather than the File Creation Date or the Date Added. I have recently switched over to using the Native Emby Client Apps for LG & Samsung TV's. Great Work! It's beautiful & much simpler. That being said, I miss the part where recently added items reflect content by Premiere/Air Date. Does this option already exist & if not, would you consider adding it? Best- Darren
  4. I'd really like to see an option to use the modification time stamp over the creation time stamp, when evaluating the date added. At lease for music files. See also this discussions: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/39666-latest-media-sort/page-1 https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/26485-file-created-date-vs-file-modified-date/
  5. Andrommy

    Date added spans 100 years

    I use the function sort by date added often but after a new install of emby on a new pc server the date added is totally wrong, my first movie was added 1/13/1930 it says and the latest 9/14/2029 Nothing wrong with the file's creation date and if I choose to date scanned to library as behavior for new content the result is the same. I tried to delete metadata, nfos, and even clean install of the server but something is spooky.
  6. Pirlo1966

    Date added sorting

    Hi server 3.0.5984.0 For the past 6 months or so I notice date added sorting in Emby doesn't reflect any longer the real order of added media. Some movies added months ago stay at tghe beginning of the date added sort list. Sometimes a newly added movie is listed in first place, but others get listed in 10, 12th or 20th etc ... position. Any idea what might be causing this? What is Emby library looking for? Date added tag media folder, date added tag media file or date added in mymovie.xml?
  7. I think this was a feature of MCM, but does anyone know of a tool that will allow me to change all the date created windows attributes dates to match movie release dates using Media Browser metadata? I recently had to recover a hard drive, and in doing so, lost all my date created attributes. I like being able to sort through my movies by date created in Windows Explorer for when I'm sharing. Thanks.
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