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  1. Tester

    Fresh Install

    Recently upgraded system and started from scratch. I realize that I could have used the backup plugin to save my config, but I wanted to start from scratch. Win7x64 Server Stable 3.0.5641.4 Server Beta 3.0.5666.4 I am able to install the server, but once the wizard runs it gets stuck at language selection. I am not able to pull down the Language menu and only see the spinning circle. Tried both stable and beta releases with same results.
  2. Dedeux

    A lot of bugs

    I don't know what's going wrong with emby, but since you changed the name for something who sound like Kodi, it doesn't give what it gave before. Firstly, the connection made through the emby website , sometimes it work and sometimes it don't. For example, i add friends, by the invite options of the software manager of Emby , i decided to change the name of my server before (it was something like the name of my pc and i changed it for a more reliable name) when some users try to connect now, they see the new name of my server but when they clicked on it and there's always a message showing that the server is not available or something like that. When i have to update manually some infos about a movie, the link is made through imdb, the picture related to the movie is available (like it was before with Media Browser) but when it come to save it as the one who will be used, the update doesn't make anything except keeping all the old pictures related to the movie (pictures who are everything except the cover of the movie). There is a lot of missing infos when i add movies in my directories, this is acceptable, but when it come to make an update manually who doesn't work .... So i uninstalled emby completely to make a fresh new installation from the start. The installation went fine, i have to install the plugins that i had before (this is something normal), this told me that the uninstall process went good. But when i install a particular addon (who seems to be related to some home automation processes) it crashed. It crashed to a point that i was unable to restart the server. i uninstalled all the plugins, this is the last of the three options in the uninstall process. this action didn't remove only the plugins, but everything related to Emby. So i get to the control panel again, and seeing that Emby was still appearing through the software i have on my PC (windows 7 professional edition 64 bits) I tried to uninstall Emby, and it gave me an error message that something went wrong in the uninstall process. I know that Emby is free. But i would pay for it if it would be more stable. I keep Plex for that, who doesn't have all the bugs that i mentioned before in this message. So what's going on ? I don't want to be rude, but there is something to be done with this version of Media Browser known now as Emby. Thanks, André (sorry for my english writing i speak and write in french)
  3. I am trying to install Emby Theater on a brand new Asus VivoPC VM40B with Windows 8.1. It downloads the Setup file and then while downloading the application, it stops and gives an error message saying: Error Downloading Package System.Net.WebException An exception occurred during a WebClient request. Please help!
  4. tipex

    harfbuzz-9.0.40-1 missing

    Hi all, I'm setting up a raspberry PI (for testing) with ARCHlinux. Yesterday when I tried to install mediabrowser-server, it worked fine. So far so good. Today I started with a fresh linux Installation and I wanted to install emby-server. During package creation (makepkg -s) I got the message: error: failed retrieving file 'harfbuzz-0.9.40-1-armv6h.pkg.tar.xz' from mirror.archlinuxarm.org : The requested URL returned error: 404 When I checked the archlinuxarm.org mirror I found there the version 0.9.40-2. Now I cannot install emby-server nor mediabrowser-server, because I receive for both the same error message. Can sombodey help me out? Thank a lot. Thomas
  5. I played around with Media Browser Server on Windows 7 and everything seemed to work okay so I then decided to give it a try on a computer with Windows Server 2008 R2. It appears setup installed everything okay including .NET and C++. The problem happens when I start Media Browser Server and it opens the initial Internet Explorer window "Welcome to Media Browser!" and "please select your preferred language". The drop down menu for selecting the preferred language is blank. Clicking on the 'next' button only refreshes and still the preferred language drop down menu is blank. I'm a beginner with Windows Server 2008 so I was wondering if there is some setting in Windows Explorer security settings that needs to be changed in order for Windows Explorer to work properly with Media Browser Server?
  6. hello, i have been unable to install MB server or Classic on a new fresh install of win7, keeps telling me error downloading package System.NullRefrenceException Object reference not set to an instance of an object. appreciate your help
  7. youngmcse


    If I am already running MBv2x, do I need to uninstall it before installing MB3? Or do I just install MB3 on top of MB2x?
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