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Found 6 results

  1. robafovio

    Emby - ArchLinux

    Greetings, I'm following the Arch wiki page and I did all steps correctly. So, the first time I run the emby, things works very well. Then, I restart the machine and emby can't run. I read others threads here, but I feel very confuse. Sorry for open a new thead. my ls -la /disco Alerts from Emby Server. Thank you.
  2. As the title implies , the Remote (WAN) access doesnt work for me .After some searches , i found this article and followed everything mentioned in there - https://support.emby.media/support/solutions/articles/44001849007-connectivity . 1) Firstly the In-Home ( LAN ) access is working fine , no issues there 2) I made sure that the ip address showing up in WAN access is indeed the correct one . wget -qO- ifconfig.me/ip This when ran inside terminal does returns the same ip mentioned in WAN Access so thats fine as far as i can tell. 3) Lastly i did setup port forwarding on my tp link router . In Forwarding - i added a virtual server as follows : Service Port - 8096 Internal Port - 8096 IP Address - "Added my In-Home LAN access IP here" (192.xx.xx.x) Protocol - TCP ( options available - TCP ,UDP and All ) Common Service Port - "left blank" ( options available - DNS, FTP, GOPHER, HTTP, NNTP, POP3, PPTP, SMTP, SOCK, TELNET ) 4) I did checked if port 8096 is opened according to https://canyouseeme.org It outputs the below error : Error: I could not see your service on XXX.XX.XX.XX on port (8096) Reason: Connection timed out The IP address showing in canyouseeme.org is also the very same ip showing alongside in wan access in emby dashboard which again is same with my actual external ip ( I don't think issue is with IP mismatch in any way ) PS / This is my first time using any media server at all so i haven't tried WAN access on any different media server ,to be able to tell if it works with some different service . In my laptop ,i am connected to the internet through my home wifi . I haven't up any proxy , vpn or firewall in my machine locally or at router level . In fact just of curiosity - being connected to the very same wifi network in my android device. I tried emby server for android app and started emby server from there but wan access is still not working OS - Arch Linux ( x86_64) Emby Server v4.4.3.0
  3. After upgrading to emby-server 4.0.1, new contents in Movies could not be updated. I guess the issue is related to the directory itself. When I create a new directory, contents in it could be scanned as expected. In the meantime there was a sub-folder under the Movies directory created by emby-server, named "-ffdetect". This may be a naming bug because the shell command such as `ls`, `mv`, `rm`, cannot process file name starting with a dash symbol "-".
  4. Hello, since last update (3.0.8300-1), emby refuse to start. Below is all the logs produced by ember-server when starting. I dont understand much about these logs, but it seems that first error is : But i can ls it using emby's user : I fear any data corruption in emby's internals.
  5. tipex

    harfbuzz-9.0.40-1 missing

    Hi all, I'm setting up a raspberry PI (for testing) with ARCHlinux. Yesterday when I tried to install mediabrowser-server, it worked fine. So far so good. Today I started with a fresh linux Installation and I wanted to install emby-server. During package creation (makepkg -s) I got the message: error: failed retrieving file 'harfbuzz-0.9.40-1-armv6h.pkg.tar.xz' from mirror.archlinuxarm.org : The requested URL returned error: 404 When I checked the archlinuxarm.org mirror I found there the version 0.9.40-2. Now I cannot install emby-server nor mediabrowser-server, because I receive for both the same error message. Can sombodey help me out? Thank a lot. Thomas
  6. I want to share with you my installation process for Media Browser 3 (MB3) on Archlinux. Backgroud: My Archlinux is the latest version (2014.09.03), x86-64 My headless server (without screen) is a virtual machine (I actually have a headless server, but my test is in the virtual machine) Steps: You need to have Archlinux installed. Download the wget utility, this is for downloading files from internet pacman -Sy wget Install the base-devel package with pacman, it is necessary for build the package later. pacman -Sy base-devel Go to a directory to build the package, in my example I use my root folder, and I create an AUR subfolder cd /root mkdir aur cd aur Now get the tarball of the MB3 (Thanks to DaBungalow for make MB3 available on AUR) (official link: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/me/mediabrowser-server/mediabrowser-server.tar.gz) wget https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/me/mediabrowser-server/mediabrowser-server.tar.gz Untar the package recently downloaded: tar -xvf mediabrowser-server.tar.gz Now, enter to the new uncompressed folder: cd mediabrowser-server Now, build the package, the -s option is for automatic resolve the dependencies, the -asroot is for executing as root: makepkg -s --asroot After a while, you have a new file with .xy extension, install this file with pacman -U pacman -U your-new-file.pkg.tar.xz If pacman ask you for install some extra packages, install it! after the installation, go to directory whete MB3 was installed cd /opt/mediabrowser-server/ Now, run the MB3 with mono: mono MediaBrowser.Server.Mono.exe You are ready, connect to your server-ip:8096/mediabrowser/ Sorry for my englis, I hope this help you.
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