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Found 5 results

  1. Is there any new status on Official LG emby app? Or maybe any way to help beta test it? I would love to help in any way i can! //jhs
  2. requa3r0

    New App questions

    Hi Luke and the Emby team Great news with the LG release. I have been looking forward for this, to start using my not 3 years old EMBY server, that unfortunately mostly has served as a offside access on my phone. I have installed on a brand new LG 2021 and tested. Here is my 2 bits of feedback. 1: LiveTv When selecting a channel you are being pushed to a subpage with "episodes" and a green play button? Why? I don't see the point with this subpage. It is is very annoying, that you have to wait for a subpage, and then click play an extra time, when zapping a bit around channels. Please include a way to disable this subpage or just remove it. It really makes no sense under live tv. NB: If I wanted to schedule recording or see the guide, there a many other places to do this. (Under guide for instance.) The page is really just in the way! Recording are scheduled perhaps 0.0001% of the time you access a channel, so why this subpage? Also, the icons are way way to large, regardless of icon setup. I can just see a few channel icons on my large TV, and they are like a feet wide on my widescreen. I don't need to see the channels icons from my back yard, but would like a better overview instead. Last, the scroll wheel is way to slow moving the icons a pixel at a time. It should be configured more responsive. I don't know if i can configure this locally somehow. The fact that the channel up / downs = page up down helps though ;O) 2: Subtitles. I have posted about this before. But nothing seems to happen? Subtitles in Emby simply does not work. The first movie I loaded was Dune 2021 in 4K. From IPTV. Great video and surround audio. No complaints here ;O) But...None of the included standard subtitles SUBRIPs worked. They just did not display. The GPSsub worked, but EMBY reports transcoding, and the subs was floating around everywhere on the screen. Perhaps that is how they are designed. But it was terrible to watch. Please include a subtitle feature under playback, to go to subtitles.org and download the wanted subtitle, and please include a way to ly set the subtitle position on screen, to avoid them being displayed in the movie or just on the edge of the video frame, making them hard to read. If fact. Please redesign the entire subtitle engine. Give the user better choices and make it work. I dont need a lot of background hocus pokus. I need subtitles that work and can be placed a proper place to read. Its really that simple! Conclusion. In my opinion a propper media center has 3 main tasks. A to display video, B to transmit the audio and C to show the relevant subtitles, as per the users choice. VIDEO FEED. AUDIO FEED and SUBS It's 3 things that must work flawlessly! Everything else is just eye candy and frosting on top. EMBY FAILS totally when it comes to subtitles, on almost every movie I have tested. So...after a short joy over the LG app..it was back to the good old KODI on my mac. Even for LiveTV due above described amanuenses. I still can not use EMBY as a standard media player..it just doesn't work ;O( I still love the EMBY idea and will support follow and test, but its really sad that I can't actually use it for anything. My 2 bits..the are well meant. I hope they are well received. Keep up the good work Hope you had a marry Xmas and happy new wear. Requaero "those who search shall find"
  3. David Patt

    LG app playback issues

    Ok movies which play previously dont play at all now. LG App is mess. I know LG is to blame here but on android it is not a problem and LG has huge one with updates.
  4. I have the offcial emby app on my Samsung TV, it was all working fine but now when I open the app and select a video I just get the loading circle spinning indefinitely. However if I open the same video on my Samsung S9 app or on my Xbox it plays fine. I logged out of the app on my TV and back in which didn't resolve the issue. I then tried uninstalling the emby app and reinstalling it on the TV but still no joy. Any ideas?
  5. When i searched for (album) "reality bites", i got two hits. I couldnt distinguish which was film and which was soundtrack, but then it shouldnt matter as the resultant interface seems like it should? show all matches across categories but albums are missing from the resultant interface never mind i thought i'd just jump into albums starting R and find the album. but no the albums are not in alphabetical order and pressing * doesnt allow a change to the sort order. Can anyone else reproduce this with one of their albums?
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