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The end of the road for CableCard

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1 hour ago, cayars said:

Now regarding what you just wrote.  Have you checked to see how Channels DVR handles dupe channels?

By this I mean there are two ways this is normally handled in DVR.  First is the way Emby handles 4 HDHomeRun Primes where instead of have 3 tuners for ABC will have 12 tuners for ABC but you only get one ABC listing.  Emby can record it on any of the tuners so if 3 are full it will use the 4th.

Other systems just eliminate dupes but don't allow the "roll over" of tuners as the channels are stacked.

A simple test like this is to get all tuners on the first device in use then play another channel and see if it rolls over to the next tuner.

Often times DVRs will combine "like" boxes such as all Primes or all Quatro but give dupes when using mixed boxes (ie one Prime and one Quatro).  In NextPVR you can combine ABC from both tuners and set a priority (ie use OTA first).  Does Channels DVR do this?

I've not tried it as I've just started playing with it with the new option but if it eliminates dupes but doesn't roll over it's might not be a desirable function to have.

I am not sure precisely what you mean however - In some brief testing recording 4 different channels it uses unit (1) tuner 0 then tuner 1, moves to another unit (2) Tuner 0 then tuner 1. Viewing one of recording channels (using Shield) it does not use an additional tuner.

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