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Emby Server & Theater - Additional Extras/Special Folder Types for TV Series (similar to Movies)


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I'm going to add my support for this feature as well. While Extras may be able to go into Specials for most series, cracks start to show with a series like Doctor Who (1963). This series has multiple DVD releases per season each with a handful of features, and each with a multitude of Extras relating specifically to those episodes. One four-episode story may have ten or more extras, with sometimes close to ten stories in a season. It just becomes completely unmanageable.

This is compounded with a DVD release like the TV Movie - a special which is listed as S00E60 on the TV database. As it is already a special, there is no way to associate the extras with the episode in Emby.

The solution seems obvious to me. Have each episode in its own folder that acts like a Movie folder:

Doctor Who (1963)\Season 00\Doctor Who (1963) S00E60\Doctor Who (1963) S00E60.mkv

Doctor Who (1963)\Season 00\Doctor Who (1963) S00E60\Extras\Paul McGann Interview.mkv

Now on the episodes information page, the extras will be displayed just as they would be in movies.

Additionally, you need to be able to be able to add extras to Seasons:

Doctor Who (1963)\Season 01\Extras\Theme Music Video.mkv

These could be displayed at the bottom of the season. Something like the mockup attached.1298382955_Screenshot(68).thumb.png.d6b8bc6ce8e3a6d910fd04ba5b5a5a25.png


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Oooo...just noticed that the "other" software has started to add this:

Experimental support for local TV extras

Come on Emby, don't let them beat you to the punch!  😉

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Still waiting on this and I am sick and tired of waiting for it.  I have tried to do the whole s00exxx thing, but some of my shows have oodles of extras in every season (like the clone wars where some seasons have over 30+ extras) so I felt it was easier to do the extras from every season starting at the same hundred it is.  So extras from season 01 would be S00ep1xx, season 02 would be s00ep2xx and so on.  Problem is, Emby doesn't recognize these (I have no specials folder now) and is still being stupid and trying to merge files together that are named the same even with them being completely different and is taking names from some of the files and putting them as other specials..but STILL no specials or extras folder, but the episodes are on deck.

I've already thrown money at a lifetime sub, and I've put a bounty for a proper anime plugin for $100 that no one has taken, and this is needed far more than anything else.  How am I supposed to have my media, my way, if the server can't understand what I was told to name my files as...

Edit: so after playing around with things, after moving at least 1 file into a self created "Specials" folder, Emby suddenly populated every single special file I had created and put them all in one place, even though they are in their respective seasons, directory wise.  A little frustrating for someone who likes to keep things neat and tidy in regards to their physical location, but in the end, everything is watchable, in "order", and I only have to mess up 1 file's location.  I can also edit any metadata I need to put files into the seasons themselves if it's an extra like "ep 12.5" or something stupid like a character explanation.

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Liked the top post, would love an update on this feature request if at all possible.

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I've resorted to using Collections for my Doctor Who Extras, as I don't really use them much for their intended purpose. I've got a separate TV show called Doctor Who Special Features to house the extras, and then a separate collection for every single Doctor Who serial housing the episodes and the extras. Season 0 is just unusable. We're talking about thousands of extras here.

Throwing this out there as a workaround in case others haven't thought about it.

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