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Music Album + Artist Sorting Issue

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I DID suggest a practice run... considering the time we put into our music libraries, a modicum of caution when tying a new tool is wise.


In one of my edits, I had discovered that just selecting the 'Move' option was likely the safest as it does NOT rename, or modify tags... just sorts them into Artist/Album/Track format. O, well... hope things didn't suffer too much?

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no worries, is was a 110gb copy of the files. I would not do this on any of the original files before testing. :-)


To much hours and energy into it.


I now split it in section as picard is not happy with the volume.


By the way. After having done all the renaming and moving I was thinking to brake the folder up again into groups by alphabet. So Artist A-H etc. Would this give problems for emby that you know of?

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I think, as long as those are the folders added to the library, rather than a single top-level folder, you should be good. I carve up my Movie library like that... [0-9], [A-F], ...


I can imagine Picard choking on the volume. I found, early on, that it's best applied album by album/artist by artist prior to adding to the library. Hate to think about the hours I spent redoing stuff as I discovered Picard's quirks. etc... Still, it makes for a purdy music library.


Note. The one thing I've never sorted out is its inability to delete cover art... it'll let you add, where you end up with multiple embedded images & I just discovered a dialog to view/select multiple images but never to delete. I recommend 'MP3Tag' for minor tweaks, embedded image mods.

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Even though I believe that folder structure should not matter when dealing with mp3's as they have for that particular reason created the mp3 tags, for the time being, that is the only solution to fix it within the emby setup. Was hoping not to have to touch them anymore. :-)


Having same problem here, this thread helped me and now I'm fixing folder structure of my collection. I must say that my mp3s were already well placed in an usual "Artist/Album" structure, but I found that even a single mp3 file in the artist main folder causes Emby to show all the songs in the subfolders as a single album. I also believe that music library should rely mainly on file tags ;)

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Thanks for the feedback. In the future we plan to support a true mish-mash folder structure but we're not quite there yet.

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