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Navigating is excrutiatingly slow most of the time.


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I have messed with the stable emby, and the two most recent beta releases. My server is running Unraid and im using the official Emby docker. The server specs are Core i7 4790 with 32GB ram with a 5Gb/s network connection, allot of my media is stored on a separate Synology server that has a 2Gb/s network connection. Just as a reference I have Plex running using the exact same configuration and it is lightning fast.


So the issue I am having is that 99% of the time I open the Emby web app, Windows 10 App, or iPhone app, it is excruciatingly slow. I'm talking 5-10min just to load the main screen, another 5-10 min to load any libraries as well as the TV Guide.  Everything is just incredibly slow, or never loads at all. However some times it loads almost instantly, but this seems to be rare.  


Actually playing media, LiveTV, Movies, Shows, Music, is fast, no problems there at all, no buffering, no stuttering, and silky smooth.


My libraries are tiny in comparison to the amount of movies many other users have on these forums, I talking maybe 100 movies IF THAT. The only plugins I am using are the Cover Art, and Collections plugin, but I was having this issue before installing them too.


I have attached the two most recent logs.



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I think I fixed my issue. and to anyone else running unraid, listen up, put Emby on your cache drive!


I expanded my unraid cache pool so i would have enough room to move docker over to the cache pool instead of the protected array, after about 2 hours of the mover process running I was able to fire all my containers back up and Emby is insanely fast now. Im talking 1-2 seconds to load the entire TV guide, almost no delay when switching libraries.


I also just updated to the latest beta of emby as well, which may have helped too, but i have a feeling its more the speed of the SSD cache pool, than anything else.

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