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Restoring With Plugin Doesn't seem to work

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Just set up a new server and I'm trying to restore via the server configuration backup plugin; however, I must be missing something because it doesn't appear to be doing anything when I try to restore a backup. 


These are the logs: https://pastebin.com/eYfg39YQ


Am I just doing it wrong? I can post machine specs if needed, but this is on Windows 10. 


Wait, my premiere isn't linked.... Stand by.    Didn't matter. Still doesn't want to back up. Same error as logs posted above. 


Edit: Found the other recent post about this. My computer is named the same, directories are the same. Do I need to setup my library before doing a restore? I assume paths, libraries, etc will be restored so I haven't done anything with it yet. 

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hi @@imadunatic, the backup plugin needed a compatibility update for the new server that was just released. I've pushed that update so please just update the plugin. Thanks !

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Thanks Luke. I manually copied over to the new server this time around. I'll still update the plugin, I just won't be able to report back! 

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