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Google Drive as source


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I do not know if it tried, but I've tried and it keeps pulling bandwidth where the emby server is installed.


Make sure to have passthrough = true in the settings for the videostream web ui.

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Make sure to have passthrough = true in the settings for the videostream web ui.


where i can found this config?

can help me? i dont see anything about that

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good night is that I have an emby server with your python script and it's good the only thing that fails me is that when he put forward a movie he stays

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And transcodings are already available with Drive so no need to transcode with Emby server.

I always thought Google Drive would be a great feature, but the fact that transcoding can be done in the cloud is simply amazing!!! This means Emby could run on much weaker devices!!!


I hope to see this soon! :)

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Not at this time but you can use drive mounting tools as a workaround.


Hi @@Luke


thanks for your update.

I´ve seen that @@ddurdle has this feature for Emby-servers



However, I do not see the way to install it.

Has to be installed on Kodi?


I´ve got a Nvidia shield and I have Emby server on here



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Rosario Family
On 9/30/2016 at 12:39 PM, Luke said:

Cloud libraries are very much in our future plans, thanks.

2020 and the plan stayed in the cloud pretty much!!

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Personally I'm kind of glad.  Hosting media in the cloud has never worked well overall unless you subscribe to Amazon S3 or similar for storage or built your own storage system on a colo machine or similar.

In that time frame (since 2016), a competitor came out with a completely cloud based version of their product that never really worked, spent close to 2 years trying to fix it then shut it all down wasting all the dev resources as well as burn customer bridges.

Just look at all the issues you see here in the forums with people trying to use mounted Google drives for storage and hitting obstacles outside the bounds of Emby or what Emby can control or fix.  I spend a decent amount of time each day trying to help and educate users on why Google Drive storage is a bad idea for Emby use.

From a personal standpoint I hope Emby never embraces this more than using for sync/download functionality where it can fall back to the local version if there is a problem since the amount of issues would likely sky rocket if something like this was ever officially sanctioned.

Frankly friends and family won't want to use your system if it's constantly having issues, works some days and not other days when you hit a quota Google enforces.  Almost every person would be better off purchasing one large drive or two and making the best use of it.  Having 500 to 1000 quality movies and a couple dozen TV Shows that always work is better than trying to create a "Netflix" size system filled with fluff.  A lot of people get GD working on a small or test system but as soon as they start to share it with a couple of people the usage goes up and "bang" quotas muck things up.

I know this is a feature request, but I'd highly encourage you to rethink wanting to store your media offsite with no control over outcome. Storage media is cheaper than ever and you get a lot more of it for the $ as will since 2016. It's also much faster and easier to use locally with far less headaches or growing pains.

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