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FR's: (1) Resumable List (2) Chapter Support


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FR 1:


Would be nice to have a list of resumable items in Kodi ??


I believe all Emby clients have this option, but I can't find any way of viewing just resumable items in Kodi.


FR 2:


Will chapter support be coming to the addon soon ??


This will enable starting items from a particular point, as most Emby clients do.


Perhaps these are both skin related options, but I'm not sure if they are already available in Kodi or not.


Perhaps something that should be included in an Emby Skin for Kodi.




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1) In Progress is different to resumable isn't it ??


I have TV shows in progress but none have been watched.


2) So that's available now via the Emby addon ?? 


Are chapters created in Emby populated in the Kodi (bookmarks) database ??


I'm running Isengard 15.1.

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1 - If you launch emby and go into your Emby user view, you will see each have their own in progress section. This is what you would find in Emby webclient - resume section.


2 - If you follow what you see in the link im85288 posted, you'll see the chapters appear, no need to create it. Kodi takes care of it.


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Thanks Ian and Angel.


1) In Progress for TV is different to In Progress for Movies.

2) How do I access bookmarks, without having to start playback first ??

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