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Media Browser on VirtualBox Image ready for download!


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Hello everybody,


I thought it would be nice to provide a ready 'import-n-play' image that would be added to the server downloads for those who loves Linux but still want to stay on their Windows Desktop, so I've installed Media Browser for Ubuntu on Oracle VM open source VirtualBox, most of customization are setup already but you are still able to amend yours to meet your personal needs, like subtitle desired language to download, enable/disable cinema mood and setup local/internet trailers:


The setup is as follows:


Ubuntu Login:


Username:  master

Password:   mediabrowser


Network settings:


IP address:



DNS: ,


HDD capacity is: 1.00 TB dynamically allocated storage, so make sure to place the VDI file in a partition with enough space for automatic expansion.


You can amend your settings by modifying the file: /etc/network/interfaces


Folders Hierarchy:


-------- home

           ----- master

                  ----- mediabrowser_files (that contains all metadata, cache, transcoding, and custom intros files arranged in folders by a descriptive name)

                         ---- cache

                         ---- custom_intros

                         ---- downloads_monitor

                         ---- metadata

                         ---- studio_images

                         ---- transcoding_temp


                  ----- mediabrowser_data (that contains the actual media files, movies, TV Shows, etc arranged in folders by a descriptive name)

                         ---- home.videos

                         ---- kids.movies

                         ---- movies

                         ---- music

                         ---- music.videos

                         ---- photos

                         ---- tv.shows



point your browser to:


and enjoy your streaming.


Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fxvw8amhh89on58/Media%20Browser.zip?dl=0




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Great stuff here! People have requested ready-made images such as this. This will be a great addition to the community. Thanks!

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