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Guide - Hiding/Excluding Media (Collections) via tags


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It's been asked a lot; can you hide specific media from a users library access? Also, at time of writing this, if you remove a portion of your library from a users access list, 18/Restricted movies for instance, the user may still be able to access that media via Collections (if a movie is part of a collection, and a user doesn't have access to that movie, that can still get to it via the Collection). This guide will show you how to manually hide a collection (or other media) from a specific user via metadata tags and the parental control system built into MediaBrowser 3.





1) Find the collection (or other media) that you want to hide in the web interface. In the picture above, I'm going to hide the Karas collection. Hovering over the collection image, choose to edit the collection. This will take you to the Metadata Manager page.




2) Scrolling down, you can add a tag that you want to use. I've simply used "Nobox" in the image, but it can be anything you want that isn't already being used; so don't use genres unless you want to hide all of a genre from a user. To add the tag, type in your chosen tag, hit the + symbol on the right, and then hit the save button at the bottom or top of the page. Using the same tag, repeat this process for any and all media you want to hide from the user.




3) Now go into your dashboard and hit the Users option from the menu on the left. Pick the user you want to hide the media for and go to the Parental Control tab.




4) Scroll down to the "Block items with tags" option and add the tag you chose earlier. Again, in the picture above that is Nobox. Again, don't forget to hit the save button.


5) Run a library scan from the library page.



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Not wanting to blow my own trumpet, and then know your working on a fix, but ...


Just read 4 posts this weekend that could be answered with this post. Maybe a sticky is in order till an automatic way is found?

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